Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Podcast #36 - S2E14 - It Should've Been Lorelai

Hello! Welcome to Return to Stars Hollow - a spoiler-free, retrospective podcast about Gilmore Girls! This is the podcast for Season 2, Episode 14 - It Should've Been Lorelai.

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  1. Comments on last podcast:

    I also like that people push back on Lorelai from time to time. When Lorelai or Rory are having a fight with each other or with someone else, they always reconcile at the end of the episode or shortly thereafter, at least what we've seen so far. And that makes sense because the show can't have these people not talking to each other for an extended period of time. And I think that dynamic is a little different with Chris. Because he's not there all the time, they can end an episode on a big fight and then let it sit for a while without immediately resolving it. So I'm curious to see, when Chris shows up the next time, if this fight will still be an issue or come up again in some way.

    And I have no idea why I care enough to comment on this but: You were right about handball. It is kind of like soccer with two teams on a field and two goals you have to put the ball in. And I think you have to dribble the ball like you do in basketball. We played that in school but I must have blocked the experience from my brain. I'm pretty sure I was terrible at it though.

    And some random comments on this episode which I like a lot:

    I enjoy Rory rambling about the exact nature of her relationship with Jess, not once, but twice, and I like Jess smiling to himself about it. It's nice that both Jess and Lorelai are trying to get along because Rory asks them to and it is going pretty well for a while.

    Even if this was not a special bracelet, when you wear something on your wrist all the time, how can you not notice that it's gone for two weeks?

    What the hell is that track record Lorelai is looking at that tells her Dean will understand that Rory lost her bracelet?

    To me, this episode proves that Jess didn't know the meaning of the bracelet. He gives it back as soon as he sees how upset Rory is about having lost it but of course he can't admit that he kept it, least of all to Lorelai.

    I love the idea of Taylortown where every lawn is exactly 1 1/2 inch high and everyone is wearing matching cardigans.

    So far we've only seen people be concerned about the negative influence Jess could have on Rory. Now that I think about it, boy, they really trust Rory to not be susceptible (is that the right word I'm looking for?), don't they? It's interesting and makes sense for the character that Luke has a different perspective on this, thinking that Rory could be a great influence on Jess instead.

    I finally saw the clown pillow for the first time. It is terrible.

    Let's hold hands and skip afterwards.

  2. I love this one. Full of great lines and heavy on Luke's story !

    The opener is lovely. Lorelai doing her thing about a cut on her hand and claiming it might be radio active. Rory pushing her into the diner "We'll select your cape after breakfast"

    Luke's apartment looks like a bombs hit it " Jess un-packed " "He did a very nice job".
    Lorelai's comments slow twiddle into his brain. After being teased about sitting in the diner watch a b/w portable he finally FLIPS... "I am have nightmares about being chased around by boxes with arms. They tackle me and pile clothes on my face and secure it with packing tape. I am lying there chocking and your sat in the corner laughing putting gel on your hair with a switch blade."
    And so we watch the guys "holding hand and skipping" as they look round so many places.
    Finally Luke drags Lorelai to look a place with him he likes.... errmmm too good to be true...

    Rory nails Lorelai for her lie about the guttering but then in turn squirms as she is asked about Jess .. and ends with we are friendish. Errm there is no fooling her Mum !

    Love the throw away screen of Miss Patty following a group of town folk around the green in the golf cart "and walk and walk and pump your arms and walk. Shoulders back, tuck it in , think about that double chin and walk "

    Second outs and now Rory is telling Jess to get on with her Mum .. And he helps her tie herself up in knots about WHY !! But still has a small smile when she walks off.

    I want to go to that book sale. Really, 2 hours ... Dean just sat there . I can not think of any ex who would have sat there that long. MY hubby gets figgity if I spend 30 mins in the fabric store.
    THE BRACELET .... if Rory did loose it 2 weeks ago how did she NOT miss it ????
    When she runs in to tell her Mum , I think this is the first time Jess understands its from Dean and how important it is. Then he puts it back but not with Lorelai catching him coming out her room.

    Love the scene with Taylor and Luke when we find out that Taylor has been buying up the town. OMG Taylor would be going for some kind of "Midwich Cuckoos" cross with "Stepford Wives"
    We do get the great follow up a Luke burst in on Lorelai "I just spent $100,000 and its all your fault" and Lorelai talks if off the edge then helps him to see the good side of this . Where did Luke get that much money ??

    Great ending .. Luke bursting on Jess , grabbing the sledge hammer and the face Milo pulls as the sledge hammer goes into the wall " That's your room , finish up. We;ll hold hands and skip afterwards."

    Oh, did I mention that I love this one !!!

  3. Poor Caesar. How many takes do the actresses have to do walking through town? That would suck, having to go all the way back and reset every time. I do enjoy the scenes with the witty humor though. I love when they have little scenes with miss patti. I like Dean compromising, because for a minute it felt like the writers were creating tension by making it look like Rory and Dean had nothing in common. Which it does make it look like they don't. Rory wants a guy like Jess who is as enthusiastic about books as she is; and Dean wants a girl that wants to watch The Lord Of the Rings a bunch of times apparently. I did have a problem with Dean being so angry about the bracelet is missing. Like, she can't take the bracelet off ever? Let's not be unreasonable Dean. Jess has a good point, why did it take Rory this long to notice its missing?

    The scene with Luke and Lorelai in the apartment was hilarious. I love Luke getting angry at Taylor and storming off and over to Lorelai's. Taylor buying up the town reminded me of the game Monopoly, and I was said they didn't make it a reference. Great ending with Luke and the sledge hammer. I like how Jess immediately jumps up, when I imagine normally he isn't bothered by anything Luke does.

    Okay I'm confused on the timeline again. Does this episode feel like it takes place during the weekend? Why was Lorelai at work, and if not, then why was Rory not at school? Does Lorelai have to go into work on the weekends? If she was just there to look for Rory's bracelet then why did she have to tell Michele she was stepping out for a bit? Is this just me or did I miss something?

  4. I only have 3 things to say about this episode because you guys said everything I could have wanted to say and I agreed with everything. First, when Lane says her mom took her out of school for 2 weeks, this could potentially explain the weird time lapse in the last episode. Say she is 1 week into her grounding, then when we see Rory calling her on the phone at Friday Night Dinner and she is still in bed as if it wasn't a whole week later, maybe she really hasn't changed her clothes and has just been moping around the house all week being homeschooled and going to bed early to cry every night.

    Second, have you guys noticed that the lot next to Miss Patty's (across from Luke's) is always changing? This episode I noticed it was a huge statue of a horse and rider. In previous episodes, its been a little playground. Now that I know it changes, i'm going to be keeping my eye out for new things in this lot.

    Finally, you guys mentioned this, but GOD I couldn't STAND Sherry. She came across so overbearing it actually felt creepy to me. She gives me the chills.

  5. OH, and favorite line was Richard: "Cranking Metallica? If thats some sort of drug reference, it isn't funny".