Thursday, December 15, 2016

Podcast #97 - SPOILERS - A Year in the Life - Feedback 2

Hello! Welcome to Return to Stars Hollow - a spoiler-free, retrospective podcast about Gilmore Girls! This is a special SPOILER FILLED podcast about the new Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life. This is our second feedback podcast for all four newly released episodes.

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  1. So I finally finished the revival! I was so busy with work and family during the holidays I didn't have time. Sorry I missed the feedback podcasts, but I just wanted to add my thoughts. For the most part I did enjoy the revival as a whole. I pretty much agree with that it feels like a retread of season 7. I don't believe that in NINE years Luke and Lorelai have not talked about kids and marriage. I do not like Rory's affair, I hated the musical and pretty much all of the Summer episode. I also HATE the life and death brigade! I hate Colin and Finn, but I'll leave that for when we get to them in season 5. They are just terrible, though.

    While I do not like Rory's affair with Logan, I actually could relate a lot to the rest of her story. I recently just lost my grandfather, I am almost 30 and my writing career isn't where I want it to be. I can understand this pressure that by 30 you're suppose to have your career going and be in a stable relationship. With the passing of my grandfather there is this idea that I have in my head that I'm not living up to the family name or to his standards. I can see that in Rory's story, especially when she looks at that huge picture of Richard. The difference is that Rory has a degree and has been working as a writer for nine years. But I still understand this idea that you don't have your life together, when you feel like it should be. I don't hang out with a 30-something gang, though. But I do know those people.

    Ok, I love the 30-something gang! I love how they seem so eager to have Rory join them, and then so dissapointed. It wasn't over done, it was perfect. I have no idea what game they were trying to play with the shakes though. Does anyone else get it?

    So I actually liked the scene with April and Rory. But I like the idea of the scene that they are trying to bond over college experiences. And they will be step sisters, so I like this sisterly like moment they kind of have, I kind of wanted more.

    I loved the Buffy references! I love that Rory quotes Faith! Not just cause Faith is my favorite character but because I find it interesting that Rory did a Buffy marathon and what stuck with her was Faith. I feel like she'd connect more to Willow's story.

    As for the last words. I do not like it, because I hate the idea that Rory is going to have Logan's child. I'm not a full Logan hater, but I do not like them as a couple and the affair thing was terrible! I'm still team Jess, but there was nothing there in terms of a romantic interest here. Sadly. It's hard to know what we could have gotten, because we don't actually know the availability of all the actors. But I wanted more Lane, more Sookie, more Jess and even more Paris, cause Paris was just so awesome in this and the comedy was so hilarious. Anyway I'll save the rest for when we come back to these episodes later in the podcast after watching season 7. There really is a lot to talk about, though. One of my favorite scenes though, was Emily's rant at the DAR meeting and the BullSh** lines, that was gold! The Kirk and Taylor stuff was great as well.

    Quick story, the actor that plays the first park ranger that tells them about the storm is Jason Ritter, son of the late John Ritter. Who I actually met once at a veterans benefits dinner in LA. I took a picture with him, he was a little shy but a really nice guy. Fun fact, the other park ranger is Lauren Graham's real life boyfriend.

  2. This may be my second least favourite Dean episode (after There's the rub). I just got something against Dean yelling at his girlfriends/wives, you know? At least they're making it clear that Dean/Rory is not a good idea, no matter what the two of them think or say about it. And I guess it's nice that they suddenly give Lindsay something of a personality and a perspective. When I said before that I felt bad for Lindsay and that she deserved better than Dean, I was always thinking of this episode.

    I was fine in the season 4 finale that there wasn't much chemistry between Dean and Rory and I explained why I thought it makes sense that Rory would be drawn to Dean there. But here I have a problem with it and I would have needed to see some heat between them. Because Rory specifically goes to Miss Patty's to talk to Dean, she thought about what they've done and she doesn't want to repeat it, and then they do. But from watching it, I just don't feel like there's anything urgent between them that they can't stop themselves. Which makes me hate their behaviour even more and it somehow makes it less interesting because the way it's portrayed here, it feels more like a choice they're making and less like something they can't help but do. Which would be fine, but the problem is that that's not what the characters describe when they talk about it.

    "Only prostitutes have two glasses of wine at lunch!" -
    "Well, then buy me a boa and drive me to Reno because I'm open for business!" is probably my favourite exchange of the whole show. Much of Emily and Richard's fight here is played for laughs but I love the way they manage to pack a punch at the end when they both say that no, Emily is not the woman Richard married, but from very different perspectives.

  3. Hey girls! This American Life podcast entitled Just What I Wanted released on a Christmas Day had an amazing intro piece about a group of snipers stationed overseas who LOVED the Gilmore Girls and watched it every day while overseas. After sending a letter to ASP about the lack of male shirts she sent the whole
    Squadron crew jackets. Worth a listen Ira Glass is a fan and he interviews the letter writer