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Podcast #52 - S3E7 - They Shoot Gilmores, Don't They?

Hello! Welcome to Return to Stars Hollow - a spoiler-free, retrospective podcast about Gilmore Girls! This is the podcast for Season 3, Episode 7 - They Shoot Gilmores, Don't They?

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  1. I always like the episodes that highlight the elder Gilmores, and Edward Herrmann kicks butt all over the place in this one. His "get Rory to Yale" conspiracy makes perfect sense for his character: this man just knows that he knows what's best for his granddaughter, and he's not going to let Lorelai's feelings stand in the way. I think he truly loved his college experience and wants to share that with Rory. He also is not terribly skilled in the ways of subterfuge. It's just such a "dad" way of doing something (and yes, I know that's a gender stereotype).

    I believe that Emily did not know about his little plot; she has always been the one who was more desperate to stay on good terms with Lorelai, and she would never have risked that relationship in such a clumsy way.

    The argument between Richard and Lorelai is such a complete smackdown that it's surprising, since usually when the show has arguments between Lorelai and her parents, the terms are more even. But here, Richard is right: Lorelai doesn't know anything about applying to college, Rory will have a much easier time getting into Yale because of alumni connections, and Lorelai is being completely delusional in her certainty that Rory will get into Harvard.

    Lorelai's delusion is frustrating but I actually like this character trait. The episodes that irritate me are the ones where Lorelai is presented as being impractical about money (Secrets and Loans, may its memory be stricken from my brain) because Lorelai's whole adult life requires her to know about money.

    But it makes sense to me that she would be delusional about Rory's Harvard chances because Rory is her blind spot: she has the normal mother-blindness about any fault Rory might have. Added to that: since Rory has always done well in school, undoubtedly Lorelai has been hearing how smart Rory is from teachers for the past ten years. And, I think Lorelai subconsciously thinks that Rory should always have the things Lorelai didn't have because of her pregnancy: a normal high school experience, whatever college she wants, dreams. So, I can get onboard with Lorelai being irrational in this particular way.

    Now, I would like someone to ask Lorelai how Rory is going to pay for college. Back when I was applying, the money question came up long before I started filling out forms. Has no one at Chilton suggested that Rory could get a scholarship to a less prestigious school, or that public universities tend to be much, much cheaper than Ivy League schools?

  2. I thought this episode was a great continuation from last week. Change is very much in the air and everyone seems to be moving on, even in the little things like the dance marathon banners coming down and the Dean bracelet finally snapping. And then of course, things that have been established from the show's very first episode are potentially changing too; namely Rory's dream of Harvard and her love life. I liked that we got the practical implications of what her new relationship could mean, not only for the two directly involved, but for Luke and Lorelai as well. Luke's protective fatherly rant was great, and I especially loved the look he gives just before he leaves the apartment. He's long held the belief that Rory could be a good influence on Jess, but I like how he warns him not to hurt her or go too far. (No one seems too concerned with the thought that Rory could hurt him, but I suppose Jess is still the bad boy in town). Even Lorelai has resigned herself to the idea, even though she doesn't seem too pleased.

    Rory and Jess were extremely cute together at the start when they were unsure and uncertain of how to proceed. I thought it was very realistic, even after all they've been through to get to this point, that they can't just immediately launch straight into things, even though as the audience that's what we've all been dying for! Their kiss at the end though, that was really something, and it's a good thing Rory distracted Jess from smoking that cigarette; I don't think smoking right beside what looks like a gas station would be a particularly good idea! I did like Rory going to speak to Dean, even though it looked a little weird for her to be climbing the tree, although she does give a good explanation. I like that she did realise the way she treated him was wrong, and she acknowledged that. She wasn't totally to blame though, as well we all know, and I didn't expect Dean to apologise back, but maybe in time, when he's not so angry and hurt? Maybe I'm just totally overestimating this character? Probably, but it would be nice.

    The trip to Yale was very interesting (I suppose we should be grateful they didn't title this episode 'The Roadtrip to Yale') and it sets up an interesting conflict. Rory has wanted to go to Harvard since forever but Yale looks just as good, it could potentially be easier to get in because of Richard and she could live at home, which could allow the show to keep up a similar dynamic when Rory goes off to college next year. I do think Richard genuinely meant well, even if he went about it the wrong way. It's just a shame that it put a stop to the nice trip they were having. We don't get a lot of the four Gilmores interacting positively and genuinely having fun together, so that was nice, and I especially loved getting to hear more about Emily and Richard when they were young.

  3. Before I go into my overall review of this episode, I must say that is has been great to rewatch Gilmore Girls from the beginning after all these years of it being off the air. Gilmore Girls has a special place in my " Coming of Age ". As the show depicts a single mother-daughter relationship which something that I strongly relate as the only daughter of a young single mother. My mother and I have always been extremely close and yet she is strongly maternal when need be. And now at 25 I get more of the pop culture references and subject matter then when I was 10.

    Now onto the episode , The past two episodes of the series deals with inevitable future events.
    Such as Rory and Dean breakup , The romance between Jess and Rory , Rory's collegiate aspirations Lorelai's fears of an empty nest and of course Jackson and Sookie's possibly starting a family.

    In typical Lorelai and Rory fashion it took them thirty minutes to go across to the Luke's. I wasn't expecting the comment about Heather Mills. Was that around the time that Paul McCartney and she got together ?

    Anyway I love the overall awkwardness of Rory and Jess since their meeting at the bridge on the last episode. I can sense that Lorelai was displeased about her daughter's decision about Rory dating Jess. But she is rather accepting of her daughter's choice anyway and supports her. And I love how Luke was not only concerned about Jess but for the well-being of Rory as well.

    " The Road Trip To Harv ... I mean Yale overall I love that we got more background information on
    " Richard and Emily , The Early Years ". Personally I believe that Richard's heart was in the right place regarding Rory's education. Whilst Lorelai had some valid points , Richard's points were stronger and more based on realism. He had hoped his daughter went to his Alma Mater. I definitely could see Lorelai going to Yale Law School. Since her strong suits our of course talking and debating. That scene of Lorelai drinking her coffee out of the car window never fails to make me laugh. I love that this episode didn't solely focus on Rory and Jess and their relationship. It is important that Rory should be focused on her future. I always wanted to know did Rory apply to any more schools other than Harvard? Because if she didn't she is only setting her self up for potential failure if she didn't get an acceptance letter.

  4. I'm just now catching up to They Shoot Gilmores, and I have to say I was glad to have a fantastic episode after several in a row that I did not enjoy and didn't feel like they were propelling the story along at all. The ending of this one definitely made me want to watch the next one and I hope to be able to get to it in time to share my feedback!

    I loved Luke and Lorelai's small chat over the shoe repair. I missed Sookie so I was glad to see her back. Lane's smile when Dave came up with that excuse was amazing. But... the Jess/Rory/Dean stuff was exactly what I have been waiting for. Now, Rory and Jess were amazing - Dean... I just don't feel that Jared Padalecki is a very strong actor here. It felt like he was saying lines rather than being a teenage boy that was angry and heartbroken. Good stuff though, can't wait to see what's next!

  5. I like the opening scene a lot, but they had 24 hours to recover, right? So it shouldn't be that bad anymore. Since it was brought up on the last podcast: I think it actually makes a lot of sense to start the dance marathon in the early morning. If you started in the afternoon, people would have to get up in the morning and go to work or school before the dance, and everyone would end up being up for much longer than 24 hours which wouldn't make it any easier. Yeah, 6 am is maybe a little extreme, but I can see where they're coming from.

    I'm very into Jess & Rory - the early years. Their kiss at the end already looks more intense than anything we've seen between Rory and Dean. My favourite part about Luke's talk with Jess about ground rules is the proud, self-satisfied look on his face at the end.

    I appreciate that Rory apologizes to Dean for treating him terribly, but I also think she does it, at least in part, to make herself feel better. It's telling that she starts by rambling about how everyone must hate her now. I think by staying with Dean, she was trying not to hurt him, but she also didn't want people to hate her for breaking his heart. But that's how it is now, some people won't like her for what happened and she has to live with that. I like that Dean sticks to his guns here and isn't ready to forgive her. Does she really expect him to this fast?

    While a lot of what Richard says is right and his intentions are good, I can't sympathize with him here, because he goes about it in all the wrong ways. I like that we see all three Gilmore girls be upset with him because he didn't mention his plan, but they all have very different reasons for that. I like the dynamics in the different fights a lot. It's interesting that Emily tries to defend and justify Richard's action to Lorelai even though she herself is annoyed by him because he ruined her perfect day. I especially like the confrontation between Richard and Rory and her reason for being mad. He should have just told her and she would have gone to the meeting - which I assume is very important? - well prepared and she would have made a great impression, because that's important to Richard, but that's also very important to Rory. That's who she is and Richard should have known that. We also don't see these two fight that often (was the last fight the one over Dean way back when?), so I'm curious how this gets resolved, with all of them.

  6. Hello ladies .. I did not realise i had been so busy with working away and then holidays that its taken me to now to catch up and be back on track. I have listened all the podcasts so I am up to date at last!

    I fi0nd the opener confusing .. Didn't they finish the dance at 6am Sunday ... so why on Monday are they SO very tired !??! Now if they finished at 6am Monday morning then only had a couple of hours sleep this would make more sense !?!?

    Least of our problems ... This episode was about "the early years" and "mis-direction" which is great subjects and allows for some great lines.

    So first we have Rory and Jess the early years ... YES YES YES ... OMG YES ... LOVE this ...
    Did anyone else think WALTONS ??
    When Jess finally gets Rory upstairs and then they do not know what to do next ... that was a little surprising as Jess seem to know what to do with Shane. But the Luke's timing coming in once they start to get closer ...lol
    But agree with the other girls that Luke really thinks he has laid down the law to Jess and has the smug/proud smile on his face.

    Next is Richard and Emily - the early years .
    WOW ... Emily was so happy about the family road trip and telling stories of their meeting, first date in the gallery (Froun, step back, wrinkle and sign) and the proposal.
    Love the girl giggles and huge grin she has. Emily was the other women ! Also how Lorelai and Emily are getting on in the bathroom...

    BUT Gilmour road trip rules ... how much did they put in the bags ?? And where are those bags now as when arriving at Luke's they had no hug bags!

    FIrst its Richard .... ooohh how sneaky getting Rory to go to Yale.
    BANG - did it back fire as all three of the girls are now upset at him for different reasons. Although I agree that Richard has a point that he does know the system more than his daughter he should know his grandaughter enough now to know she would want to be prepared for the meeeting !

    Second is the "kid code" ... LOL
    Which gives us the first Jess and Rory kiss !! It did feel more right that any with Dean... But by this time were the actors not dating ? I guess that helps !

    Third - Rory and Dean ... Well really what did she expect. She is trying to work out how to do break ups I guess - but face it someone is going to hate you !

    Favourite part
    Emily- "What can we find in a bathroom ? "
    Lorelai - "George Micheal !"
    So of the time that one

  7. Hope you’re feeling better, Cordia!

    I love Luke’s acting as Rory’s guardian in this episode. It works on several levels: there’s the basic assumption that Rory isn’t ready for whatever Jess might want to do, but maybe Luke also wants to give her time to set her own boundaries before Jess swoops in and sets them for her. And I’m sure a big part of it is Luke’s desire to be Lorelai’s co-parent, and give her peace of mind about Rory’s well-being.

    To me, Emily has one of the more interesting stakes in the Yale conflict. I appreciate that she can defend Richard to Lorelai while still being angry with him. It speaks to the different roles she plays as the public Mrs. Richard Gilmore, his partner, and the private Emily, someone who tells him when he’s crossed the line.

    Rory’s ability to stand up for herself in high-pressure situations is one of my favorite things about her. Richard is accustomed to getting what he wants through networking alone, but Rory has a deep desire to accomplish things by her own merits. She was not only willing to put in the proper effort towards the Yale interview despite her privilege, but she let Richard know that. This inner strength also proves that if there’s a conflict with Jess about sex at some point, she is perhaps more equipped for that conversation than Luke thinks she is.

    Watching Rory finally kiss Jess again after so many with Dean must be what it’s like to get a bowl of Cocoa Puffs after a lifetime of bran flakes. I don’t think I took a breath during that entire scene. Sweet mercy. This feels like the first genuine smile from Jess, after all of his smirking at people. His whole face softens, and it’s equal parts incredible and adorable getting to see him like this.

    I thought Rory’s visit to Dean's felt very in-character, if misguided on her part. Dean is right not to dole out the forgiveness right away, but Rory piling on all the highlights of their relationship had writer fingerprints all over it. Yes, Dean did go to that debutante ball, but first he pouted like a toddler. It’s just another instance of dueling Dean impressions, so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised this late in the game. And is this the first glimpse we get inside Dean’s house? Placing him in his own environment really would have helped flesh out his character… twenty-five episodes ago. Oh well.

  8. Thank you everyone for your well wishes! I am feeling much better and the new podcast is coming your way tomorrow morning!

  9. this was my favorite episode of the show so far. Dean the entire show has always been the one that likes Rory more than she likes him. I am glad that he broke up with her but the way that he did it was mean but we all know that she didnt really like him as much since she met the perfection that is Jess. Shane I think just wanted someone to make out with and have sex but im not sure if she really had and opinion of Rory she might have even known that Jess liked Rory and not her. Loralie hasnt been big this season and i agree it is from the love triangle involved with Rory. I hope she gets more to have happen with her and that she finally gets another good guy to date because i dont think that Luke would actually be a good boyfriend for her because they have been friends to long. she could never really love him or like him in that way because she will always see him as a helpful friend. not really sure. i want Kirk to have a good season and grow as a character seeing he is beeing made up as a sad pathetic person and i hope he gets a girlfriend or actually something fullfilling will happen