About The Hosts

Cordia began her podcasting career as a host on the original inspiration podcast for Return to Stars Hollow - The Buffy Rewatch! After completing over 150 episodes in that enterprise, Celeste asked Cordia to join her for a Gilmore Girls Rewatch.

Cordia is also the owner of Seriously Swatched, a nail blog focused on swatches of nail colors and displaying Cordia's nail art.

Célèste is a writer, photography, and maker of cool things based in Cincinnati. One time she hugged Barack Obama at a rally during the 2008 primary campaign and she's not really over it yet. 

Célèste's lifestyle blog Bookish & Belle has been featured on the Huffington PostStyle Me Pretty, and Cut Out and Keep. She loves fresh lychee fruit, hexagons, and ankle boots; she hates clowns, cold pizza, and Papyrus font. 

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  1. When did you start the podcast.. I really enjoy it and I'll be telling many people who listen to the other ones as well..This is just as fun if not more with a woman's perspective. This was one of my favorite episodes.. I know the show like the back of my hand now..The insane thing is I NEVER watched this show when it was a series while on TV from 99-2007.. I can't believe it. I used to hear about it but if I were out I would TiVo (at the time)and then later DVR my shows which were Sex and The City, Friends, Will & Grace and various other fun shows. I identify with this show so much because of the fun conversations Lorelai and Rory have.. the parts where she is reading The Dirt..I read that book and loved it like Lor did.. Rory knowing so much about music and my love of music and books.. My dream college was Harvard..My whole family is from Boston but ended up at another university..I do not have the love of Hillary Clinton that all the girls on the show seem to have.. Well the show is great.. I began of course watching it all on Netflix..completely hooked after the first show..The fast talking, the jokes, the great references.. Amy Sherman Palladino is such a talented writer.. I love her stuff. Bunheads was a great show with Kelly Bishop and many of the cast members of GG as guests on the show..I loved it and CBS had to cancel it..The stupidity they show on TV and this show was so visually stunning..The dancing was beautiful..Loved the setting in what was it, Paradise CA?? Anyway, a fantastic show & too bad that it's off the air. I'm excited that there will be 4 mini shows from each season, Fall, Winter, Summer & Spring.. Lorilai has to have her "I smell snow" scenes.. Great show!! I'll continue listening.