Monday, December 29, 2014

Cordia's Review of S1E19 - Emily in Wonderland

Jackson! Stop talking!
Emily in Wonderland
Season 1, Episode 19
Original airing: April 26, 2001

My Rating: 62

The Good:
It’s wonderful to finally have an engaging Luke story. The show is doing a good job of keeping Rachel approachable and likeable, despite the fact that she’s standing in between Luke and Lorelai. I think it’s good (although a bit heartbreaking) to have Luke state that Lorelai is not an obstacle. I like that the Rachel and Luke relationship is quite clean of threesome drama. The majority of the drama is internal and natural to the characters. Rachel is a wanderer, Luke likes stability. That’s all that’s needed to keep their story interesting as they struggle with what their conflicting personalities means for their mutual attraction.

It was great fun having Emily in Stars Hollow. Her interactions with Mrs. Kim and Michel were wonderfully entertaining. The reveal of the potting shed was very well handled. Moving Rune in was a nice way to introduce it. It’s a new concept which is pretty important to this episode, but it was folded in very well and felt natural. Emily’s stumbling, pained reaction led to a great moment in the new Rory room. I was really proud of Lorelai for staying calm while Emily melted down. This is the kind of mature response I want to see from her concerning her genuine awareness of her mother’s brand of crazy. This is a much better response than climbing out of a window.

Lane’s story was a bit shoe-horned in, but it’s good to know she’s got things going on. I’m looking forward to more of Henry and the peculiar way he drives Lane insane.

The discovery of the Dragonfly Inn and what it could mean for Lorelai and Sookie’s careers is well done. It was adorable watching Sookie wander around all flustered.

The Bad:
I’m not a fan of Emily’s vindictiveness about the room. I understand her pain, but she spits some real venom at Lorelai which felt over the top. Her comments make it appear like one reason she made the room was to try and purposefully hurt Lorelai. One thing about Emily is I don’t think her actions are usually designed to be hurtful. She’s selfish and only sees the world from her view point and that causes problems with other people. But I haven’t seen her as vindictive before.

I’m not too thrilled about the reappearance of Rune. I don’t find his blatant rudeness entertaining. He was well used to introduce the potting shed, but his character is vile.

Favorite Moment:
Jackson was adorable when he was talking about his jam and completely ignoring Sookie’s spoon waving.

The Bottom Line:
This episode had a lot of progress on several stories including Luke and Rachel, Rory and Lorelai’s backstory, Lane and Henry, and Sookie and Lorelai’s dream to own an inn. It was enjoyable seeing Emily collide with the world of Stars Hollow. But the fight at the end left an overall bad taste in my mouth.

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