Monday, September 1, 2014

Podcast #7 - S1E6 - Rory's Birthday Parties

Hello! Welcome to Return to Stars Hollow - a spoiler-free, retrospective podcast about Gilmore Girls! This is the podcast for Season 1, Episode 6 - Rory's Birthday Parties!

Pink boas make everything better!
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UPDATE! Due to illness, this week's podcast has been postponed. The next podcast will release on September 15, 2014! Thank you!


  1. I really thought that Celeste was kidding when she said we should take a poll as to whether Rory runs away after her kiss with Dean. But, no, this is exactly what happened, and it was way funnier because of this podcast.

    This episode was kind of a "what not to do when my daughters get to be teenagers" episode. I was rolling right along with Lorelai at first, thinking, aw, she's trying and that's so nice! But when Rory is upset and embarrassed, that made sense too. I would have been mortified if my mom had done that to me. It's crazy how you can lose touch with that part of yourself as you get older and have more of a "big picture" kind of view.

    The conversation that Lorelai and Dean have while Rory is in the bathroom was a little off to me. I'm not sure what about it seemed weird, but they both seemed to be in attack mode for little reason. I guess Lorelai is seeing her and Christopher instead of Rory and Dean, and that is causing her to react this way, but Dean seemed really rude in his response. Shouldn't he be a tiny bit intimidated? That kind of forcefulness would really rub me the wrong way as a parent and it would definitely make me less inclined to like him.

    I liked the interactions between Luke and Lorelai a lot, with their rapid fire conversation, and Luke preventing Lorelai from doing something embarrassing at Doose's. They have great chemistry. Apparently Max Medina has fallen off the face of the earth or something. Still no mention of him.

    The mother-daughter relationship that Lorelai and Rory have is pretty foreign to me, as I don't particularly want a "girlfriend" type relationship with my daughters. I definitely didn't want to talk about the boys I was kissing with my mom. I still don't! I wouldn't be offended at all if they don't tell me the juicy details of their first kiss. It's kind of sweet that they have that kind of relationship and I kind of wonder if it will go off the rails as the series goes on. Guess I will have to wait and see.

    Decent episode but I didn't love it. 62/100

    1. I agree. Dean's response to Lorelai was off and I thought she should be a little more irritated at that, I know I would be.

  2. Let's start with the two most important things about this episode: 1. It's fall in Stars Hollow and it's very pretty. And 2. We meet Taylor Doose, and he enters the show doing what he does best: arguing with Luke.
    On a sidenote, I don't understand why Luke is so strictly against any kind of decorating, while at the same time he has the fairy ligths in the window, which I would also call decoration.

    Rory is able to talk to Dean in full sentences, so that's some progress. I'm not sure though what exactly gave Dean the impression that she wants to be kissed right now. He really is very self-assured and convinced of himself. I don't know if I never noticed this before or if I could just never pinpoint exactly what seemed off about early Dean, but now that you've mentioned this a few times on the podcast, I can't overlook it anymore.
    Also, "I'm gonna go wash my face" seems like a weird thing to say in the middle of a first date.

    If you've ever waited for german trains, the idea of calling someone who's always punctual Miss German Train makes no sense at all.

    1. Yea, washing you face was a weird excuse and took her way to long. I would have been suspicious too.

  3. I really enjoyed this episode. I thought it was great to see the town being festive for the Fall season and Lukes refusal to put up decorations. I thought Luke was great and used well in this episode. Him not yelling at Lorelai for serving herself was nice and him telling her not to sit on cold benches was funny. I love the scene when Lorelai and Luke talk as they stroll around the town. It's nice to see them interact outside the dinner and shows his interest in her life.

    I didnt like Dean this episode. I think I'm starting to come around to Cordia's view of him. He is way to confident for a teenage boy. Kissing Rory or "tricking" her into a kiss was not cute in my opinion. If a guy did that to me as our first kiss I would be a little upset. For one I don't like surprises and two, I don't think it's good idea to assume its ok to kiss someone you've never kissed before. I thought Rory's reaction was very in character though. She's just stunned and doesn't know what to say so she say's "thank you" and runs off to tell Lane. I thought it was funny when Mrs. Kim asks who Rory was kissing and Lane says "the lord". Mrs Kim is like "oh ok" and walks away but doesnt buy it cause she later tells Lorelai what happened.

    I wonder if Sookie took the pizza out the door on purpose just so she could bring it back in to meet Dean. The whole movie night thing was a bit awkward, I know how Rory feels. Lorelai laying out the rules for Dean was good, but I didn't like that Dean says something back. I just don't think that is something that a teenage boy would say to the mother of the girl he likes. Especially since Lorelai was like 'this is how it's going to be if you want to see my daughter'. It was just weird. I'm definitely starting to see the similarities between him and Tristan. That's not a good thing. Was the line "she's not riding your motorcycle" supposed to be a metaphor? Cause Dean says he doesn't have one but Lorelai repeats it again.

    Just a little curious about what time the sun sets in Stars Hallow. Because it's dark out and the video store is about to close but Lorelai tells Dean to come over at 7. Does the sun start setting at 4 o'clock and it's pitch black at 5? I can see that maybe in a small town the stores don't stay open late but to me it felt like it was already 7 at night. So now I'm curious as to what time it actually was. Did this bother anyone else?

    Side note: Willy Wonka is one of my all time favorite movies, I absolutely love it! So many great lines to quote from.

    1. I also noticed that it was already dark outside and wondered what time that was supposed to be. But I've given up on trying to understand how time works in Stars Hollow, so for the most part it doesn't really bother me. But yeah, hours in a day and days in a week are apparently very flexible things there. Maybe Stars Hollow is actually in a whole different dimension where time has its own rules.

    2. I grew up in Canada and around October/November it would sometimes be dark at 4:30. So it's not out of the realm of possibility.

  4. Blah. It's Rory's 16th birthday NOT 17th. She's a sophomore in high school, her birthday is in October. I don't think it's that weird that she was awkwardly holding Dean's hand in episode 5. I didn't start dating until I was almost 19 and I remember how big of a deal everything was and I didn't just jump my boyfriend and kiss him. Rory isn't some rebellious teen but a cautious sweet girl. I think you're letting your own bias in too much.

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    1. Hi Ali!! Thank you for commenting! Please remember to keep all comments spoiler free! We love having these kinds of things brought up as a cool little nod when they happen the second time. :) I know this is a small thing, of course, but spoiler free is spoiler free, right?