Monday, September 29, 2014

Podcast #10 - S1E9 - Rory's Dance

Hello! Welcome to Return to Stars Hollow - a spoiler-free, retrospective podcast about Gilmore Girls! This is the podcast for Season 1, Episode 9 - Rory's Dance!

Rory and Dean at the dance

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  1. “Baby Jesus is missing an arm again” Again? Why again? Is the dog able to open a trunk and tear off a doll’s arm? If so, they have some talented dogs in town. If not, someone in town is either funny or creepy. Not sure which.

    Would Dean be able to read “Metamorphosis?” He doesn’t strike me as the type. I think they’re trying to paint them as fairly smart, since he can read some books Rory reads, but I never really bought that. “Goodnight Moon” might be more his speed.

    I find it amusing that Lorelai put Michel in charge of tree decorating. He seems so festive!

    Okay, Emily, some people have to work. They can’t just drop everything to come to your stuff. I understand being upset at people, but to disinvite your own daughter to Christmas?

    Hmm, possible evidence that grudge-holding burns calories? I need to find someone to loath for eternity. Pretty sure she’s telling the truth because Lorelai’s legs and butt look really great in those jeans. We’ve seen the way these girls eat – pizza, burgers, etc. Has to be the exercise of grudge-holding.

    I love Henry the bell-ringer! He looks so intense when the camera first pans over the group, then he still gets it wrong! Reminds me of Yul Brenner in the King and I when he’s first trying to learn to dance.

    Of course the story of Rory and the Bag-boy is all over town. Of course.

    I know I’ve said it before, but I love you, Luke. First he drops everything, including his feud with Taylor, to drive Lorelai to Hartford, then he’s so understanding when she’s yelling at him about his old truck and slow driving. And then we find out his hates hospitals. Yet he still doesn’t want to leave Lorelai there.

    “Grampa’s in the hospital, please come” – That is a terrible message. There are probably several hospitals in Hartford.

    And Emily Gilmore is the reason I’d never want to be a nurse, especially in reception. At least her dulcet tones attract her daughter to her.

    Kelly Bishop is amazing when she’s talking to Richard. She’s trying to keep it together and not cry, but you can hear the tightness in her voice and just barely see her lower lip tremble for a moment. And the demand to be allowed to die first was another of those opportunities for us to see that love they have for each other. So sweet because it’s been relatively rare.

    You know how people say greeting card companies invent new holidays just to sell cards? Well, I think the costume stores in Stars Hollow were the ones to start all these festivals and town gatherings. They just rented/sold a bunch of pilgrim and Indian costumes for the fall festival, and now there are a bunch of carolers walking around in Dickenson-dress. I know Lorelai was helping sew the costumes for the actual nativity, but I doubt everyone made their own costumes.

    Fun fact for your external reference section - Charo’s real name is María del Rosario Mercedes Pilar Martínez Molina Baeza. No, really. Eight names. I think I’d pick a short stage-name, too.

  2. A couple of comments about the last podcast: I was also wondering if the pictures at Miss Patty's were actually of Liz Torres. But I had no luck googling that. I liked the plumber butt/ who sqats a lot talk, because in german that is called a Maurerdekollté, meaning the cleavage of a brick layer who I guess also has to get up and down a lot.

    This episode could have easily drifted into classic christmas episode territory with the patriarch going to the hospital and all that, and it kind of does, in that last week's conflict is resolved pretty fast, but the underlying issues that came to the forefront in the fight are of course still there. But I think this never feels too much like a cliche because the different actions and reactions are all rooted in the characters who we know pretty well by now.

    There are a lot of great one-on-one conversations here. I especially like Luke and Lorelai in his car and the one between Emily and Luke, which was also an unexpected pairing. Emily demanding to go first brings tears to my eyes every time (and I'll try to stop myself from repeating myself every week but Kelly Bishop, man), as does the nonconversation between Lorelai and Richard when they both don't know quite how to express what they feel but it still becomes very clear.

    I love Luke, he's like just the greatest guy ever in this episode (who is Max?). The Santa Burger is at once the sweetest, most disgusting thing ever. I like that Luke knows Lorelai so well that he can immediately tell why she's so upset about not going to the christmas party and that he drops everything to drive her to the hospital and stays even after he's needed and even though he hates the place. I also like his smile when Lorelai says that he looks good (but not his hair, that looks weird).
    I keep forgetting that it's Lorelai who gives Luke the blue baseball cap (Gilmore first!), and then it makes me happy.

    I think it's interesting and it says something about Lorelai's view of her relationship with her mother that, no matter how estranged they were and what a big fight they just had, she can't imagine not going to their christmas party. I also like that she has no idea what she's supposed to do at first but as soon as she gets to the hospital and meets Emily, she takes control. Also poor nurse Jane Lynch, she's just trying to do her job.

    The baby Jesus puppet is slightly terrifying.

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    2. Yes, Luke only looks cute with his hat on, that hair is not attractive.

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  4. Michel not helping that guy looking for a Christmas ornament was funny. I was really sad when Emily un-invited Lorelai to the Christmas dinner. Rory's look when Emily is lying to the dinner guests was nice I almost wanted her to snap and call Emily out on her bs.

    I love Luke in this episode! I know it's supossed to be all about Richard being hospitalized and the girls comes to terms with his mortality, but Luke stole this epiosde for me. His Santa Burger was incredibly sweet given that he is not a festive guy at all, but he wants to make Lorelai happy. He even closed down the diner so he could drive Lorelai to the hospital. And it's sweet how he tries to be supportive and comfort Rory and Lorelai. Plus I loved his smile when Lorelai says he looks good. He even finds her some coffee. And the end scene in the diner was perfect. Again, Emily is the one that see's how Luke and Lorelai interact and I like that she called him an idiot for not dating Lorelai.

    Should Dean be knocking on Rory's window? I know Lorelai is mad at him so he doesn't want to see her but sneaking around is exactly the kind of behavior that she's upset about to begin with. I thought the conversation was a bit awkward towards the end.

    Sidenote: Omg! It's Jane Lynch, did not expect to see her on this show. I always enjoy when celebrities appear on shows before they were famous.