Monday, March 9, 2015

Podcast #28 - S2E6 - Presenting Lorelai Gilmore

Hello! Welcome to Return to Stars Hollow - a spoiler-free, retrospective podcast about Gilmore Girls! This is the podcast for Season 2, Episode 6 - Presenting Lorelai Gilmore.

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  1. Regarding S2E7:

    Based on Rory’s abundance of books for “fun,” I think she’d learn to appreciate e-readers. She looks like she’s about to fall over backwards just trying to carry that backpack.

    Okay, Rory, deer with antlers are the males of the species. Kinda hard to miss, especially if it truly did leave antler marks on the jeep as Lorelai suggested. Nice call-back, though.

    What is wrong with the Ivy League schools? You have to get perfect grades, and have lots of extra-curriculars, and have an active social life with what I can only assume are the “right people.” I’m with Lorelai on this one – Headmaster Charleston does indeed qualify as a “schnicklefritz.”

    With all these requirements for both kids and their parents, I wonder how any kids on scholarship instead of through rich families ever make it.

    Of all the tables Rory could have sat at, she ends up at the one discussing the homecoming dance. Doesn’t really seem to be her vibe. Who knew it would also be the type of table you can’t just sit at once and then move on from. A little cult-ish. And they even use the name as a verb! You become a Puff by being Puffed. And this is before the time of “tweet” and “friend” becoming verbs.

    “If you want to eat outside, go hunt a gazelle”- favorite line of the episode, and probably on my top 10 list of the series.

    Lorelai Gilmore does sound like a model’s name. But if she goes with “Waffle,” she could pave the way to “Lemon” to get into modeling if she wants.

    I love that the Puffs are all denying the existence of a group at all, then immediately follow with “they were one of us.” It’s no wonder the whole school apparently knows about them.

    Paris’ priorities have been a little skewed lately, in terms of anger over a non-existent romance between Rory and Tristan, but it is nice that she can look past that “incident” of 4 months ago to smile at Rory for getting her a seat at the Puffs. Looked very genuine, and it’s almost an odd look when Paris looks grateful for anything.

    How much money can a fashion show/dinner really make? It seems like the costs would outweigh the money made. Emily does really seem to be having a blast, especially for not wanting to do it at all. But it’s hard to tell with her, since she’s so good at hiding her emotions and unhappiness around most people. Can’t leave without one more backhanded compliment at Lorelai and her past, of course.

    Have they been doing this induction ceremony in the same way for over a hundred years? And they’re just now getting caught? Is this a common type of thing for sorority inductions? Glad I never felt the urge to join one, if it is.

    Seems a little odd that they get extra credit to keep up their GPA’s when given detentions and/or suspensions. I assumed the drop in GPA would be part of the punishment.

    I do really like that last scene. Just one of the former possible-Puffs initiates finding that reading silently at lunch like Rory is a better alternative to joining a bunch of girls you may not even like. Could this be the beginning of the end of the power of the Puffs?

  2. I love Rory stating that Luke's flirts with Lorelai all the time. Rory's look at the Bryans Adam comment was great! I'm with Lorelai, Rory does not need that many books. Oh now Michele eats cookies. lol. Was Rory really late for lunch or were there more than one lunch groups? Paris is jealous of Rory and I love it! Um does Emily just walk around with the phone in her hand? Lorelai bringing in Luke to fix the stage was great. Omg, Emily had me cracking up when she was modeling with Lorelai. It's nice to see Emily having fun. I agree with Chilton mom, Luke was looking really cute. And I like Lorelai's subtle jealousy. I liked Lorealai telling Rory about being kidnapped and Rory staying up and waiting. Did that girl really think Rory was surprised? Cause it was totally obvious that she knew. Rory is not convincing and that girl is incredibly naive. lol. Omg, poor Paris. I liked Rory standing up to headmaster Charleton, because she's right, she's just doing what he told her to do, and she had no idea they were going to break into the school, lights candles and ring a bell while reciting poetry. Totally not to blame. Love the end scene in the diner with Luke and Lorelai. And it's nice that Rory doesn't sit alone at lunch reading now. I actually did use to eat lunch alone my 1st year of high school until I made friends the second year, I should have read like Rory though, that way I would have looked busy or something. lol. I kind of don't like Emily's comment to Lorelai about how she's fitting in with the world that she ran away from. Emily just can't let it go can she.
    Quote of the episode: Paris-"Nothing in my life is fair" So true.

  3. An episode about how similar Lorelai and Rory are seems kind of redundant because that's part of the premise of the show and always there, but it's still fun to watch and I like that they add another dimension to this idea later in the episode with the story of Emily and Lorelai.

    I think it's interesting that Lorelai chose a job where she has to organize a lot of events which is exactly how Emily spends a lot of her time, too. As last week's dance, this episode shows again that Lorelai would fit well in this world and in this life that Emily had imagined for her and we see that everyone loves her and what she's doing here. It's just that that's not what she wants, which is still something Emily doesn't quite seem to get when she makes her comment at the end. The problem of somehow not naturally fitting in was never the problem for Lorelai.

    And a completely arbitrary list of best ofs:

    The Cutest: Emily on the runway. So fun, so cute.
    Runner-up goes to Luke and his little smile after the insane fight with Lorelai. Their dynamic in that scene was also great.

    Most terrible person: Headmaster Charleston. I love when Rory tells him off because she is completely right and I like to see her stand up for herself and show that she has a backbone. Though it comes off as a little awkward when she mentions Dean and Lane who we don't see at all in this episode but well, we know they exist, so it's fine.

    Thing that irritates me the most every single time I watch this episode: The 5minute lunch break where, judging by their full plates, clearly nobody has time to eat anything.

    Favourite quote: Rory's "God! You're like a pop-up book from hell!"

  4. Hi there, Been missing for a few weeks but now caught up again and ready for "like Mother Like Daughter" ...
    The bag for school ... so many books but I am with Rory on the need for the right book for your mood. But when we see her getting of the bus before to meet Lane or Dean - I don't recall that bag being SO fat !?!?
    I was Rory at school, head down in a book over lunch. The school suggesting she is not "joining in" is a little short sighted.
    The puffs ?? Sorry the name makes me laugh and then the rhythm which Rory is saying when the head master catches them !! OMG . I can see that it would be important to Paris to be part of the right set but Paris makes it sound like there are LOTs of groups and Rory knows of NONE !?!? just never rung true. At least Rory tried to get Paris in the group. But Rory standing up for her rights is magic, although Francine's face is a picture that their table was selected at random. Do you think anyone warned Paris' Mum ?? But as been said above - after so long why are they only now getting caught ??

    The Booster club - didn't you just want them to be in matching sweatshirts just for a moment... The fashion show looks great but why is the lady at the front not talking about the designer or the clothing as ladies come out ? I would have thought Sax would be looking to make some sales if the clothing was lent !?!?! But Emily and Lorelai look great together and so happy !

    Over all, its OK but not great !

  5. Regarding Presenting Lorelai Gilmore:

    I enjoyed how Rory and Lorelai both agreed the Metallica shirt was bad but the band was good, it was the perfect thing for them to say knowing both their taste in fashion and music (I'm pretty sure we've heard Lorelai talk about metallica before). Also I think its so cute that Rory is wearing Lorelai's debutant dress. Which looks gorgeous on her by the way. Lorelai also looks like a knockout at the ball in her low cut dress.

    When Rory said "there's a fifty fifty chance!" of Christopher coming I thought it showed a much more realistic and mature perspective than her attitude the last time Chris was in town when she seemed to forget how unreliable her dad is.

    In the scene were Rory, Dean and Lane are watching the Hall of Fame induction, why are Dean and Lane sitting super close on the couch and Rory is sitting on the arm? And Lane doesn't say a word. Its strange.

    It was hilarious how Rory had to barter watching Battle Bots with Dean for a month to get him to go to the debutant ball. I cant remember how many hours of terrible TV and video games i've suffered through with boyfriends in exchange for them to do things with me, like watch Gilmore Girls. I sort of understand how others were getting bored of the whole "Dean doesn't want to do what Rory wants" storyline, but it seemed realistic considering their ages and the kind of things Rory asks him to do. After all, he doesn't put up a fuss about things like watching movies together, just when he has to get dressed up and attend bougie events… which Lorelai puts up just as much of a stink over too, if we're being honest. I still do think Dean is the perfect first boyfriend for Rory because of how simple and easy it is to be with him. None of my relationships at 16 were that stable and easy, and all of my boyfriends were WAY less supportive of me and way bigger shitheads than Dean was. I think what you said about judging him in terms of an adult is true; we need to remember that he's a high school kid and this is a high school relationship.

    At first when Chris is telling Lorelai about his new job and basically evading the question of what his job actually is, I thought they were gonna continue to do that thing where they never say what "business" he's in but just constantly talk about "the business" or "the internet start up" or "business is bad" blah blah blah. So i was relieved when later he gave us some details. Speaking of Christopher, the scene of him and Lorelai dancing was absolutely electric. Their chemistry is so tangible during this whole episode.

  6. (pt 2) Lorelai's various feminist rants about debutants and proper ladies in this episode were all particularly great.

    I thought it was a great storyline to have the argument between Richard and Emily to be about Richard being phased out at work, because we've seen several tiny foreshadowing moments toward this throughout the last season and even into season one. For example at one of their parties, Richard is arguing with his friend and mentions a younger guy being put on "his" account. I love storylines that are slowly built over whole seasons through tiny insignificant moments like this that you only really notice the 3rd or 4th time you watch the series. It makes it worth watching again to connect the pieces and say "oh yeah this totally comes up later!" to an offhand comment early on.

    The part where Rory eats the burger and sticks her pinky out always stands out in my mind. I originally watched the series on ABC Family and that scene was a teaser for the show.

    When Lorelia comes to visit Emily at the end of the episode to "hang" while Emily gardens, I think it shows a real level of character development and growth for Lorelai. After all, she could have very easily seen Emily's behavior at the ball as extremely rude and another example of why Emily is horrible. After all, Emily drags Rory into this event and causes a lot of work for Lorelai to get done in a week: she goes shopping with Emily, has to make time & space for Chris, she preps Rory for the event… and then Emily misses the entire humiliating fan dance, says something extremely rude to Lorelai ("it should have been you") and bounces. But instead, she feels genuine compassion for her mother and actually goes out of her way to consider Emily's point of view. Some people said that it seemed out of the blue, but I think that shows how complex of a character Lorelai is, that she was able to get past Emily's rude comment and behavior at the debutant ball and try to understand what her mom was going through. It was an excellent scene.

    There were a lot of great facial expressions in this episode:
    Like when Rory returns to the courtyard with her book and Emily is about to ask her to do the ball, the look on her face as she says "yay" is priceless, or Rory's frown when Emily (via the phone) asks her if she needs her hairstylist to set her hair, and Lorelai's little eye roll after her dad asks her if Emily ever listens and she half heartily defends her mom.

    Favorite lines: "Do you have a trust fund? (Always make sure)" - Lorelai
    Favorite scene: Lorelai & Chris dancing, or the end scene where Lorelai goes to "hang" with Emily.