Monday, August 11, 2014

Podcast #4 - S1E3 - Kill Me Now

Hello! Welcome to Return to Stars Hollow - a spoiler-free, retrospective podcast about Gilmore Girls! This is the podcast for Season 1, Episode 3 - Kill Me Now!

Quite possibly the sweetest mother-daughter shot from the whole series.
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  1. What I liked about this episode: Rory going ballistic on Paris and Tristan. I was going "YES! Finally!" I also really liked how Lorelai stood up for her daughter in the headmaster's office.

    What confused me: I get that we are supposed to think that Rory is completely level-headed and all-around awesome, but her outburst didn't "shock" me like I feel it was maybe supposed to? I mean, she went nuts at Lorelai in the first episode over going to Chilton because she maybe wanted to see more of Dean. I feel like at this point, I've been told lots of things about Rory but I haven't really seen them yet.

    Also, what happened with Sookie and the food reviewer!? Did he like the magic risotto? I gotta know!

    This episode gets a "meh" overall from me.

    1. I agree, her reaction didn't seem shockingly out of character for me. It just felt like a logical thing to do in that situation when she's stressed out and got no sleep.

  2. Just some thoughts I’m jotting down while I’m watching the episode. BTW, Cordia, I don’t know how you write the show notes while you’re watching. Kinda a pain.

    Poor Rory. Her expression in the first classroom scene was so heartbreaking. I know what it’s like to think you’ve done really well on a test or paper only to get it back and learn you haven’t. I also know the strange sense of embarrassment that comes with it and not wanting to let anyone know, even your friends and family. Especially when people say things like “This should be a snap for you!” like Lane does. Doesn’t encourage opening up.

    I feel bad for Lorelai acting as she always does and getting rebuffed by Rory because she doesn’t understand the pressure Rory is under.

    Creepy Tristan is creepy. I’m over it.

    Lane’s snack is 12 calories? Does that even qualify as food?

    I love seeing the correlation of the overachievers in Rory and Suki. Suki can’t accept just “fine” for anything she’s proud of, even if everything else was raved about. Jackson looks so upset she won’t fight with him over the fruit!

    I hate these parents! They don’t care if their children learn if the material won’t be on a test. Reminds me of a lot of what’s going on now with the Common Core thing - learning becoming so standard and strategic that the students can’t enjoy learning anymore.

    I think this episode is one of the reasons I set 3 alarms for the morning. Paranoid? Yes, but I don’t oversleep through something important.

    Yes, a deer running into a parked car in a woody area does actually happen. Deer are stupid and rude.

    While I understand the strict policy of the school, you’d think something like a car accident would warrant a make-up test. Rory’s anger comes mostly from frustration, but she’s right.

    Tristan and Paris deserve everything they get. In a school that not only looks the other way on bullying, but seems to encourage it, what else can Rory do?

  3. As far as the ugly hat goes, I think Rory has the same quality that Willow has in that she can look adorable wearing ugly things. So moving on to this weeks episode. I felt bad for Rory, she's probably never gotten a 'D' on anything before and she almost cried which was really sad. Paris and the girl whose name I don't remember making fun of Rory about the bad grade was just mean. There was no need for that, they were just being bitches. I really like the scene in the diner where Lorelai comforts Rory about her bad grade. It's nice how supportive Lorelai is about Rory's schooling and stays up all night to help her.

    Tristan still calling Rory, Mary is super annoying and she has a point, learn her name and maybe she'll like you dude. But only if he stops stalking her in the halls and sexually harassing her. I didn't see it in the second episode but this time it was definitely creepy.

    I love Lane's closet! I wasn't expecting her to walk out of it. That was pretty funny and another good way of showing that she has to hide her true self from her parents. I also thought it was funny how Mrs. Kim kept selling off the furniture that the girls were using.

    Rory going off on everyone is class was great, it's about time she told people how she really feels. They totally deserved to be called out in front of everyone. One of my favorite lines from the show is about the deer. I love how everyone is like, aw you hit a deer? And she's like 'No, I got hit by a deer!' It's hilarious and I often quote it, although nobody knows what I'm talking about.

  4. I really like Lorelai's reactions in this episode. When she learns about Rory's bad grade she knows that she won't be feeling well and goes home immediately and tries to cheer her up. Then she helps her, studying together all week, yelling at headmaster Charleston about what a crappy place this school is (true!), and when she learns about Rory's freakout in class she realizes that the Rory she knows doesn't do that and starts to question if this is really what Rory wants or if she's just working towards the dream Lorelai never got to live. Rory going back to Stars Hollow High is of course something that would never happen, but offering it as a choice was nice and Lorelai would have supported her, as she is supporting her now that she decides to stay at Chilton and catch up. So yeah, overall good parenting I'd say.

    Other things I liked, in bullet points:
    The opening scene. I can't say why but it's one of the more memorable for me, and fun.
    Lane's closet: It looks so cozy!
    Paris teasing Rory with Shakespeare quotes cracked me up
    The Magic risotto
    The scene in the kitchen when Rory is studying. It's fun how they kind of turn the roles of parent and child around there as Lorelai behaves like the irritating child, and Rory promises her the weekend if she's quiet now.
    Rory's and Lorelai's rants of course. Il duce!
    The repeated "You hit a deer?" "No, I got hit BY a deer!" conversation and Lorelai being the only one to say "You got What?!" instead (I think)
    And last but not least, the introduction of Mr. Max Medina.

    (Ok, to be complete, things I didn't like, in bullet points:

  5. Sorry for the late comment- I just came across this podcast and have been trying to catch up!
    At 31 minutes in, you mention a pop culture reference, but don't get the reference. The "lunatic rich lady with the lion face" is Jocelyn Wildenstein. Get ready for a fun google image search!

  6. Jocelyn Wildenstein is the lady that had plastic surgery to make herself look like a cat. I'm coming to this podcast late so I don't know if this was already addressed but I thought I'd let y'all know