Monday, August 4, 2014

Podcast #3 - S1E2 - The Lorelais' First Day at Chilton

Hello! Welcome to Return to Stars Hollow - a spoiler-free, retrospective podcast about Gilmore Girls! This is the podcast for Season 1, Episode 2 - The Lorelais' First Day at Chilton!

The outfit that will live in infamy!

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  1. I am on the ball this week! Managed to watch the episode during baby's nap and now typing my thoughts while hubby takes the girls out to the park. I can't help but imagine what it would be like to have a tiny baby at 16, it blows my mind. It's hard enough at 31.

    So I loved the interactions between Rory and her grandfather. He is so not into it at first and then he realizes that Rory is actually a really cool kid. I love that! They were just really cute together, being all gossipy at lunch. I also definitely sympathize with Lorelai. If she reminds me of my sister, Emily reminds me of another family member of mine. It's difficult when other people butt in on your parenting and lifestyle choices. Lorelai hated her life growing up, obviously, and wants the complete opposite for Rory, and it hurts her that Rory might not want what she has to offer. Totally get that! My oldest is only 3, but when she chooses someone else's way instead of mine, it feels like a knife to the heart.

    I thought Lorelai's "big boobs" freakout was a little over the top, I'm sure they could have found a more plausible argument for them to have than that. Typically adults have a little more self-control over their word vomit than that. So while I understand the emotion behind it, the way they showed it there was (I think) bad writing.

    I loved Lorelai's purple dress too! So pretty!

    PS: I live in Texas and have been to a rodeo. They are kind of boring, but people really do dress like how Lorelai was dressed.

  2. I liked the bonding at the club, Richard gossiping was great and the development of their relationship is very believalbe. I found it less believable though that Richard would dread spending alone time with Rory so much, since he's met her before and should have picked up on the fact that she's not some shallow, vapid idiot. But it was cute when he ended up being kind of proud of her.

    It says a lot about Emily's character when, just before Rory arrives, she instructs Richard to be nice and make sure that the girl has a good day, and then immediatly switches to saying that this is the first time they can "show her off" at the club and how important that is, for the both of them.

    The boob thing is ridiculous and a little bit over the top, but the show's still figuring out the exact dynamics. It's not out of character for Lorelai though, she tends to overreact and can be incredibly childish, especially when it comes to her parents. At least she later admits that she's acting crazy.

    Rory is soo nice and just goes along with everything, but I like that she doesn't try to make Lorelai feel better or something because she didn't do anything wrong. She shouldn't feel bad about having a good relationship with her grandparents, even though Lorelai is having a freak out over it.
    I also liked the beat at the end when they talk about the little girl in the fancy dress and everything involved with the wedding was very entertaining.

    I'm sure you have opinions on the hat. I think it's ugly but Rory does look kinda cute with it. I'm not sure how that's possible.

  3. The opening dinner scene was amusing. I like the confusion about the different staff members and Emily can't even remember the current girl's name. Lorelai apologizing to the poor girl was nice. Is this the first time Rory is learning about Lorelai the first? Does Lorelai not tell Rory anything about her family? I just thought that was odd, but maybe makes sense. I'm a little upset about Richard's lack of interest in spending time with his granddaughter. I get that maybe he doesn't want to have to teach her or she won't enjoy it, but not wanting to take her to lunch is just ridiculous. I thought the mom of the brides was also pretty funny and Lorelai reactions to what she says were nice. One thing I didn't like was Lorelai complaining to everyone about Rory and Richard golfing. It was nice to see Richard and Rory getting to know each other and taking interest in each other. The scene in the steam room I think was good to show Richard what a good kid Rory is compared to others and how he should appreciate her more. Emily had a point when she said that Lorelai would be jealous. I really didn't like her freak out over the sweater and comparing boobs. I think it's pretty obvious but she was just arguing to argue and I didn't like it. But I do like their make up during the wedding and how Rory appreciates what Lorelai does for her and how she could have been raised.
    I like that we got to see more of the recurring characters. Michel putting a post it on the guys back to tell him apart from his twin was hilarious after he just made a speech about how he can tell people apart. I liked seeing Lorelai and Sookie walking around town and talking, like best friends. Plus Sookies excitement over strawberries and the cheating metaphor between her and Jackson was funny as she chases him down the street. The end scene where Emily is gloating at Lorelai was good, and I think that Lorelai has learned that as much as she doesn't like it, maybe Emily and Richards influence on Rory isn't such a bad thing.

    Interested in hearing what Cordia has to say about the hat Emily gives Rory. I remember her hating Willow's hats on Buffy.

    P.S. I'm Ash M from twitter if you didn't know, so you can just call me Ashlie. I'm Ashlie M from the Buffy rewatch too. I'll stop changing my name now.

    1. I also wanted to say, I think you guys are hilarious on the podcast. I do miss Robin, but I can hear him when he comments on the Angel ReWatch show. It's nice to hear you guys and when you have girly moments and get off track I can totally relate. You guys are really entertaining. Loved Cordia on the Buffy ReWatch and now Celeste too, so keep up the good work guys we all appreciate it. Thanks :)