Monday, October 6, 2014

Podcast #11 - S1E10 - Forgiveness and Stuff

Hello! Welcome to Return to Stars Hollow - a spoiler-free, retrospective podcast about Gilmore Girls! This is the podcast for Season 1, Episode 10 - Forgiveness and Stuff!

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  1. Paris is Burning
    While I'm not sad to see Max go, I felt bad for Lorelai and her heartbreak, especially after the scene with Emily and her realizing that she really did have strong feelings for Max. I just don't think that after only 3-4 episodes with Max in them that I was really able to have much excitement for a relationship between them. He just wasn't involved that much in her life, so it is not hard to picture him out of it.

    Loved the scene between Sookie and Lorelai where she says she isn't a relationship expert and hurts her feelings. Good acting in there! Also excellent payoff when she asks Jackson out on a date. Yay!

    Forgiveness and Stuff
    I liked the scenes with Emily and Richard in the hospital, as did everyone else.

    I really felt the omission of even mentioning Max in this episode though, and it is a little jarring. While Lorelai may not want to mention to her mom that she is seeing someone, I would think that it would have come up between Lorelai and Luke, or at least that she maybe would have called him when she wasn't going to the Christmas party.

  2. I've heard a lot of people say you don't put ketchup on a hot dog, but I'm with Cordia, I put ketchup on mine, but I rarely eat hot dogs anyways. Just not a mustard fan.

    Finally we get an episode all about Lorelai and Max's relationship. And if we had seen more of Lorelai and Max I would care a little bit more. I loved Rory catching Lorelai sneaking in. The role reversal is funny.

    The scene with Lorelai and Rory arguing about getting the door, while Max listening was funny. I liked Lorelai's response about knocking points off for his punctuality. Poor Max, that would be so awkward.

    Oh, my, I really love Luke, his concern about Lorelai's skates was so cute.
    Poor Sookie, that look on her face was when Lorelai told her she doesn't date was so sad. What's Sookie doing at the hospital so much? Does she volunteer at the kitchen there or does she have some relative who is hospitalized? Sookie asking Jackson out was great.

    Eww, they're eating cold french fries. Those are gross cause they get hard and you can't just reheat them. They really needed to clean out that fridge.

    Do kids in high school really care about who's mom is kissing the teacher? Rory has a good point, Lorelai should not be making out with Max at the school. In fact I think their entire conversation was inappropriate for the situation. Clearly she has feelings for him, and its kinda sad that she doesn't know what to do. I'm glad Max is finally getting some perspective on the situation and not being so persistent. I found that annoying. I admit, I am slightly bias because I don't care about Max. But the ending with Lorelai crying and Rory comforting her was super sad and sweet.

    The Paris stuff I thought was great, because it's nice getting to see more insight to her character.

    1. I don't think I ever registered that Sookie says she's at the hospital so much until I read your comment. But now I really want to know what that comment was about because I also don't think this is ever mentioned again. A different explanation could be that she hurts herself all time in the kitchen and has to go to the hospital because of that, but that does seem a little extreme.

    2. Yea she says shed doesn't have time cause she's either at the Inn or at the hospital. Maybe you're right, maybe it's just cause she is clumsy and get injured at work a lot. But I don't think that takes up enough time to where you can't date. It is interesting cause it doesn't come up ever again. Oh well.

  3. I think I could only like the opening scene more if Buttercup had actually reacted in some way to Luke, the brown-haired man.

    I felt really uncomfortable when Lorelai started roleplaying as a school girl, probably because Max is actually a teacher and her daughter is his student and so, this was very weird.

    Some of my least favourite moments in the entire series are when Lorelai is mean to or yells at Sookie, so even if she immediately takes back what she said, the scene in the kitchen is a lowpoint, to me at least, apparently not so much for Sookie who recovers really quickly, but her singing was very cute. And at least we get one good thing out of this when Sookie asks out Jackson.

    We always hear about how good and nice Rory is, but we only mostly see this in context of her mother and the grandparents. So I like that we see her be nice to Paris. Of course Rory's mad at what Paris did but at the same time she feels for her and understands why she did it and offers her a nice gesture, even though at this point it doesn't seem like much more than that because it's unlikely that the two are actually going to get together to talk about their problems. But still, this could be the first step into the direction of some kind of friendly relationship.

    On one hand, I like that Lorelai's irrational behaviour has consequences, because, I think, more often than not on tv, when one person starts pushing the other away because they're scared, the other person just says "Oh you crazy kid" and everything goes back to the way it was, and I like that they go a different way here.
    But on the other hand, this is exactly the reason Lorelai didn't want to go out with Max in the first place, because it would be inappropriate. So now, what was to be expected actually happens and I don't like that Max immediately decides that he can't do this anymore and breaks Lorelai's heart.
    The scene when Rory comes home and finds Lorelai crying in bed is great, but I also think her heartbreak would be more believable if we had seen her and Max be together for more than one episode and if his entire existence wasn't so thoroughly ignored in others.

  4. Quick note: I liked the relationships that developed in this episode. It also made me tear up a few times.

    I also liked "you're mother called me an idiot". :) Good line