Monday, August 25, 2014

Podcast #6 - S1E5 - Cinnamon's Wake

Hello! Welcome to Return to Stars Hollow - a spoiler-free, retrospective podcast about Gilmore Girls! This is the podcast for Season 1, Episode 5 - Cinnamon's Wake!

Cinnamon's got the pimpest ride in town.
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  1. Just typing up thoughts as I watch the episode...

    My mom jokes with me and my sister that we need to put post-it notes on things we like so we can get it in their will. I never know if she’s serious….

    Poor Emily has no idea what Rory really likes. She’s trying, but a $200 pen for a 16 year-old? A $200 pen for anyone? And they don’t have any feathers or beads or write in cool colors?

    Luke is so sweet! I love him to death!

    Apparently, Emily has no idea that Rory could have real friends in the real world away from Chilton. And to assume that classmates=BFFs? Everyone knows what happens when you assume things. You…shouldn’t. Rory shouldn’t have yelled at her in the middle of the party, but I can’t blame her too much. And Emily is just petty when she brushes her off when Rory invites her to her real birthday party.

    Anyone else notice the clean-up lady giving Emily and Lorelai sideways glances while they’re fighting? I’d be doing the same thing, but it’s nice to see they aren’t just part of the furniture like Emily thinks they are.

    Rory’s hair during the college fair – is it usually that curly?

    I love the vibe from Rory’s real party. We haven’t seen most of these people before, but we really get the idea that they’re all there for Rory. It very obvious Emily and Richard are the outsiders here. But when Lorelai is talking to Sooki about them, does she not remember there’s no door or wall between the kitchen and the rest of the house? But apparently it’s soundproof anyway since Emily didn’t seem to notice.

    Did I mention before how much I love Luke? Because his face when Lorelai hugs him is just the best. I didn’t think it was like he wanted her to give him a lap-dance, though.

    When Rory goes outside to give Richard a magazine, it struck me how different she is from Emily. It’s her party, and she’s still thinking of what would make her grandfather happy, rather than attempting to force him to enjoy the kind of party she enjoys.

    Hmm, yeah, competitive yoga is not such a great idea. And taking out the pretzel-ladies is fun, but probably not a great habit.

    This is the first episode where I really felt that Emily and Richard are a real married couple.

    Aww, Rory and Dean look so cute together! I had forgotten! I didn't care for the bracelet, but their smiles more than made up for that.

    Anyway, I've babbled enough for now. Feel free do whittle this down. Keep up the great work on the podcast!

  2. The opening dinner scene was nice, I liked Emily telling them to put a post-it on what they want for the will. A Britney and Justin reference, wow, this is a long time ago. I really liked the shopping scene with Lorelai and Emily. It's nice to see them bonding without fighting and it's great that Emily is trying to take an interest in the girls.

    I love the party at Emily's house, it was great. The girl at the party who keeps asking inapproptiate questions to Lorelai was pretty funny. Tristan being creepy again but I thought it was amusing and Richard's approval of him was nice. I liked Rory snapping at Emily because I was starting to get upset that she wasn't saying anything about it. The party at Lorelai's house was great too and looked super fun. I loved how excited Rory got when her grandparents came in.

    Lorelai hugging Luke over ice was so cute. Emily noticing that Luke likes her was also great and Lorelai's refusal that there is anything between them. I really like Luke in this episode, it's sweet that he set up a table for her. Did Lorelai suggest it to him? Luke asking her to marry him I think was more than to just shut her up, but maybe to gauge her reaction about the idea.

    I love that Rory goes to a college fair on a Saturday just to get a new brochure. The conversation with Paris there was nice. Not only did Paris hate Rory for her academics but she was really jealous that Tristan like Rory and not her.

    Wow Dean really needs to cut his hair, but I thought it was sweet that he didn't make a big deal about her birthday in the dinner, it was sweet. Finally Rory and Dean have a cute moment that's actually cute. It was a nice parallel between Lorelai and Emily. Emily doesn't know who Lorelai or Rory is and now Lorelai can see that maybe she doesn't know Rory that well either. The scene in the car with Emily and Richard was nice. Emily is really upset that she doesn't know what's been going on in Lorelai life and how much she has missed out. Richard looked very concerned for her, and it's I think the first time I felt like they were a real married couple.

  3. After a couple of lackluster episodes, this one brought me back in. I loved this episode! It really highlights what interests me about the show - the mother/daughter dynamics. It really showcases the differences between a good relationship (Rory/Lorelai) and a terrible one (Emily/Lorelai). Rory shows how much she really cares about her mom from the way that she doesn't want to say anything about the invites to her classmates because she wants her mom to stay happy. At first I thought her reasoning would be selfish, that she wants a relationship with her grandparents and she didn't want to ruin any chance of that happening for her, but when she told Lane about how happy her mom was, it was really sweet. And Emily... gosh, so much going on in that relationship on both sides. You kind of see Lorelai thinking that maybe it won't be so bad to have them in her life, and then it just backfires as her mom can't comprehend that some people just do life differently than she does. The scene with her looking at the photo of Lorelai in the cast was great, really emotional, as was the end scene between Emily and Richard in the car where she admits that she doesn't know her daughter at all.

    I also loved how Lorelai woke up Rory early and told her the story of her birth. Especially in the delivery - hilarious, deadpan. It gave me a great idea, I should do that for my girls!

    Every time Rory shoots down Tristan, it gives me a thrill of YES, the writers GET IT. This is not admirable or sexy behavior, and I'm glad they show it as creepy and weird. But Paris, c'mon - bad taste much? The scene with Rory and Dean at the end where he gives her a present was very sweet. Maybe it's because I'm not there yet, but I didn't understand why Lorelai had that reaction. It seemed like she was very upset - maybe because of their close relationship, she felt betrayed that Rory hadn't mentioned anything to her about liking a boy? Because otherwise it looked very sweet and innocent.

    And as for Lorelai's love life, I was a little surprised she didn't mention that she was seeing another man when Emily started asking about Luke. I assume that they have gone out on a date since the last episode, or at least they had plans for one. Felt like a weird omission for her not to mention that at all.

    All in all, this was a great episode! 77/100

  4. I really like this episode and how it showcases the different relationships between all three Gilmore girls. Emily is really trying with the pudding and finding a gift that Rory actually likes. The little moments when Lorelai and Emily are getting along are great. But all this also shows that Emily doesn't know Rory, and how is she supposed to? With the party I think it's kind of like in the second episode in that she does it how she knows to do it and what she thinks is best and appropriate - in her world. But in the end she doesn't throw a party for a teenager she doesn't know well, she's throwing a party for a 50year old rich person. It should have been worth it though for the presents, or did Rory just get lots of pens and pearls? The question what these people got her will haunt me.

    I love the scene in Lorelai's bedroom when Emily is looking at the picture of Lorelai in her cast and then the ending in the car when she admits that she really doesn't know her daughter. Kelly Bishop plays this character with all the different facets so well, and she always breaks my heart here. I also think we needed this last scene to see the softer side of her after she gives Rory the cold shoulder and fights with Lorelai again.

    I would say though that Emily does know Lorelai better than Lorelai thinks. For example she's totally right when they talk about Luke. I don't think he looked at her like she was about to give him a lapdance, but I definitely like his face best when he's looking at Lorelai. He does that very well.
    Luke setting up the table for Rory was really sweet and I like that, despite that, he still stays his old grumpy self.

    I love the scene between Lorelai and Rory in bed. You really believe that these two are mother and daughter and they love each other and do this every year.

    I also thought Dean was actually rather sweet here, especially in the diner and him mouthing Happy Birthday. The bracelet is maybe a bit "too much" for someone with whom you haven't exchanged 20 sentences, and she ran away after half of them, but apart from that the scene was cute. I take Lorelai's reaction as her realizing that Rory hasn't mentioned this boy to her and maybe she doesn't know everything about her daughter either. Maybe Rory growing up, which they touched upon last week, plays also into it.

    I liked Richard. He's kind of oblivious to what's going on around him, but he's delightful, especially when he announces that he's an autumn.
    It's also good to see a glimpse of a Paris being nice and a little insecure. I makes her seem more like a person and less like a walking cliché.
    Sookie being able to impress Emily should be the answer to the question how good of a cook she is.
    I also like how they slowly reveal more and more details about the backstory and this episode was full of perfect opportunities to do that.

    I have a question, because I've seen this on tv a lot, but never in real life: Do people really put their faces on cake? Is this an american thing? I would not want to cut into my own face.

    1. Americans put lots of weird things on cakes. Do not google baby shower cakes. I am scarred from some that I can never unsee.

    2. Never google bachelorette cake or, for that matter, ever go to a bachelorette party with a naughty cake. Talk about things you can never unsee!

    3. Great cake discussion! So obviously, I googled all of the cakes. Some are actually pretty cute, some .... yeah, not so much. And Cakewrecks is truly amazing! But I guess ,personally, I want my cake to just look like cake and nothing else.