Monday, October 27, 2014

Célèste's Review of S1E12 "Double Date"

S1E12 "Double Date"

Season 1, Episode 12
Original airing: January 18, 2001

My Rating: 61

The Good:
  •  It’s nice to spend some time with Lane and with Mrs. Kim. I like how fervent she is about the “you break, you buy” rule and how she and Lorelai agree they don’t want their daughters turning out like Lorelai.
  • Seeing Jackson and Sookie giggling in Luke’s is a nice moment. So is the moment when he first sees her all made up.
  • This is the closet we’ve gotten so far to Luke asking Lorelai out, and it’s kind of thrilling to watch.
  • The idea of a short unattractive guy being really turned off by Lorelai is unique and funny, though Rune gets tiresome pretty quickly. I like that Lorelai's ego is saved at the end when she says, "You know the one good thing we all learned from this? That I'm a babe."
The Bad:
  • The overall idea of both Gilmore girls going on double dates on the same night is a little much.
  • The Todd character is funny in moments but overdone in general
  • Ditto Rune. After the initial conceit was established, I just found him annoying, not particularly funny, and I didn’t like how long it took Jackson to stand up to him.
  • There are lots of logical lapses. That pashmina is not a substitute for a coat in January. Why did it take Rory and Lane until the second before they left to discuss not telling Lorelai, and why did it take her until the second after that to ask where they were going when they'd clearly been getting ready to go somewhere? Also, why do Todd and Land have another couple standing between them and Rory and Dean in the line at the movie theatre?
  • The whole going to a French restaurant and then leaving plot is too complicated, and Sookie is a little too frazzled. I like the idea of this whole plot line, but the execution fell short in several places for me. 
Favorite Moment:
Lorelai rants about legs and arms

The Bottom Line:
With all the other great episodes available, this isn't one I'd choose to rewatch. 

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