Monday, July 20, 2015

Podcast #45 - Season 2 Recap

Hello! Welcome to Return to Stars Hollow - a spoiler-free, retrospective podcast about Gilmore Girls! This is the podcast for our Season 2 Recap. 

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  1. Hey there ... My Season 3 review to come later

    Have you seen this YouTube which is the June2015 ATX festival with Gilmore Girl cast on stage.
    This is 2 hrs long ... the only ones missing is Richard :( ...Taylor and Suki ... WOW ! Worth a watch ladies.

    I have to say Emily Bishop just does not age and nor does the actor playing Michael ...

  2. It's so great to have you guys back! It is always a treat to come into work on Mondays and have your podcast waiting for me. Please keep calling Luke and Jess the SHMEBs so I can keep falling out of my desk chair with laughter.

    Onto this week's episode. Jess is kissing someone else, because we can't have nice things. Did he not write Rory back over the summer? I'm torn whether his letters would be as monosyllabic as he is, or not. Something about loving classic literature suggests he might have some poetic tendencies, so maybe he'd open up and write sweet things. Rory and her fancy party dress seemed very open to pursuing something with him, so I wonder where things went wrong.

    I have a theory that the scone mix is a metaphor for Christopher. Emily thinks it should be easy to "bake" him into Lorelai's husband, but Lorelai admits she isn't the right person to do that. While he will still be "on the counter" (in her life), he won't fulfill what Emily sees as his one purpose in Lorelai's life.

    Lauren Graham did an excellent job establishing where Lorelai stands emotionally this episode. She is an independent woman but she also wants a partner, and that's okay. It's heartbreaking that she feels she has to pretend otherwise. I love that we got a softened Luke as a result. It's long past time for their feud to be over but I agree with what you guys said: it would have been ideal for Lorelai to accept where she'd gone wrong and try to do better. But we love her through her flaws.

    So is Lorelai on Team Dean or Jess at this point? During her rant at the fair I would have said Team Dean, but by the end scene on the couch I think it's best to say she's on Team Rory, as she should be. Much as I love Jess, that vaccination line was a good zinger.

  3. That is an excellent dream sequence. It probably says something about the show that it's not immediately obvious that it's a dream. The room full of alarm clocks, Luke in the kitchen, making breakfast and bantering about coffee, it's not out of the realm of possibility that that might really be happening.
    What would I give to see Rory's dream of a hula-hooping Taylor with a freakishly thick head of hair?

    I'd like to know if Rory wrote Dean any letters back or if she only tried and failed to write to Jess. Because I don't think she ever actually sent Jess anything because she didn't know what to say.

    As is often the case, I like everything about Paris and her story here. Rory is very cute when she's talking about Jess and compatibility. She's clearly not referring to Dean.

    I love the scene with Lorelai at Luke's and her speech there. It's great to see that here's a strong, independent woman who has a good life and she's happy with it, but she still wants a partner and the whole package, and that these things aren't mutually exclusive.

    I'm with Lorelai on her main point: Rory needs to make up her mind about what she wants. I get that she's young and she's confused because she has feelings for this bad boy and she's the good girl and that's not supposed to happen, especially not because he already has a Dean who, at least in this parallel universe of Stars Hollow, is considered to be the perfect boyfriend. But what she's doing right now is not fair to neither Dean nor Jess. She's clearly interested in Jess beyond the one kiss, dressing up and looking for him while Dean isn't even supposed to be there. When he arrives, he says that he came in early from whereever. She kissed Jess, told him to not tell anyone about it, ran away and hasn't contacted him since (I assume). And now she's jealous that he's kissing another girl. We'll see how this develops not that she seems determined to stay with Dean.

    I think there's a pretty good chance that Jess is kissing the girl against the tree in order to make Rory jealous. I'm not sure how he would know that she'd come back on this day but I can't really see Jess spending any extended period of time near the town square and the festival, especially not while they play the one song over and over and over again.

    Speaking of those lazy hazy crazy days, that song sure is an earworm. I can always count on it being stuck in my head for hours after watching this.

  4. OMG ... Mareike is right ... I have "Lazy Crazy Days of Summer" running round and round !!

    What a dream start to a new series :) Love that it was quite a few minutes into the sequence before my head started to say "hey what's going on ?". But LOVE Rory's take on the meaning of the dream the first time is SO RIGHT. Like mother like daughter...

    BUT is it me - or has Lorelai not been to Luke's all summer ?? Appears so from that final scene.
    Yet they have that Whole Package talk ... Luke you should be taking notes !

    Suki's deco flip out is amazing. Now I do see what she means about her house being very ribbons and bows ... but what she creates is terrifying !!!! Mrs Kim does not help.

    The "1st Annual End of Summer Madness Festival" ... WOW ... Taylor has Sept filled up !!! He is such a great charactor to push all those small minded civil servant jokes on !

    LOL .. Paris chasing after the congress members ... Amazing ! Love how everyone rushed to the rest room as Paris appears.

    Paris + Jamie and the date ... Perfect chemistry ! yet again Rory gets to dress Paris for a date.

    OMG - Kurt and "HayThere" .... how could it ever go right ????

    The parents are home ... in style - what else. Then the flip out over the baby ... Emily has spent the summer dreaming of the perfect family and BANG now its all gone again !!!


  5. Yay! You guys are back! Now let's kick off season 3!

    The opening threw me off a bit. But I loved seeing Luke at Loreais and making her breakfast and kissing! Of course it was a dream though. Kirk's "Hay There" products was great, and Lorelai pointing out cows eat grass was nice. And then of course he says its bad. Silly Kirk.
    Taylor was hilarious, chasing that blonde girl down the street in the wheelchair. Also Taylor in a wheelchair is funny in general.

    I loved Barbara Boxer pushing Paris off on someone else. That was a great scene. And yay for Paris, she finally got a date. I liked Jamie, he seems like a less neurotic version of Paris. And her freaking out while getting ready was awesome.

    Mrs. Kim is always great! Upping Lorelai's offer to have Sookie not buy the fish. And of course she sells it to Sookie anyways. Poor Jackson, Sookie went overboard. But I do like seeing them dealing with these kinds of issues now that they are married.

    I liked Rory's dress that she changed into. Why is Jess making out with this other girl? I felt bad for Rory having to see him, but she technically is still with Dean.

    Emily and Richard's discussion about Christopher was great. I like that Richard understands where Christopher is coming from. I didn't like how they blamed all of this on Lorelai. Luke seems like he really doesn't care about Lorelai's past failed relationships. He just wants to be her future.

    So far it's a good start to the season. I honestly don't remember much about where this season goes other than a few eps, so I'm excited to start watching again.