Monday, August 18, 2014

Podcast #5 - S1E4 - The Deer-Hunters

Hello! Welcome to Return to Stars Hollow - a spoiler-free, retrospective podcast about Gilmore Girls! This is the podcast for Season 1, Episode 4 - The Deer-Hunters!

This is what being hit by a deer looks like.
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  1. This is the first episode for me that doesn't work as well on its own as the previous ones did, but it's still good.
    I didn't realize that it takes this long for Dean to show up again and he comes on pretty strong, though I believe we're supposed to think he's cute which I'm not sure is entirely working for me. But I like that he apologizes to Rory for it and promises to leave her alone. He should maybe give some pointers to Tristan.
    I also absolutely love that Rory is completely unable to act remotely normal around him. I always have to laugh so hard at her "I have gum!"

    Unlike Dean I think Max is genuinely charming, but again, Lorelai clearly said No because dating him would be too weird and he is so persistent until she finally gives in. But Loralei is clearly into him and I like that she spends the entire episode thinking about and discussing it before making up her mind. That's also what makes me not mind that she wouldn't go out with the Chilton date a few episodes ago because she didn't want to make things weird for Rory but dating her teacher is ok now.
    I liked the scene in the coffee house, especially with the old guy's reaction to their conversation. But one detail, and normally these things don't bother me but this was really distracting: Every time the camera is on Max he's gesturing with his hand and when the camera's on Loralei we see him stroking her arm with it, which also seemed a little strange. (Have I seen this too many times? No, cause that's not possible.)

    The cat funeral is the first really Stars Hollow-y thing we see and I love that the whole town is there for Morey and Babette. Morey is the sweetest, I love that he lives in Babette's tiny house and doesn't complain. They both sell their sadness really well, especially Babette in the scene in the kitchen when she's talking to Lorelai so that worked on an emotional level for me. But the parallel between the cat dying and Rory growing up came out of nowhere.

    The Sookie/Luke rivalry and Sookie being bad at advice were amusing, as was Michel not being french. At first I thought that maybe that scene was supposed to be in the episode "Kill me now" because Michel says these exact words here and that seemed like a very weird coincidence since they often use lines as episode titles. But Lorelai is wearing the same outfit in the next scene, so I guess not, who knows.
    And Kirk is finally Kirk! Though still now totally himself regarding his backstory.

  2. Oh Cordia, I thought we had the same taste in men but sadly I do not find Mr. Medina atractive. He's not ugly he's just average I guess. Definitely no Spike. I think Luke is cuter but that's just me cause all the other women seemed to like him too. But I do like that he can kind of keep up with Lorelai in conversation. The return of Dean! What's with guys stalking Rory? I guess the bus scene and the scene in the grocery store are supposed to be cute but I think it's just awkward. Rory has no idea how to deal with boys that like her. I love that Miss Patty says what's on her mind no matter how inappropriate or sexual it is. It was funny and just made Rory feel more uncomfortable about Dean. So we finally set up Kirk as a character. I take it that he's new in town because he'd never met Miss Patty, so that might explain the odd jobs he had before he lands the assistant manager position at the grocery store. Glad to see that they figured out what to do with him.
    Sookie's concern about the food at Luke's was great, I love how passionate she is. Her frame of mind is great, it is a wonder how she functions at work. She doesn't get metaphors and doesn't know what 'You know' is. Even the random guy next to them knew what she was talking about. Rory comforting Maury about not eating clams was sweet. Do Babette and Maury live in an old barn or something, cause the door frames are super low, I wonder if Maury hits his head a lot? They seem like such a sweet and genuine couple who truly love eachother for who they are. Emily's sense of humor in this episode tells me where Lorelai get's her's from. Emily may not show it as much but she can be just as sarcastic and witty when she wants to be.
    The only question I really have is about Mr. Medina and Lorelai dating. Is it a conflict of interest for a teacher to date a students parent? Maybe if it wasn't his student, but I feel like the way Chilton is presented to us that the Headmaster would frown upon teachers dating parents. Other than that I thought this was a good entertaining episode that really focused on the community of Stars Hallow.

  3. Hey y'all! I'm loving the podcast. Transitioning from Buffy to Gilmore Girls (both shows I've loved for a long time) is fabulous.

    Celeste- During the podcast, you said, about Tristan's name, "it's one of those names..... I always kind of assume that your mother was a 16 year old and it wasn't a discussion between two adults of different genders". I think this comment has some definite homophobic undertones. Why would having two parents of the same gender make you more likely to have a "bad" name? Would same gender parents be less responsible in naming? I know you didn't mean it this way, it just bothered me and I wanted to point it out. Again, I'm not saying that YOU are homophobic, just that your comment had homophobic undertones.

    Can't wait for the next episode!

    1. Thank's for your comment. I'm so glad you're enjoying the show. You say, you know I didn't mean it that way, and you're right. I certainly don't think all families need to be structured like one hypothetical example. When speaking off the cuff, it's easy to fail to express yourself clearly, and it sounds like that's what I did. All I meant to express is that Tristan is a dumb name and an even worse person.

  4. I watched this episode twice and I still don't know what to say about it. Nothing really happened in it, or at least we didn't get any new information. We already knew that Rory liked Dean, and that Lorelai and Max had an attraction. And the cat funeral didn't really illuminate anything. Also, it sort of irritates me when people compare animals to children. Yes, people love their pets- I love mine too- but children are different. You can't leave your kid home unsupervised with a bowl of water and a timed feeder for a couple of days. Hope the next episode is more interesting!

  5. So I had heard on another Gilmore Girls podcast where they looked at the deer hitting the Jeep as a metophor for life and how sometimes bad things just happen and you have to deal with them, even if you are careful or prepare for the possibility of bad things happening. Even if she hadn't been late and for some reason was taking her mom's car to school she could still be hit by a deer and been late to school and have missed her exam start time. Essentially, life is unpredictable.