Monday, June 15, 2015

Célèste's Review of S2E18 “Back in the Saddle Again"

“Back in the Saddle Again "
Season 2, Episode 18
Original airing: April 23, 2002

My Rating: 55

The Good:
  • Seeing Michel with his mother was great. The casting and costumes for Giselle were on point.
  • I enjoyed all the comedy between the students, particularly Brad, Madeline, and Louise. It was also nice to see Richard interact with Paris.
  • Although it wasn't the most engaging subplot ever, I like the idea of Richard discovering he wants to work again. 
The Bad:
  • Dean being used as a plot device instead of a fully developed character has hit its breaking point. How can we be expected to care about him?
  • The idea of Dean begging clingy hadn't been set up before this episode, so Rory being cold to him at the diner came off as very strange. 
  • Dean's behavior was too over the top. Calling 14 times in three hours works for characters like Kirk but not for people we're supposed to take seriously. 
Favorite Moment:
Brad: I've never made a robot.
Louise: But you've tried, haven't you? 

The Bottom Line:
This episode moves a few plots forward but is still fundamentally skippable. It mostly serves as filler and it's not very engaging. 

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