Thursday, May 25, 2017

Podcast #114 - S5E17 - Pulp Friction

Hello! Welcome to Return to Stars Hollow - a spoiler-free, retrospective podcast about Gilmore Girls! This is the podcast for Season 5, Episode 17 - Pulp Friction.

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  1. I'm not sure if I understood you right but I believe you said that Rory has been wearing Lorelai's pink coat? Because that's not true, they each have their own pink coat. Lorelai's remains my favourite forever, but Rory's is very nice too.

    Onto this episode (I'm sorry, this paragraph is going to be all over the place):
    I really liked this. It's got so much Stars Hollow insanity, Taylor being Taylor (is he town selectman again, btw?) and Luke trying to play along with it all is really fun to see. I love the whole museum storyline and the museum itself is hilarious, especially the diorama. I know exactly that it's coming but I still laugh every time they cut to the mute boy. Overall this episode includes a lot of scenes that are very memorable to me and that I really like, like the breakfast scene with Kirk acting as a child and Paris asking how old he is or the very last scene. It's sad to see Rory this way but it really makes me want to watch the next episode to see what happens when she's sober again. When the crazy drunk lady without shoes makes the front page of the Stars Hollow Gazette, do you think Rory will figure out that it was Paris?

    Onto more coherent thoughs:
    I'm not a fan of Lorelai during the interview. She didn't think this would be part of the article, but that still means she's telling these stories to a complete stranger who really doesn't need to know this. It's really interesting that Lorelai decides to pull the story in the end despite the fact that she's on very bad terms with Emily at the moment. It shows that she is at least anticipating reconciling with her mother and doesn't want their relationship to be ruined even more.

    Dean is both wrong and right, I think. He is right about Rory, she does want more than Stars Hollow and what Dean has to offer. But he's wrong about Luke and Lorelai, first and foremost because Lorelai and Rory are not the same person. Rory is young and probably wants to see the world first before settling down somewhere and she wants to work as a journalist which probably requires her to be in a big city anyway. But Lorelai has chosen to live in Stars Hollow, she put down her roots here and she loves this place. Even if Luke couldn't offer her more than this, that wouldn't destroy them. I really hope we aren't heading towards more relationship trouble for Luke and Lorelai, especially not this soon after the last time.

    I normally wouldn't talk about this because this is spoiler free but I just have to say it and in my opinion it's a very happy spoiler, but so everyone's been warned SPOILER ALERT: I can't believe this is the last time we see Dean, bitter and skulking through the bushes. I can't decide if I would have preferred him to go out on the high note of his last breakup with Rory or if I think this character is so terrible, he doesn't deserve our last image of him to be any better than this.

  2. Hi ladies! I’ve been super busy at work lately, and I’ve gotten behind on listening and commenting, but I’ve finally had time to catch up (yay!), and I have a few backlogged comments to share.

    The scene where Emily cries after her date hits me so hard. The Bishop is so amazing. I almost never cry at movies and TV unless there are animals or babies in danger, but this scene makes me sob.

    On the Spike and Drusilla reference: I totally had the exact same thought, Celeste! Paris would make an absolutely fabulous vampire, and Spike and Dru would be immediately enamoured with her many charms, turn her, and take her on exciting and romantic adventures. I would read that fanfic all day, every day.

    On Marty: I always really liked Marty, although I definitely admit that his characterization over the course of the show is a hot mess, so it's not really a position I can defend. I think I was just so charmed by his first appearance that I ignore all the times he acts super weird (like the next meeting in the cafeteria), and just focus on his better appearances. I think it also has to do with how seeing him next to Logan and his rich boy entitlement just makes me like Marty more since I feel bad for him. What can I say, I’m a sucker for the best guy friend type. But really, I’m not much into either of Rory’s current prospects cause now I’m too busy shipping Spike/Dru/Paris, and Logan and Marty...well, they’re no Spike...

  3. Rory. Oh, Rory. We've all been there. It may not have been that particular Founder's Day punch, or that particular bathroom floor, but yeah: we've all been there. I often have issues with Rory-stories, because so many of her problems are not relatable, or the result of entitled behavior, but this one? You could walk into any college dorm today and there will be at least one 20 year old woman doing the "why doesn't he like me?" wail. And it does lead to the awesomeness of Rory/Paris/Lane commiserating with each other.

    As for Lorelai's interview...I don't want to believe that Lorelai is so dumb that she really thinks she's pals with this journalist, so I'm interpreting it as her subconscious wanting to punish Emily. At least she shows enough maturity to pull the article.

    The museum: wow. I don't usually find the Stars Hollow humor all that funny -- I think it walks a very fine line -- but the voiceover drama with the mannequins? Loved it.

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  5. I have mixed thoughts on this episode.

    Why does Luke lie to Lorelai about wanting the Twickham House? I understand why he lies to Taylor to get on his good side but why does he lie to Lorelai, buying a house is a decision that couples make together, he even talks about maybe having kids one day, surely he should be having this conversation with Lorelai and not Taylor.

    I did not for one second believe that Zach was having an affair with Sophie, but I love the outcome of this story, it shows a more human side to Zach that he would be embarrassed about playing the banjo and makes me root for him and Lane a little bit more.

    Why does Lorelai decide to pull the article without talking to Sookie, also why does she barely mention Sookie in the article? This is supposed to be a profile of the inn not of her.

    I relate to the Rory storyline of waiting for a guy to call, but I struggle with this story as I am not properly invested in the Rory/Logan relationship. Last week we were given a picture of two people dating other people and although we are given the 'you were hot and heavy for a couple of weeks' line by Paris it would have been better for me to have seen this because then I would care about this plot a bit more. Overall I care a lot more about both the Lane and Paris relationships then I do about the Rory one.

    I love the museum stuff, this is Stars Hollow at its best. Luke being a part of it adds a perspective we don't always see and I enjoy that too.

    Lorelai's house is like a place of safety in this episode and I love that Rory, Paris and Kirk are all there in their time of need. Lorelai's mum card might be getting thinner but she is still the person people go to when they need help and comfort.