Monday, September 21, 2015

Podcast #51 - S3E6 - Take the Deviled Eggs...

Hello! Welcome to Return to Stars Hollow - a spoiler-free, retrospective podcast about Gilmore Girls! This is the podcast for Season 3, Episode 6 - Take the Deviled Eggs...

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  1. Hi there Celeste and Cordia! finally up to date on all the podcast's episodes and will hopefully keep up. It's fun to listen and get a new perspective on all the stories. My opinion regarding Dean has been much more forgiving before I listened to you guys (not that I liked him but I didn't mind him that much).
    I watched Gilmore girls years ago as a 25 year old and me and my younger sister loved to be "in the zone" and have a conversation Gilmore style I.e. very fast and with tones of references. Growing up and having access to the the WWW I found to my horror that our TV company used to cut the bit before the credits to make sure the show fits the time slot given to it (and they were never on time anyway!!) so had to get my hands on all the episodes and re-watch to see what I missed.
    Being a trivia enthusiast I really liked Gilmore girls and to this day, have TV and movie references in almost all my conversations, and this brings me to your external references, two corrections...

    Cocoon and Sleepless in Seattle don't EXACTLY have the plot you have described. They are two adorable feel good films and are well worth watching.
    and regarding the Uma Oprah thing from this episode -- you have to watch this to understand

    This is a link to the Oscars ceremony that was hosted by Letterman and this is one of the jokes that everyone were puzzling over the next day. I don't think he hosted again.

    Many Thanks for your podcast it makes the commute to work much less annoying :)

  2. After the previous few episodes, I feel like this one is right back on par and what we have come to expect from Gilmore Girls. The tone felt right, there was a mixture of Stars Hollow, Chilton and the grandparents (well Emily anyway) and all our favourite characters were there on top form, including some we haven't seen in a while. I always love episodes focused on a big town event and the dance marathon was great. Of course Stars Hollow would have a 24 hour dance marathon to raise money for a tarp. I loved seeing all the town characters gathered together and interacting in a setting other than a town meeting. I never expected Jess and Mrs Kim to come together but I love how she, unlike practically anyone else, seemed to scare him a little. I couldn't stop laughing at the ''am.' Kirk was as fabulous as ever, and I loved his victory lap while Lorelai and Rory are having an emotional moment at the end of the episode.

    Of course we have to talk about the latest in the love triangle...or maybe that's not an accurate phrase anymore! I didn't expect Dean to be the one doing the actual breaking up, especially since we haven't even seen him in a couple of episodes. (The last time we actually saw him was back in Application Anxiety). The first time I watched this, I was sure they were trying to faze him out gradually so the show could focus more on Rory and Jess. I'm glad that wasn't the case and I liked him calling Rory out, even if I don't think the right place to do it was in the dance marathon in front of everyone. Dean very clearly stating 'you're into him and he's into you' finally brings it all home to Rory, especially when she later admits that everything he said was right.

    I loved Rory and Jess returning to the bridge for another talk; it's a nice little connection they have. I assume him 'going to take care of something' means breaking up with Shane and while I'm glad Rory and Jess are presumably getting together, I can't help but feel a little sorry for Shane. This has only happened with this rewatch, but I really didn't like Rory being rude to her at the dance in front of everyone, especially the comment ' I mean, girls like Shane - what is it with them? Don’t they see what they look like? I know they have mirrors.'

    The return of Jamie was great, and something I didn't necessarily expect. I liked that we got to see Rory acting as Paris' friend, similar to how she's been interacting with Lane recently, and giving her advice. Dave was cute and I loved his interaction with Mrs Kim; he likes Lane so much that his cover stories are almost as elaborate as hers. I can't wait to see more of them together in the future. Luke was on fine form this episode, from fixing Lorelai's shoe to saying he would consider having kids if he found the right person....while staring into Lorelai's eyes. Come on guys, you love each other, we can all see it.

    I did notice a few little logical issues; they in no way detracted me from the story because I enjoyed it so much, but I just thought they were worth pointing out. Firstly, Rory says that this is Dean's first dance marathon, but didn't he move to Stars Hollow at the start of the series, which should be about two years ago now? This should be his second one, at least. Also, Andrew's fight with his date happens at like six hours in, rather than fifteen minutes like Rory said earlier, even though they say it happens right on schedule. Finally, there's no way there were 156 couples...the board must have been lying! Like I said, I really enjoyed this episode and these didn't put me off at all, I just couldn't help but notice!

    PS I didn't get a chance to comment last week, but I swear I am 100% my own person and it was pure coincidence that I had all the same opinions as Cordia on Eight O'Clock at the Oasis!

  3. This is definitely one of my favourite episodes, maybe even my most favourite. I agree with everything Una said and love all the little moments she mentions, so I won't repeat all of that. I also love that almost all the characters we know and care about have something fun to do here, that's always great, especially when it comes togehter as organically as it does here.

    I've been really frustrated with Rory this season and that continues here with her behaviour towards Dean, Jess and Shane. I'm glad Dean is finally standing up for himself and telling it as it is. Of course, he's still Dean, so in typical Dean-fashion, he has to yell at Rory and break up with her in front of half the town. It surprised me how little we've seen of Dean this season, I never noticed that before this rewatch. But I'm happy that this relationship is over now and we can finally move on.

    I also love the moment between Rory and Jess at the bridge. It makes a lot of sense that he would ask and make sure that Rory and Dean are definitely broken up this time. He's kind of been here before when Rory kissed him and then went back to Dean. So a confirmation that this time it's different and that that won't happen again is necessary.
    I also really like that he goes and breaks up with Shane before anything happens between him and Rory. That's the right thing to do and I like that he at least respects her enough to end things officially before moving on.

    Everyone at the dance looks absolutely fabulous. This is the first time I noticed that Kirk is wearing a vest from Doosey's market which made me laugh. It's maybe the only vest he has, so he has to dress up with it.
    I like and kind of agree with Rory's point about Kirk having nothing else in his life and love how competitive he is about the whole thing. But what is Rory talking about when she says Kirk has no career? He has like 500 different careers.

    I've accepted that time in Stars Hollow is a strange and magical thing and normally it doesn't really bother me. But there are several instances here where it takes me out of the episode. It's especially distracting because the clock is right there and they keep coming back to it to show us the exact time.
    One of those things is that Dave Rygalsky - who's still perfect by the way - drops by at 5am in the morning. Why would he do that? I have no problem believing that Mrs. Kim would believe that his parents are at private bible study at that time, but how would that be the excuse he uses in the middle of the night?
    Even worse to me are the logistics of the break up. First of all, where is Lorelai during this? It's especially annoying because this question could have been so easily avoided. All they had to do was put the scene where Luke fixes Lorelai's shoe in any other place but the gym.
    And then again the time. The fight starts at 5:10am. Dean breaks up with Rory, she goes to the bridge, waits for Jess, they talk, and when Lorelai comes back to the gym from whereever she was, shortly followed by Rory, it's 5:13am. None of this makes any sense.
    And again, Rory leaving and Lorelai being misteriously missing would've still bothered me a little, but not nearly as much, had they not insisted of showing that time on the clock.

  4. Emily at the dinner table was great, I liked the Elizabeth Taylor references. I thought Jamie was super sweet dealing with Paris. I loved Madeline and Louise's reaction to Paris cancelling on Saturday. Their first thought is to immediately get dates. I actually liked Dean on the couch making fun of the girls calling Dave. Dave then showing up and telling Lane that he missed her was all really sweet. And I liked how he covered up the whole thing with Mrs. Kim.

    I thought Taylor's speech at the dance was funny. "If you're about to have a stroke or heart attack, please move off to the side so your that collapse does not interfere with the other contestants". It was great seeing the whole town dance and have a good time. The run around thing was awesome! I liked Jess' reaction to Mrs. Kim. I'm thinking maybe Luke should send Jess to her any time he gets out of line.

    So wow, Dean finally stood up and said he was done. It's about time! Rory and Jess were clearly just trying to one up each other in the jealousy department. It's about time Dean admitted it to himself and Rory, and well every one else at the dance. Loved the end scene with Jess and Rory with her finally admitting that she wants to be with Jess.

    Loved Luke clarifying to Lorelai how he feels about kids, and them both saying that they would have kids if they met the right person. Such a sweet and romantic scene, even if they aren't together. Gives me hope for the future.

  5. This episode really takes advantage of the setting, and forcing all these characters together for 24 hours brings so many emotions to a head like no other storyline could. Taylor's countdown to the start of the marathon gave me that nauseous kind of excitement that I associate with proms and weddings. Rory and Lorelai both looked beyond glamorous, and I love that most of Stars Hollow went all-in on the '40s fashion.

    I know Dean is objectively the worst, but I am more sympathetic to him here than I've been before. Yes, he was extremely controlling and that's not admirable, but when I reexamine the season so far from his perspective, it's really just sad. All the letters he wrote her over the summer and his early flight home from Chicago were desperate attempts to revive their failing relationship.

    I appreciate the Jess and Rory scene on the bridge for its starting gun qualities, but the lighting on Milo Ventimiglia's face makes him look 10 years older and it completely took me out of the moment. Although, I do like Jess' refusal to sit down next to Rory or get too close. They've sat close together on that bridge before, back when they could have denied what they felt. But the fact that they're now admitting it is really significant and scary, and so they don't know how to banter anymore. Ugh, beautiful.

    Of course Jess is going off to "take care" of breaking up with Shane. I almost wish the show established what kind of relationship they had so I know if I need to feel sorry for her, or not. I assume it was a friends with benefits situation since Jess admitted neither of them care. I can't imagine Shane will be all that sad to see him go, considering how quickly he pulls away from her once Rory's out of sight.

    Almost forgot: Paris is a powerhouse who deserves the world. Since when is a reappearance from a guy after three months of silence cause for celebration? Come on, Paris. Hold out for a hero.

  6. I really like this episode -- but on rewatch I noticed some tiny moments to enjoy still more:

    1) The look on Dave Rygalski's face when he bites into that sandwich and conquers the urge to vomit.

    2) We learn that "Kirk" is actually Kirk's LAST name. (Donald Delaney Kirk? Yikes.)

    3) Jackson screaming about his right to privacy across a crowded room.

    4) And the greatest Paris dialogue of all time: "He was supposed to go away and never come back. I already wrote his name in my revenge notebook!" I would pay actual money to see Paris's revenge notebook -- I bet she started it in preschool.