Monday, February 16, 2015

Podcast #25 - S2E3 - Red Light on the Wedding Night

Hello! Welcome to Return to Stars Hollow - a spoiler-free, retrospective podcast about Gilmore Girls! This is the podcast for Season 2, Episode 3 - Red Light on the Wedding Night.

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  1. Still no answer to the question if Lorelai told Max about the breakup. It seems weird that Rory would not bring this up. But after this episode I'm leaning more towards the thought that Lorelai had told him before they left because we see her call Sookie to tell her to stop what she's doing and to spread the news and when they come home at the end, it seems that Lorelai expects to be done with the whole thing which probably wouldn't be the case if she knew she still had to have a talk with Max about it. It still really bothers me though that nobody explicitely mentions this on the show and I also don't remember if this is ever picked up again.

    It was mentioned a lot of times now how great Lauren Graham and Kelly Bishop are, so I want to say that I also really enjoy Alexis Bledel in this episode. She seems much more, lively than usually, especially in her body language and some of the faces she makes are great.
    I really like Rory's freakout at seeing the library and how excited she is overall.

    Luke's mood changing immediately when he hears that the wedding is off is great and I love the little smile Sookie has in that moment. I also love that she named the cake Clyde, it's so random.

    I'm going back and forth on the idea that maybe everything is a little too over the top, especially in the B&B and the idea that they are trapped there, but also little moments at Harvard. When Rory is sitting in the lecture it's supposed to show how great she fits in and how she was basically born to do this, but I think it plays a little too perfect. But overall, none of these things bother me as I'm watching the episode so I'd say it works, at least for me.
    It is very rude and kind of creepy though when they just enter a stranger's room and sit down on the bed and pick up their stuff as if it belongs to them. That's not cute.

    I really want to know what Emily got Lorelai as a gift for the wedding. Any guesses? I just can't really picture her giving them a kitchen supply.

  2. I thought the interactions with the Cheshire Cat-ers were incredibly authentic. There's nothing worse than sweet people with good intentions who just wanna get all up in your business. I'm pretty sure they would have eaten Rory and Dean alive if he'd come along.

    Overall, I thought the visit to Harvard did a good job at cementing Rory's worthiness of getting in someday. However, it seemed like Lorelai's emotional journey was mishandled at times. She seemed giddy about getting to flirt with the Harvard student, but since that was her first romantic interaction since Max, I thought it was a missed opportunity for a moment of sadness about the broken engagement or at least the realization that she's not 21 anymore, much as that guy clearly thought she was. Then the moment of sadness did come when she saw the valedictorian picture in the hallway. I liked that we saw her regretting her missed college experience, but a valedictorian photo seemed like the wrong trigger for her. Lorelai’s not stupid, but I could never see her with a 4.0 like Rory.

    Luke was great this episode, as usual. Could he be any more transparent about being happy that Lorelai's back on the market? Also, how often do you think the diner patrons look up from their food to hear Luke yelling about closing early because he wants to run an errand for Lorelai? The two of them were very cute, talking about working on the business side of the new inn together. Oh, just make out already.

  3. Once this episode got going I really enjoyed it. So we know that Loralei didn't tell Sookie but we don't find out if and when she told Max. I loved Lorelai pretending to know the college guy and talking to the girls in the hall. Acting like she's a student in "Chef's" class, it was funny. Poor "Suzy" but why wasn't she more upset about strangers being in her open room? I liked the reference to Herman Munster since he played him in the TV movie. Lanes back! And now they acknowledge that she was just overreacting. I love how Lukes attitude changes when he finds out Lorelai is single again. And Sookie little smile is great.

    So again I'm confused on the timeline. I thought they were getting married in like two days. But the trip was two days, then they are at Emily's presumably on Friday. And how long does it takes to gets slides made up? I did like Lorelai bugging Emily about the present. I love the end scene with Luke and Lorelai in the diner.