Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Podcast #42 - S2E20 - Help Wanted

Hello! Welcome to Return to Stars Hollow - a spoiler-free, retrospective podcast about Gilmore Girls! This is the podcast for Season 2, Episode 20 - Help Wanted.

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  1. For the most part I really enjoy this episode. It was cute that Sookie was cooking the girls breakfast and Jackson just sleeping there. I really liked Rory talking to her grandparents, she was assertive and confident. I thought the phone call with Jess was awkward. Paris talking about oing off on her counselor was great! I loved that Christopher sent Lorelai a gift basket. It was super sweet and shows just how well they know each other. Also between this and the not mentioning of Sherry a couple episodes ago, almost feels like they broke up. I honestly cannot remember wha happened there.

    So I loved seeing Rory and Jess spending time together in New York, but I really didn't like that she ditched school and it caused her to miss Lorelai's graduation. Oh look it's Seth Mcfarlane! I didn't know he acted in anything before he did Family Guy. Jacksons suit bit was great! He did look sharp! And I did get the Marcus Schenkenberg reference. lol. He was on a season of The Surreal Life on VH1.

    I don't remember Lorelai's middle name being Victoria. Emily tearing up was great and them taking a picture. It's really nice to see them getting along and having a normal sweet relationship. Richard and Emily never got to see her graduate high school, which is usually a big event for parents, so this was like they were getting a second chance at those memories and proud parent moments.

    Rory freaking out was great, she's still in denial about her feeling for Jess but she's getting there. I think she realizes that she's in denial and she just wishes everything was the way it used to be before Jess. She wants to want to be with Dean, but she really wants Jess. It's clear how naive she is when she says that Dean is her only boyfriend forever. Not sure about her wanting to be punished, but I do like Lorelai's line about how she is the one that deserves to go out and have a nice dinner with her daughter. They can deal with Rory's stuff tomorrow but tonight was all about Lorelai.

    It was nice that Lorelai graduated, I feel like we can maybe make some progress with her and Sookies dream of opening their own inn.

    1. Oh and I was sad to hear that Celeste hates Chloe Grace Moretz. I love her! She was awesome in the Kick Ass movies, and I wasn't a fan of the original Carrie anyways, so I didn't mind her remake. Also was great in The Equalizer. Not sure why you hate her so much but every one's different. There's a few actors I don't think are great but other people do.

  2. GG Podcast Comments

    Last Podcast:

    -Not sure that there's much of an audience these days for that Who's the Boss? podcast you guys suggested, but if someone really wants to co-host one, I'd be down. Haha. Not really a hardcore fan, just went through a weird 80s sitcom phase after taking a TV History class last fall.


    -Love the opening scene. Lorelai's line about the pots and pans not having any use besides being drums for Lane is a great reference to the Gilmores' lack of culinary skills. Also, while I agree with Rory that there is a certain level of shamelessness to making Sookie fill in as their breakfast chef, I also can't help but recognize how excited Sookie is to be doing so. She loves to cook.

    -Lorelai's detestation of academics was amusing, and very consistent with what we've seen previously. Her excitement about graduating was really sweet though. Graduating from college is a big deal and she should be proud of herself. Loved Chris' congratulations basket and phone call. Still not a Chris fan, but I can't deny that the gesture was nice and thoughtful.

    -Rory asking her grandparents to come to Lorelai's graduation was a great scene. I love that Richard and Emily will drop everything they're doing and make a big event out of Rory stopping by to talk. They're good grandparents. The fact that Rory essentially turns it into a business meeting, addressing them by their first names and discussing terms was funny, but also so Rory. I can't help but think Richard was a little bit proud of her display of business etiquette.

    -Emily is crazy when it comes to taking over the ceremony with all of her camera equipment. She annoys me through most of that story, as I really don't enjoy overbearing Emily. That being said, the moment when she and Richard just stop and watch Lorelai walk across stage and officially graduate, is a beautiful scene. I also love the fact that the best shot they get of the whole event (the parents and grad shot) is not taken using one of Emily's fancy cameras, but rather using a disposable camera. The best memories are priceless.

    -Rory, you're obviously attracted to Jess. You rode a freaking bus to New York to see him, missing your mother's graduation in the process. Why is it taking you so long to figure this out? It was nice that they got a chance to talk after the accident though. This whole event led to that great last scene with Lorelai and Rory too.

  3. -You guys have spent a good deal of time on the issue of Lorelai's constant praise of Dean, and subsequent dislike of Jess. I have some thoughts on this. Lorelai disliking Jess has always struck me as being totally reasonable. Someone mentioned the idea that she should understand him more because she too was a rebellious teen. To me, that is exactly why she dislikes him so much. She has mentioned many times before that she doesn't want Rory to be like her, and make the mistakes she made as a teen - i.e. dropping out, not going to college, getting into trouble (becoming a teen mom). She wants more for Rory. Unfortunately, Jess’ rebellious nature represents the possibility of those things happening, because he exhibits an attitude Lorelai is familiar with. She can't help but to see him as someone with the potential to drag Rory down a similarly rebellious path. Which brings me to why I believe Lorelai has been so pro-Dean all season. I really think it is because she sees Dean as someone who has the potential to keep Rory away from Jess. In theory, as long as Rory is in a relationship with Dean, it makes it much more difficult for her to have a relationship of any kind with Jess, thus keeping her away from trouble, and away from the possibility of repeating some of Lorelai's mistakes. It's not so much a matter of Lorelai thinking Dean is so great, it’s more so that he's just the better alternative to Jess from her motherly perspective. I should emphasize that I'm not defending Dean. I don't like season 2 Dean. I'm simply offering a defense for Lorelai’s constant defense of Dean. I can see where she's coming from.

    1. I agree with this. Lorelai sees Dean as completely harmless -- the guy who's willing to watch movies with his girlfriend's mother. Someone so milquetoast would never encourage Rory in any kind of rebellion.

      I do wonder whether Rory has really told Lorelai everything about Dean's behavior that is so worrisome to the viewer (the jealousy, yelling, etc). Maybe Rory glosses over that stuff because she doesn't want to disappoint or worry her mother.

  4. I like how great Chris thinks Lorelai is. When he gives his little speech on the phone, it's clear that he just adores everything about her and everything she does.

    Of course I love seeing Rory and Jess spending time together. It's fun and adorable all the way through and there's some great banter. His pout is very cute and I would like to have seen Rory's withering stare, too. I also love their goodbyes, aww.

    Seeing Richard and Emily's faces when Lorelai's on stage always makes me tear up. Richard looks so proud and Emily choking up, it's such a great moment. And I love that Lorelai sees that, too. I think Rory not being there works well for this dynamic because Lorelai just gets to be the daughter here and it probably would have looked a little different had Rory been there.
    I thinks it's really sweet and of course totally Emily that she would hire someone to film the whole event. I like to imagine the moment when they decide to go and say, ok, Lorelai is graduating, we need a cameraman, we have to capture this moment for all eternity. It's adorable.

    I don't like the little subplot with Seth McFarlane. It's not funny or interesting to me and it just feels like they needed to fill some more time.

    Paris' rant is great, I love how she ends with "my locker is that way" and just storms off. But I could barely focus on what she was saying because I was so distracted by one guy in the background, who's talking to another person, while wearing these rather big headphones the whole time. This was the first time I noticed him but that looked really ridiculous.

  5. I too love that Lane asking to use the pots and pans has the response " Sure they have no other use" .

    Is Jackson in the house ?
    How happy is Sookie to be cooking for the girls . Although as the chef for the Inn why isn't she at work already ? Doesn't the Inn do breakfast ??
    At the start of the last episode the girls were heading to Luke's and Rory knows that Luke is back from fishing so why are they not heading there ??
    Sorry lots of questions ..

    LOL .. Rory having to "talk" her Mum into going to the graduation. Lorelai really wants to go I think.
    The rant on the academics is great !

    Was impressed that Rory invited her grandparents. She knows that they should really be there.
    Oh in case anyone is wondering - the only place you would get that type of English Tea would be at Harrods or the Ritz in London.

    The tassel hat cake ... OMG ! Amazing ... And the basket from Chris is brilliant... oohh no mention of Sherry again.

    Why is anyone surprised that we get the OTT Emily with the camera man but WOW ... I too want to cry when you get that close up Richard and Emily. They are so proud of her and she see it ! I also agree with above that having Rory there would have watered down this moment. Lorelai gets to be the daughter only !!

    JESS IS BACK ... being very James Dean !
    Rory getting direction is a good indication of "the busy city"..
    The little smile he gives when Rory says "Hi" from behind him.
    I am amazed that Rory would have skipped school and be in a position to miss the graduation. BUT it does help to show us and Lorelai that Rory does have a thing for Jess.