Monday, December 22, 2014

Podcast #19 - S1E18 - The Third Lorelai

Hello! Welcome to Return to Stars Hollow - a spoiler-free, retrospective podcast about Gilmore Girls! This is the podcast for Season 1, Episode 18 - The Third Lorelai.

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  1. Rachels here? She literally came out of nowhere, and I had totally forgot about her. Future episodes I guess have gotten my timeline confused. I do like seeing her and Lorelai growing as friends.

    Rory and Lorelai lived in a potting shed. That explains a little of where they lived before. I liked Emily's reaction to finding out they lived there.
    Rory is the most hospitable person, offering to clean Emily's shoes. Also borrowing shoes is not the
    same as borrowing clothes.

    Why would Lane want to go blonde? I do like the bit with Lane talking about Henry, that was cute. Her over analysis of the message was funny. Hahaha! Emily and Mrs. Kim made me laugh out loud. That was great. Emily asking Rory to chose a boy band was funny. I love Nsync, good choice!

    Why would Rune every tell anyone that he went on a date with Lorelai when he was so ashamed of it at first?

    Sidenote, how many times do you think they had to unpack the food in Luke's pantry? They had to repack it in between takes then unpack it then repack. Sounds time consuming and exhausting.

    So the coffee tastes different now. Maybe your theory about Luke making coffee just the way Lorelai likes was true. And now he's making it for Rachel.

  2. On the last podcast: I don't think that Rory knows that Tristan is into her. My view might be different because I know what's going to happen in the future and let's say, Rory not picking up on people liking her is going to be a theme. Does that make this a Gilmore First?

    I like that they develop a friendship between Lorelai and Rachel and go the rather unusual way with that because it would have been very easy to turn Rachel into some kind of terrible, jealous monster. I like that she's genuinely nice and gets along with Lorelai and that Lorelai in turn gives her advice and helps with Luke even though that must be weird for her.
    On the other side, Rachel has, like, zero chemistry with Luke which makes her coming back to Stars Hollow, moving in with him and seemingly picking their relationship right back up where they left off, all the more strange.
    Luke being awkward was great though.

    Rhinestones, zebra stripes, batteries - Emily has clearly been paying attention to Lorelai's wardrobe. The sight of Emily in the sneakers is amazing.
    Emily in Stars Hollow is great, her scene with Mrs. Kim is definitely a highpoint. I like how excited Rory is to show her the town.
    When Emily is talking to Michel she talks about how wonderful Paris is in spring, while earlier in the season the grandparents stated that they only go to Paris in the fall because Europe apparently does not exist in the spring (true). It's a small mistake, but another one of these inconcistencies that pop up from time to time.
    I love Emily's reaction to the shed and that it isn't immediately obvious why she reacts that way. It only becomes clear later when she's talking to Lorelai and I love the line "You really hated us that much?". She's breaking my heart again (this rewatch might be bringing out a lot of Emily Gilmore feelings in me). I think it's interesting that Emily overcompensates by making Rory a room at their house instead of attacking Lorelai directly. And I was wondering if maybe Lorelai was thinking that Emily never did something like this for her when she was younger, because I can't imagine her asking Lorelai for her favourite boybands to costumize her room.

    At the end, is the coffee a metaphor?

    1. Since you two seemed to have a very different view on the scene in Rory's room than I did, I went back and rewatched it and I kind of see now what you're seeing, Emily does seem very agressive and too over the top.
      I still don't think though that Emily did this just to hurt Lorelai but that she was genuinely excited about doing this for Rory. I believe more in the second option you mentioned, that Emily is trying to mask her pain and her voice does break a little just before she leaves. To me it looks like she might not have even necessarily said something at all had Lorelai not hesitated because she thinks it's a little weird, which it is. I mean, if Emily Gilmore wants to blow up at you because she's so upset she would probably not wait a week and do this whole other thing inbetween.
      I agree that there is a problem with the performances which could be much better and clearer than they are now. While there can and should be some wiggle room (is that the right word?), I don't think the interpretations for this scene were supposed to be so far apart.