Monday, January 12, 2015

Podcast #22 - S1E21 - Love, Daisies & Troubadours

Hello! Welcome to Return to Stars Hollow - a spoiler-free, retrospective podcast about Gilmore Girls! This is the podcast for Season 1, Episode 21 - Love, Daisies & Troubadours.

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  1. Hello Ladies.
    Can not believe I have reached the end of series one before finding you and the podcast !
    Although Gilmore Girls was broadcast in the UK, but was not a hit.

    The last episode has odd moments. I love the daisy scene . Perfect that Max heard her and acted !
    But then Rachel ups and leaves Luke ?? Why ? it does seem odd.
    Its only on re-watching do I see that Clara not knowing Rory is odd at the first couple of watches I was not bothered.
    I love the town meetings.

    This type of town is total strange and different from UK life but I would love to visit.
    Can I chime in on the Pop or Soda debate ?? Is it really closed ? Here we would call it a Fizzy Drink or Fizzy Pop.

    Remember the Poodles
    Zoe .. from across the pond !

    1. Like fizzy lifting drinks from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? Amazing.

  2. Hi ladies! I was a lurker during the last month of the Buffy Rewatch so I'm really pleased to catch you in the beginning phase of the Gilmore Girls podcast spinoff.

    All I can say is, Kelly Bishop continues to be a scene-stealer. I was so proud of her for dropping the "Lorelai getting married" bombshell on Richard, and then a second later my pride changed to sympathy when it was clear how heartbroken she was over being left out of Lorelai's big news. As abrasive as Emily Gilmore can be, the actress plays her in such a way that I can't help but love her.

    I was not so in love with Richard this episode. I'm sure Lorelai's right that Richard seeing Rory with Dean made him relive his worst fears. However, putting all that pressure on Rory as the "great white hope" of the Gilmore clan is extremely selfish. Emily and Richard have proven that sometimes they want Rory to succeed so she can be their little trophy, instead of their granddaughter. I think it's unfair that she gets punished for living up to their ridiculously high expectations only 95% of the time. Yes, Rory's extremely responsible and intelligent, but she's still only 16.

    Last but not least: Dean's little "Thanks... I'm sorry," to Emily before leaving the dinner just about broke me. But still, who lets their son out of the house to a fancy dinner wearing jeans and a puka shell necklace?! Shame shame, Foresters.

  3. Okay I've finally caught up, been busy with family, work and school, but I'm back on schedule now.

    P.S. I Lo...
    Mrs. Kim is great in this episode, super funny. Luke looks good in that suit. But yea, why is he changing in the store in front of customers? I do like his overly concerned reaction to Rory running away.
    I'm with Rory, Lorelai is a bit over the top with her lines this episode. Did Rory take a cab all the way to her grandparents expecting them to pay? Sookie is such a good best friend. I love Richard offering Rory part of the paper. I really like how motherly Emily is to Rory. I do actually feel a bit bad for Dean in this episode. I love the Hanson reference.

    Love, Daisies and Troubadours
    Why did Rory just randomly go to the closet and pick up the Dean box?
    A Thursday afternoon girl! Haha, that's so funny! And I do like Taylor being suspicious of Rory. Why is Tristan telling people Rory is going out with him, when she just said no. He must be confident and persistent. Rory's right, he's pathetic. What's Dean doing showing up at her school? Shouldn't he be in school? I really didn't like that scene and their kissing.

    Yes, it's unbelievable that Rory has never met Dean's sister. But apparently Clara has seen Rory. Haha, Rory made Clara cry, and then Rory just runs off! That was funny. Lorelai saying she confuses Taylor until he moves on was funny. And Taylor agreeing with Luke. Rory standing up and rambling was a bit weird. I do like Rory's reference to Paris having Lorelai's clothes.
    Luke and Max is great! I love Lukes line about always being around. it's way to early for Max to be suggesting marriage. Especialy when it sounded like he was just trying to fix their arguments. Another odd job for Kirk. Flower delivery man.

    Sadie, sadie
    I like that Dean knows they need their water changed becausea the way Lorelai says "We really, really missed you" could have been taken a different way. Dean agrees to do something for Rory without arguing. Maybe he will be better this time around.

    Dean is so awkward at the dinner. He's just as tall as Richard. I do like his reaction to meeting Dean. I like Rory standing up for Dean. And Lorelai's comment about that's suppose to be her and Emily. lol. I like Richards line about Rory should not date one boy and it should not be Dean. Does he mean Rory should just be dating around like a ho? I'm sure he wasn't thinking about it, but I thought it was funny.

    Eww, that's a lot of Twinkies. I don't like Twinkies, I prefer the Ho Ho's and Ding Dong's. And who names these foods anyways? Porn star T-shirt? Do I want to know what that is and why Lorelai owns it. Oh Sookie, you ruined it.

    Is it me or does this episode feel more like a finale of S1 rather than the opening of S2. I still don't care about Lorelai and Max.

    Sorry for the long post.

  4. This EW articles tells the behind-the-scenes story of the yellow daisies:

  5. Hi, I’m a new listener. My friend and I started watching Gilmore Girls when it came on Netflix in October. I’m currently on season 6, but it’s a lot of fun to hear in depth analysis of the each episode of the earlier seasons.

    Love, Daisies & Troubadours
    Is this the first time that we see Luke and Bert fix Lorelai’s house?

    It also struck me as weird that Rory dated Dean for three months but never met (or saw) his sister. Dean’s family must not participate in any Stars Hollow events or spend much time in the center of town.

    It’s partly because he’s almost never around and partly because I can’t shake the image of Scott Cohen acting like a wolf/dog long enough to take him seriously, but I just can’t get behind Max. When Luke goes to collect Bert and talk to Lorelai, he’s wearing the same blue plaid shirt from the scene in “Forgiveness and Stuff” when Lorelai gives him the hat. Getting engaged seems like a bad solution to Lorelai and Max’s relationship problems. They definitely need to spend more time getting to know each other and figuring out if they can live together before they take the plunge. Max hasn’t even met Emily and Richard.

  6. Judging from the opening scene it looks like the yellow daisies have multiplied even more.

    I love that we don't see Mrs. Kim, we only hear her happily call for Lane from offscreen. Can you even imagine what her face looks like as she's doing that?
    The shot of Lane next to her giant suitcase is one of my favourite things ever. I have to laugh out loud every time I see that.

    Emily finding out about Lorelai's engagement from Sookie and then commanding Richard to call Rory and apolozige is a great moment. Richard is really horrible though. I do appreciate that we get an interpretation in the next scene and it makes sense but still, a little extreme, but not out of character.
    I do like Dean here, going to the dinner because Rory wants him to and the three Gilmore girls making fun of him didn't hurt either.

    I still like Max. But proposing and accepting the proposal over the phone is a little weird, no? And we don't even see Lorelai's Yes. Her and Rory happily freaking out about it is cute though and Richard and Emily's confused reactions are great.

    Could you explain the water bottles Dean had to change? Is that an american thing? What are they for?

  7. So can we share an ice pop (sorry that is what we call them !) over Sadie Sadie ...
    The opening always makes me smile. All the flowers EVERYWHERE.
    Lane's suitcase is brilliant. Where did they find that ? Would an airline except that ??

    Love watching Luke slowly break down Lorelai's excitement with ALL the questions about what she has and has not asked Max about. But hey he says he is "really happy" ..
    How more uncomfortable can Jackson can look when Sookie tells him Lorelai's news ... OMG !

    Dean and the dinner. Richard really got scared didn't he. He saw Rory loosing all her dreams over a boy but with so little to go on. Its OTT sure, but shows how much he does care in his way for Rory !


    1. PS .. To Blair - perhaps Dean thought he was just going to a family dinner .. I think his outfit would have worked for his family dinners. Perhaps Rory should have whispered in his ear !

  8. Season 1 finale

    Does anyone know what kind of dress Lorelai is wearing in the scene when Luke and Max are both at her house when Max proposes the first time? Soooo cute!!

    It is really cute that Lorelai is so happy about Max actually getting the daisies for her. Although it is not that difficult to call a company and pay extra to have exactly 1000 yellow daisies. Personally I would be much more impressed if someone proposed to me by getting the 1000 yellow daisies themselves and proposing in person, but oh well.

    I love the scene when Dean and Rory kiss at the school. It was a little weird the way they were kissing, but I like the music playing and Rory's "because I love you you idiot" line. I loved the ending scene too.