Thursday, March 9, 2017

Podcast #105 - S5E8 - The Party's Over

Hello! Welcome to Return to Stars Hollow - a spoiler-free, retrospective podcast about Gilmore Girls! This is the podcast for Season 5, Episode 8 - The Party's Over.

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The next podcast will post on Thursday, March 16, 2017 for Season 5, Episode 9 - Emily Says Hello.


  1. Two comments on the last podcast:
    We did see Rory drunk on Spring Break, didn't we? Oh god, that was when the whole Dean thing started again. Maybe Rory should stay away from alcohol.

    And Cordia, that was a great Lorelai/Dean impression. Good job!

    After last episode, Rory and Marty talking about how weird rich people and their food choices are was really strange. Another theme here seemed to be that people in Ramadan and pregnant women are completely crazy. I'm still debating if the fact that Jackson acted crazy too makes it any less bad. The big scissors are hilarious though.

    And the last scene with Emily, I mean, just wow.

    (This has been a really eloquent comment, sorry.)

  2. I really appreciate how they followed up on two storylines; Jackson as town selectment and Christopher beeing a single parent. I I like it how Chris respecter Rory's wish to stay out of the way, bc I really agree with her. She doesn't need him to come and mess with her happiness, since that's what he does. He shows up and messes things up. I also find it very beliveable that Rory is protective of Lorelai, she has been both Rory's mother and father. She has been everything Chris hasn't. Somehow, when Rory told Lorelai about it, it must have made an impression, otherwise Lorelai would have answered Chris call when he called wanted to chat in the end of the episode. She looked like she considered to answer but chose not to.

    I agree with Mareieke, the last scene with Emily. Wow. It's not often we see her that vulnerable.

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  4. I cannot remember if you mentioned this on the podcast, but it was interesting for me to think of 'The Party's Over' and compare it to 'Rory's Birthday Parties' from season 1, another instance where Richard and Emily throw a party with people they think Rory should associate with. And where that episode ends with Dean giving Rory a bracelet outside her own house with Lorelai watching in surprise through the window, this one ends after Rory and Dean's breakup, Rory once again surprising Lorelai through the window by stumbling out of that limo.

    Aside from those parallels, I think this episode illustrates how hesitant Rory continues to be regarding change, and how she tends to need to be kind of pushed into doing things instead of taking her own initiative. Her breakup with Dean here was almost a much calmer version of the one in season 3, because once again she seems to be almost pushing Dean to break up with her instead of pulling the trigger herself. I admit that for me, personally, it's a very frustrating character trait, but it has been consistent, I think.

    I'm not a fan of Logan and Rory's interactions at all, mainly because Logan is smug and confident in a way that really grates, and Rory seems to go along with him without really questioning some of the things he says (I'm thinking particularly of their first solo interaction in 'Written in the Stars' and him convincing her to jump in 'You Jump, I Jump, Jack'). I'm not sure, though, how much the problem for me is Logan and how much of it is just Rory's passivity.