Monday, April 11, 2016

Podcast #72 - S4E1 - Ballrooms & Biscotti

Hello! Welcome to Return to Stars Hollow - a spoiler-free, retrospective podcast about Gilmore Girls! This is the podcast for Season 4, Episode 1 - Ballrooms & Biscotti.

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The next podcast will post on Monday, April 18, 2016 for S4E2 - The Lorelais' First Day at Yale.

P.S. In pulling the screen cap, I noticed that we missed the Superman and Wonder Woman references! D'oh!


  1. There probably comes a point when I can't say "This is one of my favourite episodes" anymore without it loosing all meaning. But I don't think we're there yet, so here's another one of my favourite episodes.

    Rory moving out is a giant change not only for the characters but for the show as well. These two are so codependent. I like the moment after Rory calls Lorelai back and is freaking about. She doesn't want to look pathetic but damn it, she needs her momma. Lorelai staying the night is a little weird but I think it works here and doesn't seem like anyone would think it's totally pathetic, but only because of how awesome Lorelai is.
    I totally know the "I moved out. Here are 1000 things I missed" feeling.

    I love the last scene at the house. The whole episode focuses on how Rory feels about moving out and making sure she's okay and comfortable at Yale. You almost forget that this changes Lorelai's life too and I'm not sure if she just hides that really well throughout the day or if it just hits her when she's coming home alone. In any case, that face on Lauren Graham will always make me want to cry.

    But then, Lorelai is again so inconsiderate of Luke here, it drives me crazy. It's even worse because he does so much for her, lending her his truck and helping her. And she very purposefully decides to completely ignore what he's saying and bring back the car later than he asked. What if he needed that thing? But I love that Luke is anticipating this and tricks her, but really, he shouldn't have to.

    I want a Luke doll that can do the weird hand wave movement he does at the end and that ends up in the credits. The one where he's kinda just stretching his arm out, saying somehting like "no problem/ you're welcome/ bye/ see you later/ say hi from me/ I love you". Maybe not that last part, but probably.

    I love this new version of Paris, it's really funny and I can't wait to see how long this will last. Knowing Paris, probably not forever. I knew she would come back soon and that it was supposed to be a surprise so I wasn't bothered that we didn't find out at the end of season 3 which college she decided to go to, but I do wonder now how I would have felt about that otherwise, not knowing if we would ever see her again.

    Copper Boom!

  2. Oh, this episode frustrates me!

    The first two-thirds of the "Rory goes to Yale" story is great and reminds me of the first day I went to college, with packing clothes in garbage bags and gross mattresses and trying to find a parking space and buying rugs and garbage cans. Rory freaking out about finally being away from home was really well done.

    And then Lorelai decides to organize a party for her fully-grown adult daughter in the dorm room. No, Lorelai. No. Step away from the codependent abyss! Hand Rory some money and takeout menus, and tell her to order food with her new classmates. And then leave! Go home! Do not be a participant! Tell Rory that she can handle this on her own! Encourage her to be the adult she is!

    I'm a little older than Rory is supposed to be -- I was in college in the mid-to-late '90s. But if anyone in my dorm had asked their mother to hang out and sleep over that first night, people would not have thought that was awesome. They would have thought it was pathetic. And I put all the blame on Lorelai for this one. It's hard to watch your kid being unhappy and scared, but it's part of growing up. It's pretty telling that Tana, who is 15 years old, could handle her first day at Yale without her parents hanging around, but Rory can't.

    Really, the impression I got was that Lorelai stayed at Yale that night because SHE didn't want to be alone. Again, you have to do what's best for your child. Rory could have handled this, but Lorelai just didn't want to let go.

    As for Luke -- I don't think any of the writers actually know anything about how divorce actually works, let alone annulment. If they really wanted to stretch out this silly storyline, they could have had Luke and Nicole actually disagree about something!

    1. Yes an annulment! I was thinking of this throughout the scenes where they talk about a divorce and the problems associated. You get the marriage annulled and all the problems go away, but then we don't have Luke fighting with the lawyers from Dewey, Cheatem' & Howe!