Monday, August 31, 2015

Podcast #48 - S3E3 - Application Anxiety

Hello! Welcome to Return to Stars Hollow - a spoiler-free, retrospective podcast about Gilmore Girls! This is the podcast for Season 3, Episode 3 - Application Anxiety. 

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  1. This week I found Lorelai’s story to be an empty conflict. Debbie thinks highly of Lorelai’s achievements and her sense of humor, and in return Lorelai finds Debbie forgettable. Part of the takeaway seems to be Rory’s status as a special snowflake: better than Stars Hollow High, and worth the stigma of Lorelai’s teenage pregnancy. But there’s no obstacle for Lorelai to overcome, because she’s always been Team Rory, and we’ve always been Team Rory, and it’s impossible to side with the other moms when Lorelai obviously fielded questions the best she could. By the end, the only thing lost is that Rory can’t swim at Kathy Fincher’s house anymore, and who cares about that?

    A bright spot: the buildup to Lane’s purple hair rebellion was well plotted, both within the episode and as a breaking point after so many years of rule-following. I can’t wait to see how she makes it to future band rehearsals.

    I’m glad that we got some forward motion with Lane’s feelings for Dave, but I thought it was a missed opportunity to hear more from Rory. I know she resents Shane and is uncomfortable discussing Dean, but I want to know more. If she really isn’t in love with Dean, why are they still together? I assume Lane doesn’t know that Rory kissed Jess, and that seems like something that would have come out by now. I appreciate that we learned where Jess stands, but he has always had a simpler stake in the situation than Rory. How does she keep all this inner turmoil to herself?

    At the risk of sounding crass, what “base” do we think Shane and Jess are on? Jess was messing with his belt when Luke and Lorelai walked in. And I’m hoping you guys can clarify if I’m seeing what I think I’m seeing. When Luke is giving Jess the WB version of The Talk, it looks like there are maracas hanging from the coat rack and bongos on the shelf. And I laughed out loud for a long time, because Luke and Jess are the two most inappropriate owners of grade-school musical instruments. Can we expect a Battle of the Bands: SHMEBs vs. Lane, Dave, and Co.? Here’s hoping.


    I thought some of these were new interesting tidbits. Some I already knew but some were fun to learn.

  3. I like Lane's story here a lot. Did anyone see Mrs. Kim in Lane when she's commanding her foot to move? With her facial expression and hand gestures, I thought she totally got that from her mother.

    I have less and less sympathies for Rory over the last few episodes. Here she was really mean to Shane who did not deserve that. Theoretically, the perfect child Rory not being perfect and nice to everyone could be interesting, but it's not working, and I also don't really think that's the story they're trying to tell here.

    It's nice to get a clarification on the relationship between Jess and Shane though the part where he says they treat each other terribly seems a little weird since we have seen no signs of that before. But I guess it's possible. It's also good to finally hear his side of the story with Rory. He does indeed like her, but he's not Dean, he's not Luke, and he's not going to sit around, moping and waiting for Rory to change her mind. From his perspective, she chose Dean very clearly.

    I'm not the biggest fan of Lorelai's story here, it's just not that interesting. A big problem is also that Debbie is right there and she could have said something, told the kids to stop asking questions or just stop the whole thing. Instead she apparently just sits there and blames Lorelai who did the best she could in the situation.
    Also, what is it with Lorelai and the Nazi jokes?

    Considering everything that's going on, I though the little conversation between Jess and Lorelai when they're teasing Luke was surprisingly civil and nice.

    They broke Stars Hollow's space time continuum again with the way they cut the scenes in the different storylines together. Shane manages to be at two places at once. She can make out with Jess at the apartement while simultaneously working at the beauty shop. Sure, she could have gone to him in the middle of the day and then back to the shop, but I don't believe that.

    1. So, after years of being slightly confused by the title of this episode, this morning in the shower I finally figured it out (I think). I always understood the "One's got class" part to mean "One's classy" which didn't make much sense because it would mean that Lane's not classy since she's the one dyeing her hair. And then it suddenly hit me that Lorelai's the one who has a class at school. So, yeah, language is hard, I guess.

  4. Hey, guys, it’s been a while since I’ve been able to comment. Been busy with a new baby!

    So, in that first scene, did anyone else notice that Lane comes in, grabs Rory’s burger, and takes a bite of the top bun? Then acts like she’s taken a huge bite of the actual burger? And then Rory does the same to Lorelei’s burger. I know actresses don’t usually eat when they’re supposed to on screen since they’d be sick after all the takes, but this is the first time I’ve really noticed.

    At least even Lane admits that the Henry situation was pretty forgettable to everyone else because nothing happened.

    I find it funny that Lane says that pink isn’t a good color because Kelly Osbourne had it so she gets purple. Then Kelly Osbourne dyes her hair purple, along with a few other celebrities. Did they perhaps listen to Lane Kim? And, wow, she’s dying her hair at her own house? And I love the conversation leading to Lane running around the block with bleach in her hair. And where is her mom through all of this? Isn’t the store open? I guess she didn’t smell the bleach?

    I don’t know what else Debbie expected Lorelei to do in the classroom. She said questions were encouraged, then gets mad when Lorelei answers them. Though I thought the subject of the questions was just a bit weird. I don’t think I would have ever bugged a mom of my classmate about her teen pregnancy. Just seemed a little contrived to me. Anyway, Debbie then gets the other moms (who were a bit too clone-ish to be believed) to gang up on her on the street. Lorelei’s right – they have no right to judge her. She took a mistake and turned it into a successful and happy life. If anything, they should be even more proud of her for taking a negative and turning it around by working so hard to live up to her responsibilities.

  5. I love Lane in this ep! I like her talking to herself on the staircase. "Move your foot!". Her wanting to dye her hair and then freaks out about it. I like that Rory gets to be the best friend to Lane in this episode instead of Lane always being the best friend to Rory. Dave is totally cute! But how old is he, if he has tattoos? I assumed they were Lane's age. Maybe a year or two older. I like her confessing her feelings for him. You can see how uncomfortable Rory ws though when she brought up Dean.

    I really liked Rory's hair in the ponytail with the curls, that was cute. I thought it was funny Rory already forgot about Henry. It's like the writers realize how forgetful Lane's stories have been. I didn't really like Rory being mean to Shane at the store though. She's clearly jealous and while she does have a point about being on the phone, I just found it to rude for Rory. So clearly this Jess thing is driving her crazy, though she won't admit it.

    Oh Luke, young and a wrestler. Awesome! Sounds like a new Luke doll. Wrestler Luke! I do like him trying to talk to Jess though. And so now we know how Jess really feels about Shane and Rory. He's kind of right, if Rory is with Dean then why should he just wait around for her. Luke has a point though, clearly more is going on than "just hanging" for her to jump into a closet.

    Oh I felt bad for Lorelai. She had this presentation prepared, and the kids just kept asking inappropriate personal questions. And then those moms come up to her and get mad, it wasn't really her fault.