Thursday, June 1, 2017

Podcast #115 - S5E18 - Live and Let Diorama

Hello! Welcome to Return to Stars Hollow - a spoiler-free, retrospective podcast about Gilmore Girls! This is the podcast for Season 5, Episode 18 - Live and Let Diorama.

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  1. I liked how Rory recovered from her breakdown last week and rather calmly told Logan she couldn't do this casual dating thing and they should just be friends instead. And I believe her that she didn't have any ulterior motive than what she said. But Logan's characterization is still all over the place. He turns around so quickly here which is especially jarring after his total absence last week. We'll see if he only said this to not lose Rory and has trouble adjusting to having a girlfriend or if this is it now. I'm also glad we had Lorelai in there pointing out that Rory tried something that wasn't her and it didn't work, and if Logan now can't do this boyfriend thing, Rory just has to let him be and accept that it's not working with them. I thought that was a great point that of course Rory doesn't want to hear.

    I think a lot of people take Rory's "But I'm a Gilmore!" line as another sign of her elitism. And I get that, especially in the context of what we've seen lately from her. Though I think Rory's elitism doesn't feel as pronounced to me as it does to other viewers, judging by the comments on the podcast, at least not so far. And I don't think she goes around Stars Hollow for example thinking "I'm better than you because my ancestors came over on the Mayflower". But in this situation here, she was cornered and attacked for coming from the wrong world, the wrong family and not being "bred for this" (which, yikes). And so I think her reaction makes a lot of sense. Of course she could have said that she doesn't care what these idiots think of her and she also could not have thrown Josh under the bus who did nothing to harm her, but again, as a form of self-defense in the moment, I get where she's coming from.

    I'm excited to see Rory in the "real" newspaper world and hope we get some good stuff out of it. We've had some conflicting information about if she's actually a good journalist or not, so I can't to wait to see how she'll do here.

    The Sookie and Luke plot is one of the few that I think gets worse for me the more often I rewatch it. I just know exactly what's going to happen and it's more annoying than funny. The only moment I really liked was Jackson coming in and shouting at Luke, and that mostly because I was really impressed by how fast he talked. I'd like to see the outtakes of that scene because if there weren't any, then.. respect.

  2. Pssst, Logan: don't look now, but your puppet strings are showing.

    I agree with Marieke, his character is all over the place when it comes to Rory. I almost wonder if the writers accidentally reversed the previous two episodes; it would have made a lot more sense if Logan had stopped calling Rory, then got jealous seeing her with Robert, then decided to make a commitment.

    As it stands, it becomes really obvious that the writers just needed Logan to be Rory's boyfriend RIGHT NOW so they could tell Another Story About Snobby Rich People. And I am so bored with that--we just got finished with the Emily vs Luke story, which was only saved from cliche because it was an Emily story and Emily is a fascinating character. Logan's grandfather is so cartoonish, he might as well be twirling a mustache like Snidely Whiplash.

    But, shockingly, I am not giving the Biggest Jerk of the Episode Award to Grandpa Huntzburger. In a shocking upset, the winners are... Sookie and Jackson!
    Let's review:
    1) Sookie deliberately sabotages the Inn she co-owns by refusing to hire, or even begin to hire, a replacement chef for the maternity leave she's known about for months. And she lies to Lorelai about arranging a replacement.
    2) Further, she doesn't even recommend that her qualified sous chef take over in her absence (which is a huge insult to the poor sous chef!)
    3) When Luke abandons his own business for the day to help out in an emergency, Sookie micro-manages and insults the poor guy.
    4) When Luke quite justifiably stands up for himself, Sookie doubles down by hiding at the Inn.
    5) When Luke again stands up for himself, Jackson busts into the kitchen and yells at him, even though, again, Luke is only doing this to help Sookie's business in a crisis.
    6) When Lorelai chases down the golf cart, Jackson refuses to talk to her because she's connected with Luke.

    As second-tier characters, Sookie and Jackson are always pitched at a higher level of ridiculousness, but WOW. It's not often that a situation fully justifies a Luke rant but this one does -- I was really quite impressed that he did not try to drown Jackson in a vat of twice-strained duck sauce.

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