Thursday, June 8, 2017

Podcast #116 - S5E19 - But I'm a Gilmore!

Hello! Welcome to Return to Stars Hollow - a spoiler-free, retrospective podcast about Gilmore Girls! This is the podcast for Season 5, Episode 19 - But I'm a Gilmore!

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  1. I love the opening scene.

    What's up with the magazine deciding to run the story on the Dragonfly after Lorelai pulled it? I thought that was a good moment and told us something about Lorelai. This now feels like they wanted to have their cake and eat it too. Have Lorelai decide to pull the story but still have the, presumably terrible, fallout of what she said to the reporter becoming public in this way.

    Logan's character was flip flopping all over the place the last few episodes but I did not hate him. I really don't like him here though when he steals the thingie from the Gilmores. He's so slimey towards them anyway. I can at least see why he thinks this little Life and Death Brigade game is fun even though it's really not. That's why I might like Rory even less because she's not part of it and she knows her grandparents and that Emily will notice something is missing. And then she doesn't say anything but just sits there while Lorelai has to convince Logan to give the thing back. I'm sure Rory's thrilled that Emily and Richard love Logan, but she can't be surprised that Lorelai does not. It's not just because he's rich.

  2. I'm confused. Why did Lorelai need to go to the dinner? Was there a reason she couldn't have arranged to meet Logan at a different time? Wasn't it only a few episodes ago that Lorelai was hanging up on Emily? did the writers just need to get them into the same room so they could argue?

    As for the dinner itself...watching Emily and Richard kiss Logan's ass was pretty nauseating, it really illustrates just how low their snobbery allows them to sink. I suppose Logan's accustomed to that kind of deference from people and doesn't find it weird. And he's also accustomed to his family passive-aggressively criticizing each other around the dinner table, so watching Emily in action would make him feel right at home.

    The whole dinner is clearly an Emily versus Lorelai story, but it ends up sidelining Rory who is ostensibly the reason for the dinner. Throughout, she's entirely passive. She lets Lorelai invite herself; she lets Emily arrange the dinner; she watches Emily mistreat Lorelai; she lets Logan steal the sewing box and watches the maid get accused (did Rory forget that Lorelai was once a maid??); she lets her grandparents and Logan dictate the conversation; she leaves with him when he says it's time. She barely even talks.

    In an episode where Emily and Richard are planning weddings and great-grandchildren and talking about them as "a match," Rory is apparently the princess character: other people choose for her and arrange her life. It's a very weird contrast with the newspaper scenes where she's running around, applying all her Rory-skills trying to succeed. I can understand (thought not like) her being super-deferential to Logan because she's not secure in the new relationship, but she has no reason to defer to her grandparents.

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