Monday, January 4, 2016

Podcast #63 - S3E16 - The Big One

Hello! Welcome to Return to Stars Hollow - a spoiler-free, retrospective podcast about Gilmore Girls! This is the podcast for Season 3, Episode 16 - The Big One.

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  2. Hi girls,

    I am so so sorry I can not provide a link to this comment from Lauren Graham regarding "I got the good one" but I have read in several interviews, that this was the only line Lauren totally disagreed with Amy that Lorelei would never say. Lauren faught against it and lost. So kudos to Lauren for understanding the audience in this situation.

  3. I'm glad we got some follow up on why Paris didn't get into Harvard here since I was so unhappy with the "explanation" she offered last week. And because this is a tv show and so "the admissions process is random" just doesn't cut it for me when Rory got in and Paris didn't, especially because trying to be good enough for Harvard has always been such a major part of this show. Paris going off the rails in the interview is a good enough reason to not let her in and also a very believable thing for her character.

    Rory's decision to go to Yale doesn't bother me but it does feel rather sudden after almost three seasons and her whole life of the Harvard dream. I would have liked had they at least mentioned a few more reasons why Yale was the top choice, besides it's clean. I thought those pro/con lists looked rather short in general.
    But I like the message, if you want to call it that, that dreams can change. Just because Rory always thought she wanted to go to Harvard and everyone around her keeps telling her they know that's what she's going to do, it doesn't mean that that is the right choice for her now that the time for that decision is here, and she can still change her opinion. And I love how supporting Lorelai is. As she says, she was the loudest voice opposing Yale but if it's right for Rory, it's right for her, too.

    Other things I enjoyed:
    Luke's awkward hug for Rory. And his pride over Jess. And him finding out about Sookie's pregnancy. And his talk with Lorelai before going to bed. Great stuff all around.

    Lorelai in crisis handling mode is great. She's presented with this terrible situation but she knows what to do and does everything to make her guests comfortable. And of course everyone is ready to help her.
    Though I'm always a little confused when the fireman at the end asks them if nobody has informed them. Isn't that *his* job?

    Jess and Mrs. Kim are so fun together. She seems like the only person in Stars Hollow he's afraid of or respects. Now, if only Luke could figure out a way to use this to get Jess to do the things he wants him to do.

    I love Kirk's shirts. Normally his storyline is just this fun little C-plot and I like the way they integrate that here into the big reveal at the end that Rory is indeed going to go to Yale. I want one of those shirts, though I couldn't decide between "Babatte ate oatmeal" and "faux poes foes" and not enough to pay for it.

  4. Hi! I have been listening since the beginning and am finally caught up. I really enjoy listening and you give me new ways to see the show. I tend to see Lorelai's pov more often as I can more easily identify with her story. It is interesting to listen to opinions of those who grew up watching Rory and more easily identifying with her.

    I'm not really a fan of the Lorelai and Max relationship but I liked their kiss. They always had good physical chemistry and it's believable to see them still have that despite the break-up.

    I came here to comment on Lauren not endorsing the good kid line because she thought it went against what Lorelai believed. It reminds me of the scene in Rory's Birthday Parties when Richard tells Rory she is a good girl. Lorelai gets a hurt look on her face because she never got that from her dad. I think Amy wanted the good kid line in to show that Lorelai was proud of Rory's maturity but it is very easy to misinterpret. I remember watching that scene with my eldest daughter and having a conversation about it.

  5. this episode was really interesting and I thought that while not one of the better episodes of the show was really well done. the Max thing was kind of done I dont really want Loralie to rethink that relationship. I think that Max is better than her current boyfriend but i dont want them to be together but Max i think that we dont need more Max. back to the sex thing i dont want Rory to have sex with Jess just because others are having sex and i want it to be more natural and i hope that it is from love rather than she just wants to. i hope paris is ok.