Monday, January 26, 2015

Célèste's Review of S2E1 "Sadie, Sadie"

“Sadie, Sadie”
Season 2, Episode 1
Original airing: October 9, 2001

My Rating: 63

The Good:
  • The yellow-daisy-filled Stars Hollow in the opening scene is one of the iconic Gilmore Girls moments that sticks with you for years. 
  • Kelly Bishop knocks it out of the park, showing Emily's hurt as well as her incredible strength as she learns about Lorelai's engagement and insists Richard call and apologize to Rory.
The Bad:
  • It bothers me that, in a show about a two-person household, neither person is taking seriously the decision to expand that household. It makes me as a viewer not take it seriously. It especially seems wildly out of character for Rory, in particular, to be more focussed on the details of the wedding than on the decision to marry Max. 
  •  While the idea of Richard having a problem with Dean is a good one, the scene is overdone. It's another example of the show going over the top when subtlety would have been better, which, on rematch, seems to be the most common source of any problem scenes or episodes. 
Favorite Moment:
Emily insists Richard call Rory. She is always so powerful and in control, even at the worst times. 

The Bottom Line:
This episode doesn't hit as hard as you'd expect a season opener to hit. However, coupled with the next episode, which originally aired back-to-back on the same night, it holds up better. 

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