Monday, September 15, 2014

Podcast #8 - S1E7 - Kiss and Tell

Hello! Welcome to Return to Stars Hollow - a spoiler-free, retrospective podcast about Gilmore Girls! This is the podcast for Season 1, Episode 7 - Kiss and Tell!

Movie Night is Pizza Night!
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  1. Quick note on the last episode – Sleeping Beauty’s prince was Prince Phillip, not Prince Charming. And I’m glad it was apparently a common thing for other little girls to have a crush on him because he can dance.

    Okay, on to this episode:

    I love that Stars Hollow celebrates their involvement in a war that never happened. I live in central Illinois, and every town around here tries to reference Lincoln in some way. Most of the towns, he never visited, and a lot of them didn’t even exist until after his death. And I totally understand Luke at the beginning – after 27 years, I’m usually the sole dissenting voice in wondering why Lincoln has to be everywhere I go. And 27 years of seeing everyone really into it? Guess the northeast’s attempted claim to fame.

    I find it amazing that anyone who can and does have to drive can still love snow. I started hating snow after my first winter with a driver’s license. It’s proof that hell is ice, not fire.

    Max lives! And the show tries to provide a somewhat plausible explanation for his absence. Not really for Lorelei never mentioning his name…

    Is it a French thing to think about eating each other’s buttocks to stay alive in a snow storm, or is that just a Michel thing? Hoping it’s just Michel, or I can never go see France.

    Poor Lane. I’ve been that friend who feels ignored when her friend gets a boyfriend or moves on in life. Not fun. Never did feel the hair of a boy I liked, though.

    Emily must come from money to think frozen pizzas are equivalent to food in a Turkish prison and didn’t know to add parmesan. I do like that they had candles and opera in the background. I might have to do that next time to fool my boyfriend into thinking I can cook.

    Lorelei is driving me nuts! Don’t talk during a movie! You can talk afterword.

    It’s okay, Luke, we all love you, even if Lorelei doesn’t see it yet.

    I get Lorelei’s reluctance to invite Max in, but I’m not sure where she expects him to go. It’s snowing very heavily, he doesn’t know the town, and his car’s broken down. Not sure I personally would have been making moves to sleep with him on a first date, though. But maybe that’s just me.

  2. Don't feel bad Celeste. I have a friend that's from Texas and a friend from Montana and we had a discussion about Soda vs. Pop vs. Coke. In California we call it soda, but my friend said the same thing you did. If you say coke they ask you which one. But here if you say coke, you get coca cola. It just depends on where your from I guess.

    Love the town meeting. I like the idea that Lorelai and Rory go there just for entertainment. It's like they are watching a movie or play and giving commentary. I thought it was funny.
    So I guess Luke did grow up in Stars Hallow. It's nice getting a little more back story on his character. I felt so sad for him when he saw Max and Lorelai kissing. Poor Luke :(

    Max is alive! So they haven't gone out because they keep missing each others calls. Is that why they haven't mentioned him? I thought it was cute how Lorelai kept playing his messages over and over. Their date around the town in the snow was nice and sweet and I loved Lane interrupting them at the house, that was funny. Lorelai talking to Lane was great because she can't talk to her mom about it and apparently not Rory. Although I disagree about Max's hair, that might be a big reason why I don't find him attractive. That's just me.

    I like seeing Lane gushes over a boy but it was kind of sad that Rory was distracted especially by Dean. I thought Lorelai and Sookie making fun of Rory about Dean was funny. I did not like Dean saying 'how about something else' and kissing Rory. Sounds like something creepy Tristan would say. Just sounds like it's too early in their relationship to be saying slightly sexualized things like that, even though I know it was supposed to be innocent.

    Poor Lane, she's just as bad with boys as Rory is. But I'm glad she stood up to Rory about her lack of involvement in their friendship.

    I loved Richard's response when Emily thinks Rory doesn't eat well. Also that pizza doesn't look like it will feed the 3 of them. I find it really sad that Richard and Emily don't know how to cook their own food, but I do like that they enjoy the pizza. It was really nice seeing them reminisce about the past.

    Sidenote: I love the movie Lorelai and Max are watching. The original 'House on Haunted Hill' The '99 remake is the only movie to give me nightmares. I don't know why but it's one of the few movies that actually scares me and creeps me out.

  3. Firstly, the things I didn't like about this episode. I didn't like that Lorelai became some weird manic pixie dream girl over the snow. I don't really know her character yet, and it's totally plausible that she loves the snow, but to stand out in a snowstorm at midnight for fun? Even my snow-obsessed friends wouldn't do that (and yes, I have some - I am from Canada after all).

    Speaking of Canadians, Michel is one. I don't know if he is in from Canada in terms of the story, but the actor is French Canadian. I needed to know if his accent was made up, because I feel after thinking all the British accents on Buffy were real I needed to know for certain! So there ya go, his accent is real.

    A little error in the scene where Max and Lorelai get to her front door. They have no snow on them! No way would the snow have melted that fast, it would have still been in their hair and on their coats, especially with those big fat flakes coming down.

    I liked the scenes with Emily, Richard, and Rory at the house. It gave us yet another glimpse into how things went down in the Gilmore household, and I'm very interested to get the whole story. I also liked Rory's reaction to seeing the photo of her parents together, and how she kept it from her mom, as a private thing. Especially when she sees her mom bringing home a guy for what seems to be the first time.

    I feel like this show really writes teenage girls well. (Not so much with the boys, as we've discussed.) Everything can be end-of-the-world humiliating when you are in high school, especially around boys you like. I liked the scene with Lane and Lorelai, because I identified with both sides. It's one of those things that I would tell my younger self if time machines got invented. Nobody is thinking about you as much as you think they are! They are all busy with their own humiliations! But as a teenager, you can't really step outside of yourself long enough to see that, and I like how their conversation gently showed both sides in a fair and realistic manner.

    So, I'm not really into Max. He just seems to polished for me. I'm definitely on Team Luke. It was sad when he saw Max and Lorelai kissing, everything was written all over his face. I wonder if he will treat Lorelai differently now.

    I give this episode a 59/100. Hoping for some better ones coming up soon!

  4. I love this episode! That may be in big part because I like the whole snow *magic* thing (and these are not Amends-type levels of miracle) and I love Lorelai's love for snow, I can connect to that. I don't even care about the many continuity mistakes with the fake snow. But fall really didn't last long, didn't it.

    Rory can be a not so good friend sometimes, and I like that Lane speaks up about it and the scene when it gets resolved and they agree that Lane has dibs because she came first. We'll see if this problem comes up again in the future. I also really like that Lorelai is there for Lane and gives her advice when Rory can't do it and even though she's kind of busy.

    The grandparents are fun, it's cute how excited they get. I'm less surprised though by the fact that Emily has no idea what to do in the kitchen, than I am by Rory being able to "whip something up" that's not frozen pizza.

    The town meeting is great and I like that Lukes comes around a little in the end on the reenactment thing even though he thinks it's insane, because his father liked that. It's also great to hear a little more of his backstory.

    What's starting to irritate me a little about Max is his way of convincing Lorelai of things she's initially hesitant about by saying "Oh, I think you'd really like this" or "... you really want this". He did this when he first got her to go out with him and here he does it again to get into the house. But otherwise I like their date and for whatever reason the "Max. Medina. Maaaaax Medina" part of his voicemail is a favourite. As is Sookie's amazing song. "And the cookies for the looove and the Dean and the cookies..."