Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Cordia's Review of S2E17 - Dead Uncles & Vegetables

Dead Uncles & Vegetables
Season 2, Episode 17
Original airing: April 16, 2002

My Rating: 76

The Good:
I really enjoyed this episode for the world-building it gave us. We had some wonderful interactions between several characters. It was particularly great to see Lorelai being a supportive friend to Sookie, Jackson, and Luke. We’ve seen them go above and beyond for her in the past, even when she’s being quite annoying at times. So I’m really glad the show spent an episode focusing on how the friendship is reciprocated.

Lorelai and Rory stepping in to help Luke in the diner was fantastic for multiple reasons. It showed that they really are friends with each other and it let us see our girls in aprons, which they rocked. It also allowed for Lorelai’s diner talk, which was particularly amusing. Finally, I greatly enjoyed how it set the stage for Emily to poke Lorelai about her relationship with Luke. Maybe one of these days, Lorelai will listen to her mother.

It was great to see the whole town turn out to support Luke. Lorelai is the only one at the funeral, but when the reenactors march over the hill, it’s a very sweet moment. And seeing the town gathering in the diner to support Luke and remember Louie was excellent.

Sookie and Emily’s story was pretty interesting. Seeing these two interact was great as they fed off each other’s excitement and energy. I think Emily believed she was doing a nice thing for Sookie, but it was still very Emily for her to disregard cost despite Sookie’s limited funds.

Taylor’s story with the farmer was also quite good. The farmer really lets Taylor tie himself up in knots as he maintains a cool, relaxed vibe himself. It was a lot of fun to see Taylor battling with another person who is so different from his normal opponent – Luke.

The Bad:
While I liked the concept of Rory forcing Jess to pull his weight in the diner, I felt like it wasn’t very well delivered. Rory just seems annoyed and overbearing the whole time, even though she’s encouraging good behavior. I think this could have been done in a different way that would have been more the cute aspect I believe the writers were trying to achieve.

Favorite Moment:
I greatly enjoyed the sub-text of Luke walking in to the diner slightly out of breath and still buttoning his shirt right after Emily has been calling Lorelai out on her feelings. Emily’s raised eyebrows were perfection.

The Bottom Line:

I loved seeing Lorelai be ultra-supportive of her friends in this episode. It was a reminder of why the audience loves her so much.

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