Monday, December 21, 2015

Podcast #62 - S3E15 - Face-Off

Hello! Welcome to Return to Stars Hollow - a spoiler-free, retrospective podcast about Gilmore Girls! This is the podcast for Season 3, Episode 15 - Face-Off.

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  1. Hi! I love listening to your podcast! I just wanted to mention that Susan Faludi wrote a feminist book titled "Backlash" in the early 90's and I'm pretty sure that's what Lorelai was talking about in this episode.

    Thanks for the great podcast!


  2. The BIG ONE .. ..
    This one seem to take forever to get to the point about who had accepted Rory to collage. Love the twist that they all did .... which one will it be ?
    Paris melt down was not funny. She is about to appear on TV ... I would have thought/expected that when she arrived in "that state" one of the teachers or head master should have stepped in as she was even dressed well for representing the school on C-Span (what is that ?? Community TV ??) Wouldn't the school have a level to maintain. I mean even before her big news came out. What kind of impression was that going to create. Did Head Master think her "winning" way with people during her speach would gloss over the rough clothing ??

    Max is back. Not sure how I feel about that.. What another wedge to driver between Lorelai and Luke?
    Are we really going to see Lorelai dance around him again. Gee , haven't we done that story already. At least the programe did us the curtsy of mentioning Alex (Another lost BF).

    It was the small bits I enjoyed;
    * Kurk the mail man ... YES another job. The rant to Dean about how he got the job was great.
    * Kurk not sorting the mail in advance then getting distracted by his own mail.
    * Luke's new menus.
    * Richard running off to answer a phone which Lorelai was ringing

    A note from the last episode - Elevenes is a UK term we have in general usage and hence how Tolkien would have added it in the LOR books.

  3. Is this the first episode that has Richard in it but not Emily?

    Paris' complete breakdown over not getting into Harvard breaks my heart. When she says they must really not like her for not letting her in, maybe they know her? I want to give her a hug.
    I do agree with Zoe, it is a little unbelievable that Rory would be the only one trying to get Paris off the stage. But it's great to see how Rory is there for Paris, both in this scene and the earlier one in her room. I'm still happy every time we actually see Rory be a good person instead of everyone just constantly talking about it. Despite Paris being terrible for the last few weeks, Rory is still there when she needs help. I'm glad that unnecessary fight between them is over. At this point in the show, I'm just over that and they work much better as friends than as enemies which we've really had enough of.

    I also enjoy pretty much everything else about this episode, the Max/Lorelai and Sookie being pregnant stuff (exciting!), but there is one moment that I really hate and that's Lorelai's comment that she's got "the good kid" after overhearing the conversation between Rory and Paris. I would have been fine had she said "a good kid" or "such a good kid". But when she says "the good kid" in this situation it seems to imply that Paris is the bad kid for sleeping with her boyfriend and that is insane. I hate to get hung up on one line, or one word even, like this, but it really bothers me. There are many different ways to have Lorelai express that she's glad that Rory is not having sex yet and how mature she is about the topic and the way she handles Paris here, that don't invole slut shaming, which is the impression I, personally, get from this line. I don't think that's what the show means to be doing, at least not to one of its regular characters like Paris. Maybe other people read this line in a different way but yeah, I think it's terrible and not in character for Lorelai, at least not in this particular phrasing.

    I have no idea about this, so from what we know, how realistic is it that Rory got into all of these colleges? I hope we find out why Harvard didn't accept Paris though. Compared to Rory, she does seem like the more likely shoo-in, doesn't she?
    I'm also not sure about how I feel about Paris' prediction about Rory getting into Harvard because she's a virgin. It's one thing for the character to believe in the correlation between having sex and getting into college, but then it actually comes true? They kinda make it work by having Lorelai remark that Rory must be the biggest virgin in the world, but I don't know, taking everything together, this episode does have a weird undertone to it.

    I have one more question about the last episode. Where does Trix' tracksuit companion live? We know that she was in England and didn't visit the US for years because she didn't know Rory. So did she bring this man from England with her? Is he visiting her here? Is he living here and used to visit her in England? It's a minor point, but I start to wonder about where he comes from everytime I hear Trix say that she's been with this man for years now.

  4. Hi!
    I've been listening (and catching up) to your podcasts which I found by researching something about Gilmore Girls (I wish I could remember what) and this must be my 5th rewatch? Something like that.

    I'm late for this podcast and I have no idea if anyone will ever read this but i am too annoyed to keep quiet.
    I COMPLETELY agree with Mareike when she talkes about Lorelai's reaction / comment upon discovering that Paris had sex but Rory hasn't. The fact that she calls her "the good kid" is wrong on so many levels outside of the show but also within the logic and dynamic of the show itself. She's the one who triggered the conversations about sex with Rory in a previous episode and she did it in a way that was refreshing compared to what used to be on TV at that time (and still is, in my opinion) She doesn't seem like the kind of mother who would judge the way she does with Paris. So to hear her assert that she has the good kid riles me up so much!
    I have no idea why the show did this and every time I watch this episode, it bugs me. I still haven't listened to what you guys thought but here is my comment, thrown into the void of the internets.

    Thanks for what you're doing!

    1. Hi Marjorie! Thanks for listening and welcome to the Rewatch family! We read and appreciate EVERY comment, even if they don't all make it on to the podcast. I hope you enjoy our conversation about this topic as it definitely resonated with both Celeste and I as well as several readers. Happy listening!