Monday, June 1, 2015

Podcast #38 - S2E16 - There's The Rub

Hello! Welcome to Return to Stars Hollow - a spoiler-free, retrospective podcast about Gilmore Girls! This is the podcast for Season 2, Episode 16 - There's The Rub.

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The next podcast will post on Tuesday, June 9, 2015 for Season 2, Episode 17 - Dead Uncles and Vegetables.


  1. Gilmore Girls ReWatch
    This was a really fun episode, even though theres a funeral in it. I like the new Farmers Market guy and how upset Taylor was. I like Patti taking over the gavel and trying to wrap up the meeting because Taylor was going overboard. I like Rory getting on Jess' case about helping out at the diner. And Teasing him about being apart of the town. Lorelai speaking the diner lingo was great.

    At first I liked Sookie and Emily's excitement over the wedding, but then Jacksons talk with Lorelai and Sookie and Emily measuring the grass, it seemed crazy. I loved Emily suggesting Lorelai and Luke will get married, and Luke coming down buttoning up his shirt looking cute and confused.

    How does Lorelai not meet these people that have been in the town. How long has she lived in Stars Hallow?

    There's The Rub
    This was a pretty fun episode for the most part. I don't think Emily tricked Lorelai, sounds like as Loralai was talking up the spa she realized it would be fun. It was nice to have the little moments with her just having fun, and her bit with the robes was good. I didn't like her blowing up at Loralai for what happened with silver fox but it felt like something Emily would do. And Lorelai probably hould have stepped in during the slow dance.

    Paris is great here! I loved her excitement about the mac and cheese, that's was cute and hilarious! Jess is also great, I'm with Cordia, Rory just needs to jump him already. The table scene talking about books was perfect, and it is nice to see Jess being nice and just hanging out. I think we all agree about Dean. I get that he would be upset to find Rory hanging out with Jess; and Paris there too, even though she told him she wanted to be alone. But he just doesn't let her explain. What was she supposed to do, be like "oh I guess since people invited themselves over here, you should come too?" That'd be pointless since he did invite himself over even though she clearly said no!
    But I did like the ending with Emily asking why she and Loralai are as close as her and Rory. nd yea I also thought it was odd that when we see Dean looking in Rory and Jess were still talking, when it looked like their conversation was over.

  2. It's nice to focus on Luke for a change. On first sight he does resemble his uncle Louie but he's really nothing like him in the end, as we've seen many times. I like that he worries about that and Lorelai reminds him (and us) of all the great things he's done. And then of course the whole town shows up for him, too.

    I love Lorelai in this episode. She's a great friend, obviously to Luke, but also to Sookie, slowly talking her out of Emily land. We've seen Luke and Sookie be there for Lorelai a lot of times and it's great to have an episode that focuses on showing that these relationships work both ways.

    The town meeting is very fun. I especially love Lorelai's commentary and Taylor's cart, kiosk, cart/kiosk bit.

    Rory bossing Jess around is also fun, even if the acting seems a little unconvincing at times.

    I can totally picture both of the weddings Emily would plan and I think they're totally fitting, with the mushrooms and colours for Sookie. Dancing midgets don't seem very politically correct though? And of course a russian winter wedding is a little over the top, but thematically also totally Lorelai.