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Cordia's Review of S1E6 - Rory's Birthday Parties

The cheese lady in the back with the side eye. She's the best.
Rory’s Birthday Parties
Season 1, Episode 6
Original airing: November 9, 2000

My Rating: 64

The Good:
The dueling birthday parties was a great way for the show to continue the exploration of Emily’s relationships with her daughter and granddaughter. It was awesome to see Emily reaching out to Lorelai for help with Rory’s birthday gift. It’s a shame she didn’t do the same thing about the party. Although, Emily throwing the type of party she did reminds me of Rory’s trip to the Country Club. Emily made sure to point out to Richard that the trip was important as an opportunity to show Rory off to their society friends. The party felt like the same attempt.

It loved seeing Emily and Richard show up in Stars Hollow after the blow up with Lorelai. I was moved about to tears from the humility that showed through Emily. She really does seem to be attempting to reach out to the girls and learn a bit more about them. I don’t think she realized just how important that was until her trip to the house.

Emily’s visit also led to the amazing opportunity to needle Lorelai about Luke. Lorelai’s face during the bedroom conversation was perfect as she looked humiliated and extremely pleased at the same time. Can you blame Luke, though? Lorelai said he was a vision and threw herself at him in joy! Of course he was happy to see her.

It was also great to see Luke’s demonstration of affection for Rory. Setting a special table for her on her birthday was obviously not a tradition. I liked seeing him do it with his normal brusque attitude as well. This episode felt like it really delivered more on Luke’s character. We already know he’s interested in Lorelai, but I think showing he cares about Rory too makes the interest seem more genuine.

Similar to last week, I really enjoyed seeing a “town event”. It was incredibly sweet to have Lane, Miss Patty, Babette, and Morey sharing stories of Rory’s childhood. This town is a community and their all Rory’s family in one way or another.

Finally, I have no idea what’s going on with Paris, but yay! She actually managed to be a civil human being! It also speaks to how much I loath Tristan that I want to protect Paris from her interest in him.

The Bad:
I feel like a broken record, but Tristan is my least favorite character. He continues to act like a broken record, pulling the creepy card at every possible moment. The frustrating thing for me as a viewer is his complete lack of development from his three appearances. He is exactly the same as he was when we first met him. Behavior-wise that wouldn’t bother me very much. But the lack of explanation for his motivations is extremely frustrating.

Meanwhile, Dean and Rory couldn’t really get more awkward. Dean continues to be the Most Confident 16 Year Old Male Ever. He silently flirts with her stricken-looking face in Luke’s, then makes her a special birthday present which he happily delivers in secret behind the house. And then he brazenly holds her hand! Rory can’t even look at him.

Honestly, if I were Lorelai looking out the window, I’d be feeling pretty shocked as well. I see a great deal of fear in Lorelai’s reaction at the end of the episode. She doesn’t know who this boy is and Rory is meeting him in secret. I’m sure she’s flashing back to her own life-altering sexual decisions at sixteen.

Favorite Moment:
It was a small thing, and probably unintentional, but I loved the clean-up lady putting the cheese away during Lorelai and Emily’s big fight. The glances she kept stealing really added to the craziness of Lorelai and Emily blowing up at each other in front of all these strangers in Emily’s home. And it was hysterical.

The Bottom Line:
Another good episode overall! This episode did a great job of furthering our main relationships between all the Gilmore women while also giving hints in to Rory’s budding relationship with Dean.

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