Monday, December 14, 2015

Podcast #61 - S3E14 - Swan Song

Hello! Welcome to Return to Stars Hollow - a spoiler-free, retrospective podcast about Gilmore Girls! This is the podcast for Season 3, Episode 14 - Swan Song.

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  1. So far, I've always tried to see things from Jess' perspective and find sympathy for him and I even understood his lie last week. But I can't do that here, he's just a jerk, no excuse for that. And apparently he didn't learn anything from Luke's little speech. The succession of these storylines in Swan Song and this feels a little weird to me in general. There's also again the same problem that we haven't seen them together so we have no idea if Jess used to call Rory in the beginning but has stopped now or if this was always the case?
    I like seeing how Rory deals with this. As Lorelai points out, she has been relatively lucky with Dean in this area, despite all the ignored terribleness, at least he called. Though they seem to forget that Dean called way too many times and how annoying that was.
    I have no idea what I'm supposed to think when Rory tells Jess he should delete her message (and, if someone told you to do that, would you really do it?). Because Rory was right and I liked how she got to that point. Jess showing up doesn't disprove her point at all. It's interesting then that she lies to Lorelai about what she did after the game. This I think shows that she is embarrassed after all to be "that girl" Lorelai had talked about earlier and doesn't want to admit it to her mother.

    I don't know how Dean having a new girlfriend fits with his plan to get Rory back. Maybe the writers have already forgotten all about that. Rory handled it very well though. And Lindsay seems nice so good luck to her.

    The Lane and Dave stuff is just consistently great. Lane's reaction to him being jealous was so cute. It's always fun to see Rory and Lane be friends. I like when Lane casually mentions "the Chilton thing" and it's a nice reminder that not all of Stars Hollow loves her as much as the characters we regularily see do.

    I also liked all of the Emily and Trix stuff. I particularily liked Emily anouncing to Lorelai that she's not allowed to go home and her talk with Trix at the end, and Richard cracking up is so funny and a nice moment between him and Lorelai. I don't know if you already did this (?) but could you explain Trix' and her friends' fashion? What is that? It looks like it belongs in another century alltogether. Though it's a nice touch that they're all wearing the same style.

    I might watch more sport (any sport at all) if Kirk was the announcer (Is that what it's called?). I love when he points out who will be dead by the next game.

  2. For fear of repeating myself, I absolutely love Lane's band and I find every time that they're onscreen to be hilarious. Zach's 'Dude, can you chill out about your freaking elevenses' made me laugh so hard. Dave and Lane are, of course, the cutest. I really felt for him when he watched Lane go on her fake date; the close up on his face said it all, and him running to see her, and jumping the fence, was great.

    Again we are seeing more of the problems within Rory and Jess' relationship and while I get that this is potentially more interesting than everything being plain sailing, I think we've seen too little of them just being happy and content together. It's a shame, especially given everything they went through, and the amount of time it took for them to actually get together. In this episode, the show seems determined to present him as the 'bad guy' that everyone warned Rory against. I liked the message Rory left him, even if she wanted to disregard it after and it's pretty funny to imagine Luke listening to it first, hopefully Rory's 'oh yeah this is a message for Jess' clears up any confusion. The ending didn't seem all that clear to me. Did Rory go out with Jess after the hockey game and then lie to Lorelai about it? Either way she didn't seem too happy about the situation.

    It probably doesn't help that Jess is being directly compared to Dean who always called...even if he called too much and that was annoying too. I have to say, I actually quite like this new Dean, even if it is another complete change of character. Maybe if he'd been portrayed like this all along then I'd have much fewer problems with him! With the introduction of Lindsey, I wonder if the plot of him still chasing after Rory has been dropped or if this is all part of his 'cunning' plan. Only time will tell I guess.

    Oh look, Gran has a love interest. That was a plot I definitely didn't see coming. What was most interesting about that to me was the conversation she and Emily had later, after Emily had blurted out the secret. I like Emily standing up for herself and it seems like maybe the path has been paved for a better relationship between the two, at least until Gran sends the maid to make the tea. I'd be interested to see what this will bring for future interactions. I also liked Lorelai speaking to Richard about how Emily is treated so hopefully he won't be so oblivious about it anymore, and of course, Richard cracking up about his 'new daddy' was hilarious.

    Finally, just a quick note on Swan Song because I've been behind; a Friday night dinner scene with Jess was something I was anticipating since practically his first appearance on the show. I guess Jess should thank his lucky stars that Richard wasn't present to interrogate him. Can you imagine Richard interrogating Jess about his future plans and prospects like he did with Dean? That could have been very entertaining.

  3. I was surprised and disappointed that you didn't think that Rory having to work hard to get Jess to go to dinner was annoying. You really thought Dean was horrible, rightfully so as it turns out, because he never wanted to do anything for Rory - like go to the dances and dinner. Then the first time Rory asks Jess to go he was a jerk about it too. She had to bargain with Jess just like she did with Dean. I feel like that because you like Jess, you gave him more of a pass.

    On a surface watch prior to listening to your podcast, I thought Dean was a little suffocating, but I didn't notice how he bullied her. I do agree with you now. The problem is I thought Jess was horrible to Rory as well.