Monday, October 27, 2014

Podcast #13 - S1E12 - Double Date

Hello! Welcome to Return to Stars Hollow - a spoiler-free, retrospective podcast about Gilmore Girls! This is the podcast for Season 1, Episode 12 - Double Date!

See how good life is without Rune around?
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We'll be having a one week hiatus before the next episode. So, the next podcast will post on Monday, October 27, 2014 for Season 1, Episode 13 - Concert Interruptus!


  1. I actually don't have that much to say about this episode, so here are just some random thoughts.

    First of all, that is the ugliest sweater I have ever seen. It looks like it comes right out of the garbage and someone dumped some acid on it.

    Somehow you were able to keep track of the timeline in the last podcast. So, when Rory says she's been together with Dean for about a month, that makes no sense, right? Shouldn't it be more than that?

    I love Paris in this episode. The only weird moment is when she doesn't react at all when Madeleine and Louise leave, but just keeps starring at the stage. I get that for her, this is probably just another day with the two of them, but that felt very strange.
    Do we think, Paris has never heard the Bangles before?

    Lorelai storming the party was great.

    It is really jarring that this episode comes right after the last one. Last week Lorelai could and would not lie to Mrs. Kim, not even a little, because of the mother code and because it would be wrong, and now she actually encourages Lane to lie to her mother about the concert and calls Lane telling the truth stupid.

    1. I agree that it seems a tad jarring, though I guess I never gave it much thought before. The only logical reason why Lorelai might feel differently about lying in this case would be that there are no boys, and there is also parental supervision. Honestly though, the whole thing completely contradicts what she told Rory last episode.

  2. I really enjoy all of the bits with the rummage sale. It’s yet another example of the close community that is Stars Hollow. I love it when Luke calls Lorelai a fruitcake. This is the jokey dynamic between them that I know and love.

    I read one of those articles that talked about episodes to watch and episodes to skip for new viewers, and I found it interesting that this was listed as a skippable episode (see here ->!7/concert-interruptus/ ). I personally would have to disagree. I’m not by any means going to make the claim that this is the best episode of the show, or even of this season, but I do think it sets up a couple of important ideas. The first, and probably most important is the Rachel story. This, I feel, is what plants the seed in Lorelai’s mind that maybe Luke isn’t just the grumpy but loveable bachelor that maybe she has assumed he is. Other women do in fact find him attractive, and he can be a serious relationship type guy. Plus, through all of this, Luke gets some character development. It’s nice to see someone besides members of the Gilmore family get some backstory.

    Another reason I would disagree that the episode is skippable is due to the Paris and Rory bonding that goes on at the concert. This is one of the first times that I can remember Paris actually being a likable character, unless you count the end of Paris is Burning. I would consider this episode to be a breakthrough in their relationship where instead of complete animosity, there is a certain level of mutual respect built between them. I wouldn’t call them friends, but as Lorelai states, I think there is some friend potential. After all, Paris says it’s the best night she’s ever had. I can’t see her saying it if she didn’t mean it.

    Go Lorelai. She may take pride in her “cool mom” persona, but when push comes to shove, she’s not afraid to break out the mom card and put Madeline and Louise in their place. What they did was pretty stupid, so they deserved it. This incident kind of brings up an interesting point about the nature of Lorelai and Rory’s relationship. When Madeline and Louise get busted by Lorelai at the party, they initially play it off as if they thought she would be totally okay with their decision. Cool mom to them is equivalent of someone who will let them get away with anything they want. Rory knows better. She knows that she can’t just get away with anything she wants. As with any healthy parent child relationship, there are still certain rules that must be followed. Rory respecting those rules, spoken or unspoken, is what allows Lorelai’s “cool mom” thing to work, as she’s not constantly having to discipline Rory. It’s a mutual respect thing. Rory respects Lorelai’s rules, and Lorelai respects that Rory respects the rules, and all is well in their super close relationship.

  3. Also, I know you guys talk about the music on the show, and so I have to mention something I noticed in a previous episode. The music cues in Forgiveness and Stuff are so spot on it’s not even funny. I mean, yes there is the distinction between Stars Hollow’s more eclectic, non-traditional Christmas songs, and Richard and Emily’s classic, traditional, Tony Bennett style Christmas soundtrack, but it goes beyond that. Let’s start with Lorelai, alone in the house while Rory is off at the big Christmas party. Christmas Wrapping by the Waitresses is playing. Basically the whole beginning of the song is anti-Christmas, and talking about spending Christmas alone. Pretty reflexive of Lorelai’s mood and situation at the time. Then, Lorelai and Rory are talking by the vending machines about what happened and reconciling, and Happy Xmas (War Is Over) is playing in the background, marking the end of their fight. Again, spot on lyrically. Then, the nice bow on the episode is the playing of XTC’s Thanks For Christmas. Everything has returned to normal, so the holiday spirit is back as well. I have to say, I have a whole new level of respect for the music supervisors for this episode. That was subtly, but effectively, ingenius.

    Okay, I’m gonna stop now, or I might go on forever. I just can’t help myself when it comes to this show. Happy Halloween everyone!!

  4. Cordia, I love that you have two red leather jackets. I'm jealous, I really want leather jacket. Hey don't laugh at my hamsters. lol. Nothing bad happened to the first 3, I won't mention what did happen to the 5th. But the first one died while I was away. The second one, I don't remember how he died. The third one escaped from his cage and we never found him. We assumed he got in the apartment walls and died. My sister says that her friend was present when the first two died and blames her. lol. Spike just died of old age. I just thought they were so cute and fluffy. But they are nocturnal so that sucks, cause they keep you up at night with those squeaky hamster wheels.

    So I like that Sookie gets a ticket for Lane also. I want to see more interactions between the two best friends. It's nice getting to know more about Luke and his past. This brings me to my question of how long have Lorelai and Rory lived in Stars Hallow? Lorelai has a point, how does she not know about Rachel? I get that Luke wouldn't bring it up, but clearly Miss Patti and Sookie know all about her, was it never brought up in conversation. Ever? Just sounds made up to have Lorelai realize that maybe Luke is not always going to be there waiting for her.

    I thought Lorelai's idea to have Rory take the girls to the concert was great. It makes sense that if Rory wanted to make friends she should be doing some sort of group bonding activity, and what better way than a concert. Glad Paris had a good time, I love her relationship with Rory.