Thursday, January 19, 2017

Podcast #98 - S5E1 - Say Goodbye to Daisy Miller

Hello! Welcome to Return to Stars Hollow - a spoiler-free, retrospective podcast about Gilmore Girls! This is the podcast for Season 5, Episode 1 - Say Goodbye to Daisy Miller.

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  1. Not a Gilmore Girls related comment right now, but I wanted to share something and ask you girls a podcasting related question.

    First of all, I want to tell you that you two inspired me to start my own podcast. I got into podcasting only this past year, pretty much starting out with your podcast, and now I am addicted and I love them. When I thought about how much joy your podcast brings me, and how much fun you must have doing it, I decided to start my own as well.

    I doubt my podcast would interest you - I'm a high school public educator who works with at-risk students to help them graduate. I work in the science content and my colleague and one of my best friends has done the same thing with me for the last ten years in the English content. We always have great conversations and are very committed to school improvement, so we started a podcast talking to educators about how to help at-risk kids, discussing standards in education, things like that. We've only done four episodes so far, but we are having SO MUCH FUN.

    We've had a little bit of success for how little we knew what we were doing and how short a time we've done it. We've had some famous authors tweet at us, a reporter from a newspaper tweet out a link to our podcast, and we just won a contest to attend PME - this podcasting conference in Orlando at the end of February. This has just been an absolute blast, it's opened up our world a lot, and THANK YOU so much for inspiring me.

    That being said - I replicated your format here, used blogspot to start the blog, and am trying to make an RSS feed work so we can get on iTunes, but I cannot make it work. If you could share with me the link to the directions you followed to get your podcast onto iTunes I would REALLY appreciate it.

    And if you're interested we're at

    1. Congrats, Sarah! That's so awesome! I'm thrilled we've inspired you and that you've had such success! In terms of the RSS feed, I'm afraid I'm of limited assistance. I set that up three years ago, so my memory is spotty. I do know our RSS feed is generated by our hosting site. We use I submitted the RSS feed to our distribution platforms (iTunes, Stitcher, GooglePlay) by going to this places and finding the "submit podcast" link. Now, when I upload a new episode, I put all the information in through libsyn and it is auto populated to the platforms. I'm sorry I can't be of more help! Good luck!

    2. Thanks for the reply Cordia! I'm glad to hear you say libsyn made it easy. I was wondering if that might be the case but didn't want to commit! Thanks for the insight; I am going to go that route I think.

  2. I like Lorelai's storyline here. She's putting all of her energy into her new business which makes sense especially because she has nothing else to right now. Luke is gone and she misses him, Rory is gone and they haven't reconciled yet which Lorelai probably doesn't want to think about. I love how Sookie gets her to relax a bit by pointing out that she's behaving like her mother. That one always works.

    I also like how they're handling the Luke/Lorelai thing so far this season. We see a little bit of them but not full on. With Rory in Europe for the summer, there had to be some kind of time jump and it was a really smart decision to send off Luke for that time too. This way we still see them talking on the phone and being all flirty and they both seem very happy and positive about this, but we haven't missed any massive step in their relationship.

    As for Rory, I think it was the right decision to take herself out of the equation. Dean has to decide what he wants and he has to be honest with Lindsay and we saw last time what happens when Rory and Dean get close to each other, so it's probably good to put some distance between them. I also like the letter she writes and that she finally apologizes and owns up to the fact that she made a mistake.
    On the other hand it doesn't seem like she talked to Dean before she left or even told him that she was leaving? And so, in going to Europe, Rory is quite literally running away from the problem instead of dealing with it. But that's very much in character, we've seen that before with her. I'm very curious to see how she moves on now.

    As for Dean.... at least he finally got a haircut? That's as positive as I can get. He seems to be blaming everyone but himself for his mistakes. And once again I have to point out that, technically, Dean was the one who dumped Rory. Twice.

    1. Aww, I actually liked Dean's Goblet of Fire hair. So now that he's cut it off, I guess that leaves me with no positives, as far a Dean goes...

      I definitely agree about the Luke/Lorelai thing. It was a clever way to eat up the summer months without leaving us out of that fun beginning-of-the-relationship time.

  3. I disagree with Mareike about Dean. During his conversation with Rory, he explicitly says that he hurt everyone he cares about, he doesn't know why he did it, and that something's wrong with him. I was actually pretty stunned by that! In the last episode, it was clear that he was yelling at Lindsay so that he could blame her for his infidelity; but with the passage of time, he's blaming himself (as well he should).

    (As for the Dean-dumped-Rory question -- when he breaks up with her during the dance marathon, he does it because it finally becomes clear to him, as it was already clear to everyone else in the world, that she was into Jess and no longer interested in Dean. So while he was the one to pull the trigger, I put the responsibility on her because he only did what she should have done a long time before.)

    As for Rory...well, it's good that she wants to make amends and stay out of Dean's marriage. the GG writers show us that Rory is a good person, rather than just telling it. But writing that letter? Oh god. Hasn't she learned anything from all those British novels where a private letter is stolen or misplaced with grievous consequences?

    Given this mess, I thought the confrontation between the Gilmores and Lindsay and her mom was pretty realistic. It's a small town, of course they're going to run into each other. The show doesn't ask the actress playing Lindsay to do much, but she's very good at looking like she wants to crawl into a hole and die. Lorelai was very mature by asking Lindsay's mom not to make a scene in public, but she probably she have steered Rory away rather than engaging in the conflict.

    And what was up with her saying "I know Rory"? If this whole mess should have taught Lorelai anything, it's that she doesn't know Rory as well as she thought.

    1. Ok, I retract my comment a little, Dean does say that. Maybe I was too distracted by his unironed shirt and my general hatred for Dean to really listen to what he's saying. Though I also feel like his delivery wasn't all that convincing (I guess we should be used to that by now) and I also still feel like he's blaming Rory at least somewhat, because he did it for her and then she bailed.

      I agree with your comments on the who dumped who question and I think they were both at fault there. I just don't think I'll ever get over Dean yelling at Rory at 6am in front of half the town (or whoever was still awake at that point).

      I also like your comment about the confrontation. It makes me wonder if we will see the rest of the town react to this scandal or if their perspective on Rory will change in any way.

  4. I really enjoyed Lorelai's scenes here. What I particularly liked about them is how, even after she made up with Rory, she still criticized the gardener. It would have been insulting to Lorelai's character to make her suddenly about face there as if she was working hard and micromanaging just because of her irritation with Rory. No, she is irritated with Rory and upset, but she is also a lady boss.

    Did anyone else feel like the only reason Rory made up with her mom was to get her to give Dean that letter? And did anyone else think she went to Dean's house because she thought they were going to get together officially now?

    I can't remember who gave us the comment about how Lindsay and her mom were providing yet another example of a mother-daughter relationship on this show. Thank you for that! That comment really deepened my appreciation for the scene with the Gilmores vs the ... Stirlings? I don't remember her last name. That was a great scene. Both girls staring at the ground, not speaking, while their strong mothers yelled at each other. It said a lot, all in subtext, about their immaturity, and how they are both overshadowed by their mothers ultimately - even though Lorelai's shadow is more benign.

    Luke at the Renaissance Fair is everything. "You've found your TJ!" Stricken expression.

    So was I the only one who REALLY wanted to go on Emily and Rory's Europe trip? I hope Rory wasn't a mopey brat the whole entire time, though I have my suspicions. Watching Emily flirt and speak in Italian and just basically have a fantastic time showing Rory how to live in style was adorable. (And I know we're not talking about the revival, but I'll just say obliquely that watching Emily speak fluent Italian gave me more thoughts on a certain aspect of the revival.)

    The whole scene did remind me that, as much as I felt like I identified with Rory as a character when I was watching this show in my 20s, that actually Rory and I have very little in common. She's 21, she's been to Europe twice (TWICE!), and now in this stylish way ... it just reminds me about Lorelai's safety net and all the financial support Rory receives that definitely wasn't available to me. It's an important part of Lorelai and Rory's motivation that I know I don't think about very much.

    1. Emily has definitely been getting her flirt on since the split with Richard. Between asking that TSA agent to search her last episode and talking to all the randy European men, she is having a grand time :) It's fun to see her so confident.

  5. Poetry isn’t usually my thing, but for some reason, this one just came to me and I couldn’t get it out of my head. It’s pretty terrible, so don’t judge me.

    The fates hate me, that much is evident,
    Since watching this episode was a chance event.
    Upon further reflection,
    The night of the election,
    Was not the best time,
    To have to hear the line,
    “I’ll see you when Hillary is president.”

    But seriously though, I happened to be watching this episode as the votes were being tallied for the election, right around the time it was becoming clear who was going to win, and I did not appreciate this line sneaking up to taunt me, since I had put on Gilmore Girls specifically to try to cheer myself up. Worst timing ever.

    On a happier note, I loved Michel this episode. Those Krumholtzes know what’s up. Angry Michel is the best Michel, especially when he’s teaching kids swear words and playing insipid board games.