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Cordia's Review of S3E6 - Take the Deviled Eggs...

Take the Deviled Eggs…
Season 3, Episode 6
Original airing: November 5, 2002

My Rating: 66

The Good:
I thought this was an overall good episode. Nothing stuck out as particularly stellar or particularly bad.

I enjoyed most of the storyline with Jess’ car. I liked the opportunity it provided for Luke to realize how out of control he is in this situation with his nephew. He often states that he has the power in the relationship and we know as viewers that this is generally not true. Luke’s attempts to discover Jess’ secret shows how far he is willing to go, from grilling Gypsy for information to hunting through Jess’ sock drawer.

The pay-off scene when Luke learns Jess is working at Wal-mart was excellent. We got to see their relationship balance out a bit through some merciless teasing, which felt appropriate to their style of interaction.

Rory’s side of the story with Jess didn’t work quite as well, but I found it believable that she would transfer her frustration and anger about Jess and Shane on to his car. While she always sided with him that the accident in season two was an actual accident, it made sense that this would be an excellent outlet for her feelings.

I really liked that the car storyline allowed for a very funny scene between Gypsy and Jackson. I had never thought about these two interacting, but it was brilliant. Gypsy is a wonderfully caustic character and her wit and humor about Jackson’s truck repairs was perfect.

The highlight of the episode for me actually centered on the small vignettes with the townspeople. I loved everyone’s interest in Miss Patty’s date, Gypsy and Jackson are a great pair, the reverend and the rabbi did an excellent job of bringing Taylor down a few pegs, and the final protest fell apart in a very appropriately Stars Hollow manner.

The Bad:
My biggest struggle with the episode was the Sherry storyline. While I think the show is doing a pretty good job of making Sherry a more three dimensional character, it boils down that I just don’t care very much about her or her pregnancy. She’s still overall pushy in this episode. Practically forcing Lorelai to attend the shower was way too much.

I care more about how the pregnancy is affecting Rory and her relationship with Christopher, but we really don’t get to see that. The biggest bit from this is Sherry unintentionally driving Lorelai crazy and Lorelai’s understandable frustration, even though her chosen catharsis was extremely childish.

Favorite Moment:
I was really touched by the entire town meeting oohing and aahing over Miss Patty’s newest man. It was incredibly sweet and even Luke was smiling and getting in to the action.

The Bottom Line:

While we got some forward momentum on some story lines, nothing struck me as particularly dynamic.

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