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Cordia's Review of S3E7 - They Shoot Gilmores, Don't They?

They Shoot Gilmores, Don’t They?
Season 3, Episode 7
Original airing: November 12, 2002

My Rating: 86

The Good:
The end of the Dean and Rory relationship is something I’ve been waiting for since mid-season one, so I’m pretty pleased it’s finally here. Dean’s bad behavior throughout the relationship has become clearer during this rewatch and Rory’s bad behavior at the end has made it pretty plain these two were doomed. This was a very satisfying and surprising way to finish things off.

I never expected Dean to be the one to do the breaking up. The episode did a great job of pushing Dean to this point through Rory’s obvious obsession with Jess. I was completely on his side that she was hurting him all the time and it needed to stop. His timing was, of course, less than perfect. Rory isn’t trying to be hurtful; she’s confused and making poor choices from stress and exhaustion. Dean choosing to break up with Rory in the middle of the dance floor and in front of Jess feels purposefully mean. He could have pulled her in to the hallway. But he’s also a teenager and it’s easy to assume they both have lost control of their emotions.

The end scene at the lake was beautiful for several reasons and the one that really made me happy was the level of honesty on display. Rory and Jess both seem exhausted and ready to just lay it out there. They aren’t being quippy or making references. They’re just stating that Dean was right and that’s that. I really appreciated that the show had Jess choose to go break up with Shane before full pursuing Rory. That was a nice touch after Dean’s outburst to show that Jess does have a sense of decency.

I greatly enjoyed the majority of the background stories as well. Kirk’s obsession with winning the marathon and Lorelai’s rivalry with him were both entertaining. Sookie and Jackson’s baby fight was a nice way to introduce the idea of children for their storyline and was more interesting than just stating their going to have kids. And Lane and Dave couldn’t have been cuter. It’s nice to see Dave heard Lane’s concerns about her mother and is willing to navigate that unique relationship to spend time with her.

The Bad:
The one thing that really bothered me in this episode was Jamie’s return. It feels like he’s been gone for a while and his sudden reappearance feels a bit heavy. I could see how it might be romantic for a teenage girl to have a cute college guy visit out of nowhere and declare how he can’t stop thinking about you. But from a slightly older perspective, it felt a bit stalker to me. I don’t think that’s how the show at all intended the scene to play and it wasn’t bad enough that it really reduced my overall enjoyment of the episode. It was bad enough that I noticed and felt just a bit uncomfortable.

Favorite Moment:
Dave’s overly detailed story about bringing his parents back for the sandwiches, but only if they finished in 20 minutes, otherwise he’d be on the stairs… you know… over there… in 30 minutes… just saying… was fantastic! I loved how it got more and more obvious as he kept speaking and how it went completely over Mrs. Kim’s head. Lane and Dave are adorable.

The Bottom Line:

This was my favorite episode of the season so far. I had very, very few complaints and mostly thought the multitude of storylines was hitting really well. I’m thrilled that the Rory and Dean relationship has finally come to an end and we can see how things develop between Rory and Jess.

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