Monday, September 15, 2014

Célèste's Review of S1E7 "Kiss and Tell"

S1E2 Kiss and Tell

“Kiss and Tell”
Season 1, Episode 7
Original airing: November 16, 2000

My Rating: 61

The Good: 
  • Despite my various problems with the development of the Dean/Rory relationship so far, I really enjoyed the moment they kissed and Rory’s reaction. “Thank you” was such a Rory thing to say, always polite and gracious, and I liked seeing her run through the whole town and they way she and Lane gushed about it: “An aisle where you get kissed by the new kid is a good aisle.”
  • Lorelai warning Dean is great. I like that she tears into his cocky attitude, which I still think is being played too cocky, and I especially like how she mixes humor in to her sternness: “She’s not going on your motorcycle.” “I don’t have a motorcycle.” “She’s not going on you motorcycle.”
The Bad: 
  • Lorelai is even worse than her normal scatterbrained self in this episode, and some of the things she does edge into the unlikable. Why are you being so mean to the fridge guys on the phone? How hard is it to take a chair with you when you live walking distance from a store? What on earth would possess you to invite Dean over without Rory’s permission? It’s just too much, and it’s not cute. 
  • Speaking of likability, Dean have a few moments that make me cringe; most notably: “nice chicken” and “oh yes, the talk.” I wanted to smack his smug little face. I guess that’s good if we’re supposed to see why Lorelai is skeptical of him, but he should be more likable in general if we’re supposed to understand why Rory likes him. 
  • There are weird little lapses of logic like the price of their junk food being way too high and Lorelai not taking the chair when she originally bought it. Plus, how could they initially fail to see Dean at the market when it’s the size of a shoe box and he’s over 6 feet tall?
  • This makes two episodes that haven’t even mentioned Max Medina. It’s definitely a weird omission.
Favorite Moment: 
Rory saying “thank you” and running through the town to immediately tell Lane

The Bottom Line: 
There are many really good moments, but Dean being so unlikable makes it hard for me to get onboard with this episode. 

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