Monday, May 18, 2015

Célèste's Review of S2E15 "Lost and Found"

“Lost and Found"
Season 2, Episode 15
Original airing: February 26, 2002

My Rating: 70

The Good:
  • It's great to see Lorelai and Jess struggle to give each other a chance. I especially like the detail that Luke thinks it would be great if Jess and Rory got together.
  • Taylor's slowly buying up the town.
  • Luke doesn't use the word vibe.
  • Miss Patty.
  • Luke breaking down the wall is a classic Triumphant Luke moment. Let's make another doll. 
  • Jess is very charming here. I like him noticing Rory's hair and making an effort with Lorelai. 
The Bad:
  • Time has once again gone crazy in Stars Hollow.
    • Everyone is wearing coats and gloves even though two episodes ago it was spring.
    • Jess says he needs to be at Lorelai's in 20 minutes. Well, it takes 2 minutes to walk there, so you're fine.
    • Rory spends 2 hours at the book sale, sees a 2 hour movie with Dean, and then rents another 2 hour movie with Dean (at least 6 hours) but still has time to search everywhere in town before the sun goes down.
    • Lorelai goes to work at some point in there. She leaves during her shift and then goes home instead of going back to the inn. Couldn't she have just gone to the inn to look for the bracelet instead of trying to fit a work day into this day that's already too long?
  • Things are also overly complicated again when Rory takes off to look again after talking to Jess, and then comes into the house saying she's been through town again. A lot of time could have been saved if she'd just gone straight to her bedroom.
  • The scene at the book sale does a good job (mostly) of showing that there might be some trouble in paradise, but it's overshadowed by Dean's overreaction to the missing bracelet, which is weird. So is his transition to proposing a compromise for the afternoon. Why does he always pull her two feet away from where they're standing? So awkward. 
Favorite Moment:
Jess is amused as Rory backtracks, "I don't mean like like."

The Bottom Line:
Apart from some awkwardness, this is a great episode all about the complicated relationships between four of the best characters. Everything fits together pretty seamlessly, and there's lots of humor. 

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