Monday, August 18, 2014

Célèste's Review of S1E4 "The Deer Hunters"

Gilmore Girls

“The Deer Hunters”

Season 1, Episode 4
Original airing: October 26, 2000

My Rating: 68

The Good: 
  • Max Medina is a likable and interesting character. It’s nice to see sparks fly at his first meeting with Lorelai, and I’m excited to see more from him as he interacts with both Gilmore girls. 
  • The conflict here is a nice continuation of the conflicts introduced in “The Lorelais’ First Day at Chilton.” Rory’s continued struggles both academically and socially feel like a realistic and inevitable consequence of transferring mid-semester to an elite school. 
  • The deer encounter is unique and memorable, and adds both drama and comedy. I liked the scene where the Gilmore girls look for the deer. It was nice to see more good parenting from Lorelai (her concern that she may not always be making the right decisions for Rory mirrored the resolution scene from last episode) and to see strength, confidence, and resolve from Rory.
  • The Sookie subplot was entertaining as ever. I also really enjoyed both Lane scenes, though I’m starting to get antsy for Lane to have some subplots of her own, rather than just being a supportive piece in Rory’s plots. That’s less a criticism of the show however than it is an expression of how interested I am in this character and her world. 
The Meh: 
  • Paris’s taunts were a little over the top in places, and the scene where she recites the sonnet felt jarring and out of place, possibly because it was so short and was sandwiched between scenes that took place at difference times in different places. 
Favorite Moment: 
Lorelai clumsily charming Mr. Medina at parent-teacher night. 

The Bottom Line: 
Overall this is a good episode. It’s one of the more memorable episodes from early season one for me, and it still holds up. 

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