Monday, March 30, 2015

Podcast #31 - S2E9 - Run Away, Little Boy

Hello! Welcome to Return to Stars Hollow - a spoiler-free, retrospective podcast about Gilmore Girls! This is the podcast for Season 2, Episode 9 - Run Away, Little Boy.

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Due to Easter weekend, the next podcast will post on Tuesday, April 7, 2015 for Season 2, Episode 10 - The Bracebridge Dinner.


  1. I really enjoyed hearing the two of you discuss this episode! I agree that this episode came out of nowhere and that Tristan being brought back in for a farewell was out of the blue and unnecessary, considering he hasn't been in an episode all season. One comment though, Chad Michael Murray actually transitioned to Dawson's Creek when he left Gilmore Girls in 2001; he wouldn't go on to do One Tree Hill until 2003. The network probably still forced this episode regardless, but I just wanted to mention this.

    1. Came here to say this. Found an article -

      Also, I wondered where I had seen Paul before. He was on Popular! (Show Ryan Murphy did before Glee.)

  2. Just found your podcast and love it....Started watching GG on NetFlix Keep up the great job!

  3. Hello ladies ... Happy Easter to all

    Thought i would start with a few comments on Runaway Little Boy
    I do love that things get names.
    I have to point out that it is SO strange that the gift had no name. I mean I have been to weddings where the bride and groom are not named on the card as we all knew who they are but pls how can you thank someone with a card less gift !?!?
    How can Madeline tell that Tristen, Duncan and Bomont are dressing the same ??? We only see them in school uniform which means the whole school is in on it ;)
    How come Rory did not see that telling Tristen that the kiss meant nothing and she wish it had NOT happened would not have pushed over the edge to being mean again !
    Finally - did anyone else think that Trsten's Dad looked like CSM (Cigarette Smoking Man) from X Files ??

    SO the Bracebridge Dinner :)
    I really enjoy this episode, its fun and pulls a few threads together !
    OK - so who would bring in a ringer for a snowman competition ? Also where did they get enough snow to make all those when on the ground there was hardly any ? Did it get shipped in ??

    OH NO ... Rune is back !! Yeeek ,,, Did we need the scene with Michel and Rune over the picture ? Has he really still been around the inn all this time and we just have not seen him !!

    I still wonder why Dean thought he should break up Jess's fight ? Was he really trying to help ? Seemed like not much was happening to need help!

    The Xmas cards are in a pile and not up ? If this is meant to be Dec and guess it is as they are getting cards.
    I always smile at how little encouragement Luke needs to get into the sleigh with Lorelai :D Plus I love watch Emily and Richard being happy on their sleigh. In fact I also love their scene together towards the end when they are both down stairs in the inn. The two actors are so good together!

    Although everyone they knew was invited , the table looked very small . Honestly is that all they know ? 17 people...
    Taylor did not have a "+1" , is there no Mrs T ?

    Then as everyone leaves the inn, Dean spots Rory and Jess sharing a look !! Here we go !

    Fav scene: When Rory looks up to see her Mum and Grandma both applying their cream at the same time in the same way !!

  4. Some Rory and Dean thoughts.

    First, is Rory some kind of magnet for "bad boy" archetypes? The first few Dean appearances led me to believe he was a small town bad boy (sassing Lorelai, his maybe motorcycle, the leather jacket), although he seems to have reverted to white bread boring. But Tristan and Jess are clearly bad boys. Shouldn't Rory be attracted to smart scholarly guys?

    And Dean. My biggest problem with Dean right now is that he is so boring. What does he like? We don't know very much about him. What does Rory even see in him? He is jealous and petty, and he can't keep up with her intellectually. I just don't buy their relationship. The scene in this week's episode where they kiss (and Dean's sister is legitimately grossed out), there were no sparks. They might as well be siblings too! With all the problems with Tristan's character, at least there were sparks. I could believe that Rory was attracted to him even if she found him repulsive. Dean is just so bland. Honestly, I'm hoping that she keeps him to the curb and has a passionate affair with Jess.

    And as for Lorelai and Luke, I seriously hope they aren't going to push this will-they-won't-they until the series finale, because I might go nuts! They are so great together and I love their chemistry, and there are so many stories they could mine from them being a couple. I just want them to kiss already!

  5. It hasn't bothered me too much this far but I'm not that big a fan of Rory as this magnet for (bad) boys because to me it plays more like, every boy she meets has to be instantly and totally into her, even without knowing her at all, because she's some kind of special little snowflake. Of course I could see Dean and Jess and Tristan go, "I'm 16, she's pretty, that's enough" and at least Dean gave the reason that he was fascinated by her concentration. But, as you mentioned, the Puffs also seemed to love Rory without any particular reason, simply because she's Rory. I guess I'll just be annoyed if this is a thing that keeps happening repeatedly in the future. Because unlike Lorelai, I don't think Rory necessarily has the charisma that immediately draws people in and makes them think, I have to know this girl.

    The Bracebridge Dinner is probably one of my favourite episodes. It's fun to see everyone interact with each other and there are a lot of nice little moments. I really like the short scenes we get of Luke and Jess at the dinner. They really aren't too different.

    Emily and Richard are also really cute together and I like their talk towards the end. It's nice how mature and honest they are and to see that they share this great partnership. We haven't yet seen too many moments like this between a couple on the show.

    I know I've complained a lot about Dean and called him an idiot myself but I think the writers are doing the character a disservice by making him dumber than he used to be. It made sense last episode when Tristan thought Dean is beneath Rory because he's jealous and looks down on him. And the audience knows that and is not meant to agree with Tristan on this.
    But this time, when Jess asks what Rory and Dean talk about, we obviously should be wondering the same thing and think that Dean is completely wrong for Rory. But we saw that Dean was able to keep up with the Gilmore girls in a conversation, of course not on the same level, but nobody can do that. And he could catch their references, that was part of their meet-cute. And he read Austen (I think?) and Dostojewski, sure, because she told him to, but that still counts.
    They shouldn't have to change his character in this way to push Rory in Jess' direction. There are already enough reasons to be put off by Dean.
    I have to say though that Dean is very cute with his little sister and at least he kind of has a reason to dislike Jess now because of the fight.

    Random thoughts:
    Stars Hollow looks beautiful at this time of the year with all the fairylights.
    It's very rude to destroy the snowman. That guy put a lot of work into that.
    Jess is so so very good at looking at Rory.

    1. Ok, I just had to check this and correct myself: Dean did read Jane Austen and liked it, and it was Tolstoi, not Dostojewski.

  6. There was much to love about this episode, but Richard and Emily's reconciliation in their matching dressing gowns was my favorite moment. They have their quirks but at the end of the day, they forgive each other and that gives me hope for my own relationship to be something similar when I'm that age.

    While I love the premise of Lorelai generously inviting Stars Hollow over for dinner, her welcome speech was a missed opportunity to shed her classic Lorelai narcissism and actually thank them for being in her life. It all came off as very "*I* did this for *my* friends."

    Rory's inability to say what she and Dean talk about only makes it look like the writers themselves have no idea why they put them together. Dean is at least capable of making bracelets and cars -- where did that sweetness go? They're really doing him a disservice at this point. I expected a big Dean blowup when he saw the Jess and Rory connection, but his confused, hurting glances just made me sad. This is a mess. An addicting, weekly mess.

    Also I think Rune and his naked thighs have now gotten more screen time than Lane and Henry. What a crime.

  7. So it sounds like we all have the same problems with Dean and Rory's connection with boys. But I do like the Dean/Jess rivalry vs the Dean/Tristan rivalry. Mostly cause Jess is funny, messing with Dean. I wish we would have seen him wave at Dean once more, after Dean says he hopes he doesn't. That would have been funny. I agree with Jess too. Why is Rory with Dean? What do they do and talk about? Sometimes they watch movies with Lorelai but what else do they do?

    Anyways I really did enjoy this episode. It was sweet, and fun, and great to see the town characters all together. I thought Michel being snarky at Rune in the beginning was funny, but probably uncessesary. I liked Christopher asking "Where are you, heaven?". Also why is Sookie's first thought to invite Luke and Jess when the last dinner she cooked for them went badly?

    Richard is great in this episode. It's nice to see him so happy and giddy and asking about riding roller coasters. The end scene between him and Emily was great, and it's nice to see this side of their marriage. Other little things. Babette laughing at Mrs. Kim and then bowing her head immediately and nudging Mory to do the same. The ugly baby joke I thought was funny, when Lorelai put it in Rory's bed. Emily and Lorelai both in the mirror applying cream was great. With Lorelai immediately getting up. Reminds me of a scene from Buffy with Wesley and Giles cleaning their glasses.