Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Podcast #35 - S2E13 - A-Tisket, A-Tasket

Hello! Welcome to Return to Stars Hollow - a spoiler-free, retrospective podcast about Gilmore Girls! This is the podcast for Season 2, Episode 13 - A-Tisket, A-Tasket.

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  1. Comments on old episodes/podcasts:
    I always thought that “Richard in Stars Hollow” should have been called “Richard Through the Looking Glass.” It would have indicated that the writers were aware that the episodes was a bit of a sequel to “Emily in Wonderland,” while also standing on its own. It also would have been a bit more creative since “Richard in Stars Hollow” reminds me of the titles of Friends episodes.
    Secrets and Loans: I’ve been rewatching the series on Netflix, and when this one started, I thought Netflix was messing up and playing a first-season episode. But no, it was just written as if the writers hadn’t been around for the past dozen episodes or so. Not the worst thing I’ve ever seen, but certainly one I’ll skip next time around.

  2. Now on to this episode:
    Lorelai doesn’t speak geek? Really? She references movies all the time, she knows Star Trek and Star Wars, she knows Twilight Zone, and she eats mostly like a 13 year old boy. You can be pretty and still be a geek, Lorelai.
    I’ve never been on a debate team, but you’d think that speaking too fast would work against you. How are the moderators supposed to judge your arguments if they can barely understand or keep up with them?
    Poor Brad. He looks like he’s going to wet himself just knowing that Paris is there.
    I love the subtle reference to Lorelai mocking Christmas card pictures. The line stands on its own just fine, so they didn’t feel the need to spell it out for us.
    I get that meeting the kid of your boyfriend would be stressful, but Sherry just goes over the top in her first introduction of Rory. What a suck-up. Not saying she’s a witch for sure, but I do share the suspicion of women whose dresses don’t wrinkle and who have perfect hair.
    Does Paris remind anyone else of a much meaner version of Hermione Granger? She wins and does well, but still wants to go over the transcripts and talk about what to improve. And she assumes everyone else wants to do the same. Maybe Paris just needs a Weasley to calm her down some.
    When I lived alone, I totally did the same thing Lorelai and Rory do – speed home before company and straighten up as well as possible before they get there.
    Yes, Sherry, things like this are always going to be awkward. Acknowledging it doesn’t help the situation at all. And yes, you are forcing yourself and it is embarrassing. Just makes you annoying. Also, helping someone in the kitchen usually means you help in some way, even for just helping to carry glasses. And because you didn’t help, you and Christopher didn’t get your water. Or get to see Rory’s room that you exclaimed about.
    The Max thing and the Sherry thing are very different. Sherry would have to get to know Lorelai because Lorelai is Rory’s primary parent. Christopher is hardly around and played little part in raising her. If Lorelai had married Max, he would have seen Christopher only a few times and would have had more a hand in finishing raising Rory than Christopher would have. Yes, Christopher is Rory’s dad, but he doesn’t have joint custody and seems to come and go whenever he pleases. Lorelai can’t do that.

    I’m surprised Emily wasn’t more upset that she wasn’t informed ahead of time that Rory wouldn’t be there and that Christopher would be coming. She was only upset about it after she knew where Rory was.

    I want to watch Emily’s show on HGTV. It sounds hilarious. Lorelai could be the one who tries to calm her down and interpret to the confused and frightened contractor. Maybe Paris and Rory could be on another team, each team battling to get different houses renovated in a short amount of time.

    Mrs. Kim is open on Sundays? At 10am? I figured she’d be at church all morning and then again in the evening. My family wasn’t nearly as strictly religious as Mrs. Kim, and that’s what we did when I was growing up.

    How did Lorelai convince Michel to get involved in the CD drop? I wish that conversation could have been on the DVDs as a deleted scene. He strikes me as the jogging type, but not outside in a park.

    I really can’t tell if Sherry is legitimately that into seeing everything to do with Rory and is just a bit obsessive, or if she’s faking it to impress Christopher.

    I won’t fault Lorelai for having those feelings and revelations and stuff, but why would you tell him that? I get Christopher’s reaction much better than Lorelai’s attempts to explain it.

  3. First a couple of replies from the pod cast last week :
    1. Flop House : Over here we might also call it a doss house. Low low rent place in victorian era mostly for nar-do-wells.
    Where you could just about expect a bed , probably sharing with too many others.
    2. the second cup : if you watch the girls walking to auction you can see that the flask Lorelai is carrying has two lid/cups on it .

    OK ... "It should have been Lorelai"
    I do like this episode , again its faast moving and I guess Paris would be impressed with the WPM !
    Oh boy bagel hockey.. Love the faces that Luke makes. Even when told he can fill in for Schmitty.He is quite indulgent when it comes to Lorelai.
    Lane so tried to fill her life after grounding. WOW does Mrs Kim know how to ground not even school ... But do we again see Lane's "need" for complex with the CD drop ? Although I agree with Erica I was surprised that they open on a Sunday but not Saturday !?!?
    Michel is great and Rory's comment " You had good form" perfect !

    The parts with Paris (Miss 178 WPM) are great they really have the character pegged well now. How much work does she expect to do ... At least Rory can keep up ... well only at 135wpm.
    Perfect to see Brad was back and the faces the actor can make. A small part but well acted.

    Sherry ... eek. I would have been a little freaked with her "we don't have to be friends" speech too . Hey if this was the 3 or 4th visit and Lorelai was always inviting herself along then maybe ! But love her line " I'll have to drinnk more coffee to keep up with you two!"

    Friday night dinner and Emily's melt down. Again Erica nails it above, that Emily does not really object until she hears that Roryis with Sherry. "That women " "Christopher's friend" Its interesting again how much Emily's comments get to Lorelai when by the end she is wondering if "it should have been me" ....

    Chris has a right to be mad at Lorelai's little speech but the face Luke gives is great.

  4. A couple of comments on the last podcast:
    I didn't get the impression that Jess knows that the bracelet is from Dean. It's something of Rory's that he has now but he doesn't know the full meaning behind it. I also never considered this to be stealing, necessarily. She lost it, he picked it up and he should have given it back and it's bad that he doesn't, but to me it's not quite on the same level as him stealing her book for example. But that's nitpicking.

    As for the thing with the different Caesars, these are my favourite explanations I've seen around the internet for that one and I would accept all of them:
    Luke has a policy and only hires people named Caesar or he doesn't bother to learn people's names so he just calls them Caesar even though that's not the real name. Or, and this one I like most, Caesar is not actually a name, but a title. You work for Luke, you are (a) Caesar.

    As for the diversity, yeah, it's not looking great in Stars Hollow, except for Michel, but I'm pretty sure he lives somewhere else, too.

    Onto this episode:
    I don't hate Sherry. She seems nice if a bit overeager. This is a tough situation for her and her talk with Lorelai in the kitchen is strange but I think she means well. I think Chris is also responsible for the way Sherry comes across and I blame him for that. First of all, he should have told Lorelai and Rory beforehand that Sherry would be there, that they were going to visit them and that Sherry wants a relationship with Rory, and then, when they're at the house, Chris just sits there and lets Sherry do all the talking which of course makes her seem extra pushy.
    The actress plaing Sherry has to walk a fine line between seeming genuinely excited and coming across as fake, but I think she does a pretty good job here of not crossing that line.

    Everytime I watch this episode I change my mind a little on whose side I'm more on in the final argument, Lorelai's, Christopher's, both, neither, and I like that. I think Lorelai means well and she thinks she can be honest with Chris, which is what they do, so I get her intention, but she doesn't express herself very well and maybe she should have kept this one to herself. I can also understand Chris taking what she's trying to say the wrong way and being mad at her, but he also goes overboard when he's yelling at her.
    Also, "So, should it have been me", which Lorelai asks Rory before being interrupted, is really not the question you should ask your child.

    I love that Richard really gives Lorelai a glass full of cherries.
    And kudos to Michel for being able to run for that long.

    1. One more thing:
      I like that Chris brings up Max, he has a point. Even if Chris does not play a huge part in Rory's life, if this man is going to live with his daughter, he should at least get to meet him.

  5. I really enjoyed this episode. There's another reference to Luke being a geek. Wait Dean's saving up for another motorcycle? Shouldn't Lorelai be having the "she's not riding on your motorcycle" talk again with him. Lorelai was right, the fat person comment was insensitive but I thought it sounded realistic to say, or maybe that's just me.

    I love Lane calling Rory around the town. I'm surprised Sookie doesn't know what Christopher looks like. How long has she and Lorelai been friends and she's never even see a picture? I like how Brad was confident until he sees Paris. Also Paris asking Lorelai if she gave Rory the cereal was funny.I love Paris being excited to celebrate with Rory then storming off.

    I like Christopher bringing up Max, he has a good point. I like Richards comment about if cranking up Metallic is a drug joke it's not funny. I like their surprise about Christophers volvo. Omg, Michele in Stars Hollow, that came out of nowhere. Mrs. Kim has known Kirk since he was two? How old Kirk? Yea I don't think that was something Lorelai needed to tell Christopher. I think he overreacted a bit, but still he's right.

  6. Regarding A-Tisket, A-Tasket:

    I wanted to offer a different opinion about Dean's jealousy and feelings toward Jess. I actually don't think that Dean is jealous of Rory. At first I thought he was, and it made me see some of his actions as perplexing. For example, there are several episodes where Rory tries to get Dean to give Jess a chance and make up, and Dean doesn't seem to think this is suspicious at all. He never seems to doubt Rory's devotion to him-- this doesn't scream jealousy. A jealous person would immediately be suspicious of Rory if she tried to get him to be nicer to Jess, and start thinking that something was going on between them, but he doesn't. So this made me wonder; maybe he is telling the truth to Lorelai when he says he's not jealous, he just feels like Rory is being used as a pawn in a game to bother him. This actually tells us a lot about Dean's character. He is so secure in his relationship with Rory, he never even considers that she might be drifting towards Jess. In fact, he is primarily concerned that she is being used by Jess. After all, Jess keeps pretending that he's only getting close to Rory to annoy Dean. He tells Rory that's the reason he bids on the basket, among other things in past episodes. So Dean buys this, and not for a minute does he actually consider that Jess might actually have feelings for Rory, and even more of a shock to Dean would be the fact that Rory might return those feelings. Its almost like he has blinders on and thinks that everything is about him.

    Overall it was a great episode, just like most of the town event centered episodes. Sookie and Jackson's proposal made me cry like a baby.

    Favorite line: "Our bathroom is gonna be pink. I'm sorry" - Sookie.

  7. Oh! and one more thing. I thought it was SO interesting how the last scenes played out between Lorelai and Rory. Lorelai decides to let Rory use her own judgement in whether or not to spend time around Jess. She does this because she trusts Rory's judgement completely, because Rory has proven to have good judgement in the past. I thought it was interesting that she temporarily flips into protective mode, only to find herself acting too much like Emily. However, Lorelai has made a big mistake here (in my opinion). She lets her fear of being a parent like Emily get in the way of her own judgement. Yes, Rory usually makes good choices, but the thing about love and especially young love…. it messes with our heads!! It makes us do things we wouldn't normally do!! If I could name all the bad guys I got involved with because I had feelings for them, even though the rational judgement side of me screamed to stay away…. well I could've avoided a lot of trouble and hurt in my teenage years. And I didn't have a mother looking out for me to see my blind spots. Would i have resented my mother at the time? Probably. Thats the difficult part of being a mother; you have to do things that make your children hate you. Lorelai is more interested in having a good relationship with Rory than she is protecting Rory, partly because she is driven to do things the opposite way from her own mother. Rory makes her secret call to Jess, and we can see it happening already; she is getting sucked in. The fact of the matter is that Rory can be as mature and rational as possible, but she's still inexperienced. And the only thing that really teaches us to stay away from bad people even when we're falling for them (or even in love with them) are painful experiences. Its something you either have to learn yourself or you have someone else protecting you by stopping you from going there in the first place. Its interesting how the relationship between Emily and Lorelai and Lorelai and Rory sets the stage for Rory to go through this herself. It reminds me so much of several of my first loves; many of whom were bad for me (and I knew it, and others told me so) but I just couldn't stop myself; love has that kind of power sometimes.