Monday, August 17, 2015

Podcast #47 - S3E2 - Haunted Leg

Hello! Welcome to Return to Stars Hollow - a spoiler-free, retrospective podcast about Gilmore Girls! This is the podcast for Season 3, Episode 2 - Haunted Leg. 

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  1. If anyone's interested in behind the scenes aspects, creating the show and stuff like that, the Nerdist Writers Panel has released the "Coffee with Amy Sherman-Palladino" from this year's ATX as a podcast (it's on Itunes). I think it's really interesting. And there are no spoilers, they mostly talk about the show in general. But if anyone has not seen the whole show yet, you might want to skip the answer to the audience question towards the end about who the girls should have ended up with. But I'm pretty sure that's the only time they concretely mention something "we" haven't seen yet.

  2. I thought it was funny how Rory didn't want to receive her application while watching the Brady Bunch Variety Hour. I didn't even know that was a thing. I loved when Paris called Rory about the panel and that she was dry heaving. I was literally laughing out loud. I love Paris!

    So the one thing that bothers me about this episode is that didn't Rory know all of this stuff. Did Paris tell her about needing to be more well rounded back when they were building a house. It just feels like Rory and Lorelai should know all this already. Even Emily should have known all this too without reading those magazines. Its a bit hard hitting with the whole panelists saying exactly what Rory is doing wrong with her application.

    I loved Lorelai pretending to be Rory on the phone. I thought it was funny Rory refered to herself as Trixie. What's with the Gilmores and Trixie? Lorelai called Christopher as a Trixie, and great grandmother is nicknamed Trixie or Trix.The dinner scene with the quizzes, and the joke about the siblings being incestual. I liked the scene with Rory and the other daughter Carol.

    The Lane subplot, finally making progress. The introduction to Dave was cute. Taylor wanting to open up an old fashioned soda shoppe was great, cause we know Luke bought the space but hadn't done anything with it, and now he's Taylors landlord. I also really like Dean thinking about the future and being realistic, when Rory is still in fantasy land about Dean being her boyfriend forever. This relationship is about to expire.

  3. I like that Harvard now seems very real, especially with Rory, Lorelai, Emily and even Paris getting freaked out. Rory going to Harvard has been talked about since the pilot episode and even though they had the road trip to see the college and everything, it really seems like the show is moving forward. I also liked that we had several characters talking about the practical implications of Rory going away to college. In the past, it's all seemed quite wistful and faraway but now, as the end of high school approaches, it's very real. This episode could be seen as a bit of a retread from the previous season with Rory freaking out about her extra-curricular activities but this seemed much more realistic to me. Jackson wanting to store his tools in Rory's room was a little weird, I thought, but it got the point across that Rory could be moving out pretty soon which brings it all home to Lorelai. I loved the shot of her watching Rory going into the diner with Dean, especially with the music playing underneath. Rory and Lorelai both putting off their work to 'just hang' with each other at the end was great and I thought the two of them walking through town, with the troubadour playing music, created a very nostalgic atmosphere perfect for the themes of the episode.

    Even Dean is being practical and asking about the future of their relationship when Rory goes off to college. It also serves as a reminder that even without Jess, they probably won't be together forever, especially since Jess doesn't even make an appearance this week. Rory hasn't seemed to have totally grasped that yet, especially since the last episode when she insisted she was totally committed in her relationship to Dean again. Also, quick question as a non-American, what is a junior college like Dean mentioned?

    Luke was great as always in this episode and I couldn't stop laughing at his 'Not your face?' comment to Dean. We haven't had a good Luke rant in a while and we even got bonus Taylor interactions! I can't wait to see what will happen between them in the future, especially if the soda shop is right next to the diner and Luke is now Taylor's landlord. Angry Landlord Luke can be another doll to add to the collection.

    Those Springsteens were really something, especially the brother and sister in their matching outfits. The other, wayward daughter was also interesting and brought up some valid points. Just who is Rory doing the Harvard thing for? I like that she clarified that it really was what she wanted, as well as wanting to make her mum proud.

    Lane's back and I didn't realise how much I missed her character until she came back with a storyline that makes total sense for her. I hope that we get to see her playing with the band soon, though I wonder how she's going to hide that from her mother. Oh hello Dave Rygalski! From the two minutes he was onscreen, he seems like a perfect match for Lane and they are already so cute together. I hope there are lots of songs about snogging in their future, like Lorelai said.

    1. I went to junior college before a university. Typically a junior college also known as community college, is a 2 year college where you can earn certificates or an associate degree, but nothing higher than that. A lot of students will usually take general education classes at a junior college before going to a university because the cost is cheaper.

  4. The mailman opening the front door and leaving the mail on a table baffled me. Also, he didn't shut the door behind him? I grew up in a small town, but we still had mailboxes.

    I was pretty meh on this episode overall. It was less on the drama side and more on the ridiculous sitcom side. I also got spoiled on how this whole Harvard thing turns out, so honestly that makes me less invested. The Springsteens were ridiculous. They have to all be on drugs to be wound that tight. Carol was the only one with a glimmer of personality. There was no Jess in the episode and that also made me less interested. I read the synopsis for the next episode and when it didn't detail more Jess/Rory action, I was like, meh. I'll wait.

  5. I also thought the mailman coming in was odd. I assume they have a mail slot in the door and maybe the envelope didn't fit. Did they tell him to "come in"? I still thought it was weird. I also missed Jess in this, but I liked the Dean stuff, for once.

  6. I never thought about the mailman just coming into the house. It's possible he heard them from outside and they know each other, so he could do that and save them a trip. They definitely do have a mailbox outside. The open door in the background during the whole scene was weird though.

    I agree with Ashlie in that this is very similar to Rory's last freakout about not having enough extracurriculars and that it was very on the nose to have the panelists say exactly what Rory was planning on doing. They also didn't seem like very nice people with the way they talked about it. You really can't be interested in more than one thing and Hilary Clinton is not allowed to be your rolemodel? I think what sets this episode apart from the one with the housebuilding is that these were very specific things related to the application. Theoretically, Rory's ideas didn't sound bad and how is she supposed to know that everyone's writing the same things and nobody takes that seriously, because for her, it is true.
    I also though it was rather cute of Emily to be so invested and to collect magazines to prepare.

    I love the diorama of Stars Hollow with the giant horse and little Jackson holding a tiny zuccini.
    I also like that, for once, Taylor has an idea and the whole town is in favour of it. That must be a rare occurence.

    I'm very excited that Lane's storyline continues.
    And of course: Dave Rygalski!!!

  7. I really liked this episode. I agree with you guys that emily really had no reason to act the way she did with talking to Lorelai about Chriss. I thought it was interesting with Rory and Chris because they have a some what similar love problem with right now, they both love someone but cant be with them because of someone else and they feel they have to be with them. Chris is the type of person who does things because he is supposed to not because he actually wants to or thinks it is for the best. Rory i think is with Dean because she thinks she is supposed to and doesn't want to be the one who hurts him because she is nice.