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Cordia's Review of S1E4 - The Deer-Hunters

A total puppy dog!
The Deer-Hunters
Season 1, Episode 4
Original airing: October 26, 2000

My Rating: 50

The Good:
I like seeing Rory continuing to be challenged at school and also maintaining her relationship with Lane. Rory may not have many people at school to connect with, but her best friend is still there for her.

Sookie’s plot was good fun and shows her pride in her cooking skill. I thought it was adorable when she decided to stand on the critic’s porch and wait for his response to the proper risotto and wine pairing. But I can only imagine the problems her distraction caused that week in the kitchen considering her already unfocused cooking style.

Max’s introduction was well handled. He’s personally, good looking, and appropriate to the parents. It seems like he really does try to be fair to both the students and the parents. He’s presented as a good teacher and obviously his soft spot for Rory is a plus.

I also loved Luke’s quick scene. He may be deadpan, but he certainly has a sense of humor.

The Bad:
It felt like Rory went a little too ballistic. It would have been nice to have more context for her outburst in class. It felt to me like her exhaustion could have been show more and Paris and Tristan could have provoked her more in class.

I also thought Lorelai’s outburst was too much. Did she really think that was the way to handle that situation?

I thought the deer thing was quite played out. I suppose it’s a reference to Rory and her troubles, but the repeated joke was overdone. Rory’s insistence on searching for the deer was also a bit heavy handed. “Please, mom, help me find my lost self out in the woods!”

Favorite Moment:
Max’s phone message. After such a difficult school episode, I think it’s excellent for the show to point out Rory has an ally other than her mother.

The Bottom Line:
This episode felt much more uneven than the first three. Rory and Lorelai’s explosions both felt unearned and way over the top. I can’t imagine them actually resulting in the hard-nosed principal actually being lenient on Rory. But I did enjoy some character moments and Sookie’s B-plot.

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