Monday, September 22, 2014

Podcast #9 - S1E8 - Love & War & Snow

Hello! Welcome to Return to Stars Hollow - a spoiler-free, retrospective podcast about Gilmore Girls! This is the podcast for Season 1, Episode 8 - Love & War & Snow!

A snowy meeting.
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  1. Don't remember this episode, but I'm going to guess that Paris is the one to run away because Tristan won't dance with her...or pay attention to her cause he's too busy fighting with Dean over Rory. Can't wait to see how the drama at the dance will unfold.

  2. One thing I liked was the contrast between Emily and Lorelai's approach to getting Rory to go to the dnce. Emily is just forceful but Lorelai get's Rory to open up about why she doesn't want to go. And I liked her pointing out that is it what Rory really wants or is she just too shy and scared.

    I love Rory's sarcastic remark about liking cheap guys.
    Poor Paris, Tristan was hitting on her to be a jerk but why does she like him to begin with? That's sad she had to get her cousin as her date. Why does she always think that Rory is trying to one up her?
    I thought it was cute that Emily wanted to be there for Rory's first dance. It was nice that she wanted to stay there and take care of Lorelai. So apparantly the only thing Emily can make is mashed banana on toast.

    Madeline and Louise I thought were used well and really funny here. I liked when she tries to hit on Dean and he puts his arms around Rory, and she's just like I'm bored and leaves.
    Wow, Tristan is not only a creeper but a super jackass. Why was he getting all up in Dean's face? I like that Dean stands up for himself and Rory but the 'I'd kill you line' was maybe to much.

    Gotta say, I was actually worried that Rory would slip and fall running through the snow and ice.

    The fight scene in the kitchen was great, they just said what they had been holding back. I like that Rory pointed out to Lorelai that she was partly mad because Emily caught her making a mistake. Even thought Lorelai trusts Rory she has every right to be concerned about her staying out all night with a boy.

    Did anybody actually run away? Tristan sort of stormed off, does that count?
    Lastly I actually didn't mind Dean this episode, it was sweet of him to go to the dance just for Rory even when he didn't want to.

  3. I have complicated feelings about Dean in this episode. The first thing we hear is that he hangs out in the trees next to the Gilmore's house. Cute or creepy stalker-like? I can't decide. Why is he in the trees anyway? Rory's room is on the first floor. I hope he's not looking for Lorelai? I think I am gonna go with creepy.
    I do like that he goes to the dance with Rory because she wants to and at first, he's not the worst. And then comes the side of him that I remember not liking: the possessive, agressive boyfriend who seems to be having some kind of anger issues. Yes, Tristan starts the whole thing by being all up in his face and I don't know, do normal, well-adjusted 16 year olds go crazy like that? But the way it derails is completely over the top and I'm not sure what the writers were trying to do here. I don't think we're supposed to see him like I see him, but the way it's played doesn't make it look like Dean is just "protecting" Rory or defending her honour, nor does it come across like Dean is just playing the tough guy and doesn't really mean what he's saying.

    My favourite part is definitely what's going on between Lorelai and Emily. The back spasm thing is rather ridiculous, but it is so great when the two get along and I love Emily taking care of Lorelai (and Lorelai finally letting her at some point) and when Emily acknowledges that Lorelai did a good job with raising Rory. It all makes it even more heartbreaking when everyone is screaming at each other than it would be anyway. Despite the heartbreak, I love the ending, it's such a great fight and you can understand every side of it and the actresses, especially Lauren Graham and Kelly Bishop, nail it.

    I also like the conversation in the car and Lorelai wondering if Rory is really happy with her decisions or if she's too shy to do what she really wants to do. And I love that Stars Hollow has yoga classes at Miss Patty's at 5:30 in the morning. Sorry, but I have to get back to the time thing, because what is going on there? I couldn't unsee it. It's winter and basically in the middle of the night, but the sun is already up and shining? That makes even less sense than when it was dark at 5pm or whatever.

  4. This episode started off kind of meh for me, but the ending was fantastic! Big emotional punch with argument between Lorelai and Emily, and then Lorelai and Rory. It was like all of the irritations that have been bubbling below the surface were all let loose.

    I thought Dean was kind of acting like a jerk, and not a nice guy when Rory asked him to the dance. The tone was a little patronizing I felt. I also thought his reaction to Tristan was over the top, but not unexpected. And apparently Tristan really actually likes Rory, but apparently has the maturity of a 6 year old boy, who thinks tugging on her pigtails and pushing her in a mud puddle equals a declaration of love.

  5. Favorite episode so far! I love snow! I always remember the scene when Max and Lorelai are walking in the snow-- it seems so peaceful. I do feel sad when Luke sees them though.

    And I do agree that mashed avocado on toast is amazing. I didn't know anyone else did that. My grandpa looked really grossed out when I made that last time I was at his house. Lorelai is crazy for not liking avocado. Avocados are my favorite food and I did not try them until I was a senior in high school.