Monday, September 29, 2014

Célèste's Review of S1E9 "Rory's Dance"

Rory's Dance

“Rory’s Dance”
Season 1, Episode 9
Original airing: December 20, 2000

My Rating: 66

The Good: 
  • Sookie and Lane were both in top form. I enjoyed Lane’s excitement about watching through the window: “I’m reading lips out here,” and Sookie’s physical comedy with the hairspray. 
  • Madeline and Louise were used very well and made me laugh a lot. I definitely want to see more from these two.
  • Kelly Bishop continues to amaze me with her ability to portray both the biting iciness and the sad vulnerability of Emily. I really enjoyed seeing her try to take care of her daughter, and I thought it was sweet that she wanted to see Rory off. All of this, of course, makes the fight at the end even more affecting. 
  • Rory is just so goddamn adorable. She looked beautiful, and I loved how shy she got about asking Dean to the dance and asking him if he was her boyfriend. 

The Bad: 
  • Lorelai’s back is magically better after sleeping on the couch. Wouldn’t be such a big deal if it hadn’t been so overplayed as a reason for Emily to stay the night. 
  • Dean is still all over the place as a character. The way he tells Rory’s she’s beautiful when she’s getting nervous in the car is incredibly sweet. So is the moment he deflects Louise’s flirting by wrapping his arms around Rory. But, then there’s the way he makes such a fuss about having to dress up and dance. “I’m not a big joiner,” and “don’t get used to this,” were cringe-worthy moments for me.

Favorite Moment: 
Rory asking Dean if he’s her boyfriend

The Bottom Line: 
Not a stand-out episode, but a perfectly fine one

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