Monday, July 6, 2015

Podcast #43 - S2E21 - Lorelai's Graduation Day

Hello! Welcome to Return to Stars Hollow - a spoiler-free, retrospective podcast about Gilmore Girls! This is the podcast for Season 2, Episode 21 - Lorelai's Graduation Day. 

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  1. -This feels like a good episode to finally explain why it is that I do not like Christopher. To be perfectly honest, it has taken me quite awhile to really put my finger on why I dislike him so much, but I think I've finally figured it out. I think the biggest issue I have is that he is an extremely unstable character. He swoops in, being all charming and sweet, and then every time he exits, he leaves some sort of turmoil in his wake. In season 1, his arrival eventually led to that horrible dinner with the parents, as well as Lorelai bailing on Luke and Rory being upset about Lorelai's refusal of his marriage proposal. Then he came for the debutante ball, and dropped the Sherry bomb, an arc which led to him exploding at Lorelai in the middle of Luke's. This time he came around after the accident, making everyone believe he was here to stay, only to drop another Sherry bomb, walk away and leave Lorelai devastated in the process. It's like I can never feel comfortable with his character having nice moments with the girls, because I'm always waiting for the other shoe to drop.

    -2.11 - You mentioned it being weird that Lorelai was suddenly wearing glasses. The contacts/glasses have been mentioned prior to this episode. In fact, they're mentioned in the Pilot. After Rory and Lorelai fight about going to Chilton, Lorelai tells Sookie that she got no sleep and thinks she put her contacts in backwards.

  2. As for why the Gilmores have all these pots and pans even though they never use them: I can imagine Lorelai, in one of her sudden bursts of excitement, deciding that she's going to start cooking and it's going to be great. So she goes out, buys all this stuff, puts it in the kitchen, and that was that for that plan.

    Lorelai is finally apologizing to Luke for what she said to him while still trying to justify herself. I'm glad this is addressed again because I was worried they were just going to ignore that and let Lorelai be in the right.

    I like the scene between Jess and Luke. Let's see if things are really going to be different. Did anyone get a clear view of Jess' shirt? Because I didn't but I'm pretty sure it didn't look like what Luke was describing?

    I enjoy the scenes between Lorelai and Chris a lot. I does bother me though that nobody mentions or cares about the fact that, technically, Chris is cheating on Sherry with Lorelai.
    Lauren Graham sells Lorelai's heartbreak at the end so well. Despite it hurting Lorelai and despite the fact that you shouldn't be with someone just because you have a child together, I still respect Chris' decision to try to make it work with Sherry again and to be there for her and the baby. He missed out on Rory growing up and Rory had to grow up without a father and Chris doesn't want that again which is understandable. It also shows once more that he has become a more responsible person.

    It's nice for a change to see Lorelai share something with Emily immediately. It'll be interesting to see Emily's reaction when she learns that it didn't work out. She was so excited. I also love the grandparents' bit about the pity invite. But they are going to attend the wedding anyway because they are not rude.

    Dean is not the worst, switching breakfast is nice.
    But that kiss between Jess and Rory. Finally. It's a good kiss and I have to admit that I rewind this moment probably every time I watch this episode. (I am that person) I just love the way it moves across the screen, from left to right to left. Rory just jumps at Jess and he's so surprised but goes along with it. And then she apperently decides to not deal with this triangle situation by going to Washington for the summer.

    I'm a little disappointed that we see almost nothing of Sookie and Jackson's wedding. You might expect this episode to be about them but it's really not. But I like the little bits we do get and Jackson in his kilt is a great sight.

    Oy with the poodles already!

  3. Congratulations to the Eleven Years' War for finishing in less time than it took Rory to kiss Jess. But what a kiss it was. Two things I find noteworthy: Rory taking a rather large, deliberate step in order to get to Jess, and the way he put his hands on her face. Touching someone's face is such a soft, personal thing and up until now Jess has been a rather distanced and unemotional character.

    Yelling back "Welcome home!" was classic Rory. When she realizes she's broken a rule and *likes it*, she tries to cover it up with politeness and decorum before anyone else can realize what she's done.

    Transitioning from the sexy lakeside kissing to the sideshow nonsense that is Christopher and Lorelai was a cold slap in the face. I can't tell how the show wants me to feel about them when the characters themselves are so wishy-washy about the relationship. I understand wanting to make it work for Rory's sake, but I got the sense that Chris showed up mostly because he was wanted less at home. There's nothing admirable about returning to an old flame just because it's convenient. We also don't know Chris' role in his issues with Sherry. Is he returning to his old irresponsible ways? Is she pressuring him to have children before he's ready? That could give some perspective.

    Finally, I delighted in seeing Lane drum on that (very expensive-looking) grand piano. Maybe in the season three premiere she'll get a line!

  4. This almost feels like it should have been a two parter episode. I wish that we would have focused more on Sookies wedding rather than have it as the back drop to what was going on with the girls. I did like Christopher coming, and thought he and Lorelai were cute, but I did not like him immediately leaving the wedding. I also don't like this cliche in shows and movies, where they can't be together cause someone is pregnant.

    Yay Jess is back! and finally Rory just jumps him and kisses him! It was about time. I did like her just not wanting to deal with it and run away. Did not like her scene in the diner with Dean. If she wanted his pancakes why didn't she just order them herself. Or maybe I'm just picky and selfish with my food cause I would not be switching.

    Very interested in seeing where season 3 goes from here. How Emily will react to Sherry being pregnant when Lorelai got her hopes up about them being together. I want to see how the Rory Dean and Jess triangle plays out. Also now that Lorelai apologizes maybe we can get back to more Luke and Lorelai flirting.

  5. "Oy with the poodles already" ... I so want a t-shirt with this on it !!

    HOW SCARY is Paris when she running for Student council,. Not surprised she needs Rory. Although the poll that MAdalane & "thingy" (sorry their name do not stick on my mind) is so amusing.. talking to people they should have too .. then Rory line "I have not been dressed by birds since i was 2"

    I get the "pity invite" bit but Emily should have been told there are no invites... Back in the episode where the printed screwed up Suki said she was going for word of mouth only !?!?!

    OMG ... Suki is SO VERY beautiful in the wedding dress. Its perfect for her.
    I did expect to see Jackson in that kilt ... they tease us with is and then do not show him,.

    Luke's face when Kirk announces "I am so lonely even animal planet does not do it for me " - PRICELESS !!!

    YEY ... As Luke might have said - lets all hold hands and skip .. why ?? JESS IS BACK ...
    Love that Luke nails him about going off to find Rory .
    But what is on the t-shirt ? As Mareike said - I too do not think its quite how Luke is describing it !?!?
    You now have your next L:uke doll - wearing a brown UPS uniform !

    At the wedding :
    Love that Emily and Richard come anyway.
    Love see Lane drumming - even if it is on that grand piano
    Love the running joke about hiding Dean once Miss Patty gets on the hooch.

    Then there is Loreilai's face ... she is SO very happy .. so happy she tells Emily that Chris is back in their life. And Emily manages to NOT make any snippy remark ...

    YES ... Rory finally kisses James Dean ... sorry Jess...

    Sherry is pregnant ... and Chris rushes off again :(

    What an ending ..... and still no kilt to see !!!