Monday, April 25, 2016

Podcast #74 - S4E3 - The Hobbit, the Sofa, and Digger Stiles

Hello! Welcome to Return to Stars Hollow - a spoiler-free, retrospective podcast about Gilmore Girls! This is the podcast for Season 4, Episode 3 - The Hobbit, the Sofa, and Digger Stiles.

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  1. I can solve the mystery of the Previously Ons. I read/listened to an interview with someone involved in the show, and they said Amy added them on to episodes that were short for time. That's why they are sporadic.

    1. That makes sense. But is also a terrible excuse. Makes me think of the sporadic Giles voiceovers during Buffy season 2. I'm thinking maybe they were to fill time too. Hmm.

  2. Lane! We finally see some more of her and it's about time. She was actually supposed to be in the season premiere, there's a deleted scene on the dvd that is apparently sadly not on youtube. While Lorelai goes to Luke to give him the fake jam, Rory goes to Lane who talks about what's going on with college and Dave and how not great her life is. But at least she can talk about it now without starting to cry. And Mrs. Kim reacts to Rory's baby button. It's a fun scene but I guess we get the most important information repeated here. It's sad that Dave is gone but it's fun that they sent him off to california because of course Adam Brody went onto the OC. It's good to see that the band is going to go on without him though.

    It's hard to believe but I do feel a bit sorry for Dean when he's asking "Why didn't she love me?" Of course it's terrible that he goes and marries Lindsay then even though he's still very much in love with Rory. So in the end I feel even more sorry for Lindsay. Poor girl.
    But Luke is seriously great throughout this whole episode.

    I love the teaser here, with Rory coming home from Yale for the first time since moving out, her little smile as she's looking at the house is such a nice touch. I think Rory's new haircut is very cute. Maybe it's partly a slightly delayed reaction to a bad breakup?

    I also like the whole alarm storyline with Kirk, it's very fun and I'm glad that it continues throughout the whole episode and isn't confined to the first 5 minutes with them yelling over it. The way they deal with it by standing in the corner and creating a path out of post-its somehow feels like classic Gilmore girls.

  3. Dean is a teenager who proposed three months into his relationship, so I don’t expect much out of his critical thinking skills, but was he planning to tell Lindsay about his little additions to the guest list? Or did he hope that she wouldn’t notice his ex-girlfriend eating a plate of beef meant for someone else? Lindsay has been pleasant to Rory in the past so maybe she’d be fine with it, but that’s still a shady move on Dean’s part.

    I like to think Rory’s insistence that she can “do a pretty good idiot run” to get away from awkward situations is a callback to her kissing Jess in “I Can’t Get Started.” Rory is an avoider sometimes, but I like that she has a self-deprecating sense of humor about it.

    So, a visibly worried Luke tells Rory not to go to the wedding with zero explanation other than “it’d just be better this way” and nobody wants any answers? He likes to stay out of people’s business and he’s nothing more than an acquaintance of Dean’s - wouldn’t the girls want to know what’s made him so insistent?

  4. Ok, my bad. I did not notice Janet. In my defense she had no lines and was inconsequential to the story.

    Oh boy, sorry Celeste, but we get more Dean. I know that he wants to remain friends but he should know that it's not really appropriate to invite her and Lorelai to his wedding. I don't think Lindsey would appreciate that.

    Yay, we finally get Michel this season! I love his sigh of relief when the girls offer him a job at the new Inn. Wow, Taylor is coming off as more of a pain this season. He should have just asked Luke or ask Lorelai to ask Luke without making her jump through all these hurdles! But at least we are moving forward with the Dragonfly Inn plot.

    Luke is great. When drunk Dean mentions Rory's name, Luke immediately takes care of him, that's sweet. Although why are we still spending time on Dean not being over Rory! And did we need to end with the scene at Dean's wedding with Rory watching over? It should have ended with the scene of Michel taking their pictures. Also Michel says that he set the timer and framed the shot, when he clearly just set the camera down on the truck. lol.

    Sidenote, you guys should totally do a geek guide podcast about what to watch. That was a pretty cool segment. lol. Don't hate me Celeste, I've only seen the Lord of the Rings trilogy once, but I've seen Fellowship a few times. They're just soo long! And yes, skip the Hobbit movies!

  5. My brain changed the title of this episode to "Chicken or Barf?". Which should tell you something about my feelings for this episode.

    Look, I think there's an interesting episode to be written about this: Dean's getting married, Rory has mixed feelings about it. They could have shown Rory feeling happy for Dean, and also awkward, and also a little regretful, and then have her converse with Lorelai about her mixed feelings before concluding that Rory and Dean are very different people with very different plans for their lives, so it's for the best that they broke up. This would have worked even if Dean WAS the Perfect Guy the show always thought he was; Rory could have learned the lesson that someone can be a very nice person but still not be right for you.

    But instead we get Dean moping about Rory the night before his wedding and unfortunately, I do not care about Dean's moping. And now we're stuck with Dean moping and Rory crying and the show trying to set up a star-crossed lovers tragedy between them and that's where the "barf" comes in.

    As for Lorelai and the Inn storyline -- I get that the show thinks lawyers exist only to be ridiculous, but Lorelai, dear? Taylor is the reason lawyers were invented. Go retain yourself a shark and sic them on Taylor. (Hey, what's Nicole doing these days? KIDDING.)

  6. Very quick comment as I'm still catching up on the most recent podcast episodes, but I just had to point out that Dean goes to sleep in Jess' bed in Luke's apartment. And there's a sentence I never thought I'd write. Also (very quickly) in Ballrooms and Biscotti - when Lorelai is telling her Bono anecodote, she mentions that they caught a train from England to Ireland...which is kind of impossible because of a little thing called the Irish Sea! It's always bugged me because I loved the idea of the Gilmore girls coming to my country on the famous Europe trip, especially with Lorelai decked out in full tourist regalia